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Fasle. I don't even know what that is (is it a manga, because I've only read one pokemon manga).
Next person evolved Nincada, but accidentally had their party filled and didn't have an extra pokeball to get Shedinja.
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        false, i would never dishonor shedinja like that.

        The next person has waaaay too many of one pokemon stashed in their pc
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false my only problem i have one of each pokemon in black and wonder if i should move them to the next game or leave them were they are

the next person has caught a shiny pokemon and just after the battery died

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False, although I have caught a few shiny Pokémon.

The next person enjoyed playing Pokémon Party Mini.
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False. What is that game? o_o;;;

Next person is a Shiny Hunter.
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semi false. I don't care about most shiny Pokemon, but there are a few I like. Doesn't mean I still wont catch any shiny I run across though.

Next person has caught a Legendary at half life with a standard Pokeball on the first try without using a hack. Rotom does count too. Don't believe me then just read the manga.
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      So - so.
      I've caught Mewtwo in a Pokeball on several occasions.
      I don't remember how much health he had though.
      And I never hack my games in the first place.

      Next person has run out of Pokemon "True or False" ideas.
Next person thinks that the Pokemon company is running out of ideas for new pokemon.
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Semi-False! I want a few more ghost pokemon.

Next Person hates Ingo and Emmet and wishes they would die.

and I can't believe I just wrote that.
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> w> The next person can list their top 5 pokemon from the first 2 gens!
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Next Person remebers that there are 151 original pokemon. *hugs mew*
Of course!

..I mean true.

The next person has had Mew on their R/B teams by using the Mew Glitch.
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Next person has given their Pokemon stripper names.
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I named my Toegpi Sugar, does that count? Why do I now want to do this?

ANYWAYS, next person to post has obtained a shiny through breeding methods that had perfect IV's.
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