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False. (Damn you, RNG!)

The next person has intentionally leveled a Magikarp past level 30.

it doesnt get any better .___.;;

the next person has thrown every pokeball they had, all the way down the to the master ball, trying to catch a non-legendary
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False, I just soft reset and then go buy more pokeballs! haha, or try again razz

The next person catches all the Pokemon of a certain species that they like, regardless of whether or not they already have it
False. I only catch an extra of a species if it's stronger than the one I have, or if a friend of mine needs it. :3

The next person spent a minimum of ten minutes trying to create a nickname for their Pokemon. >:3
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NP bought SS/HG out of Nostalgia.
True. 2nd Generation was the best.
******** you, Gen I and III nostalgia fags.

Person below me is gay for Bianca's father.
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False, since I am female, I cannot be gay with Bianca's father.

The next person has called an animal a Pokemon.
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True. Furret instead of Ferret.

The next person went to Mc Donalds for the Poke toys last year.

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False, my Mcdonalds only recently got Wi-Fi, for starters...

The next person flew to the National Park just to hear the awesome piano that constitutes its theme.
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Close, but not quite. I go to the Town Bridge in Black alot to hear the singing there, but not the National Park.

Next poster has envisioned eating pokemon, like a magikarp fillet or tauros burgers.
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False, I hate all the music. I mute the game the entire time.

The next player wants to marry Gary
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The next person braids their Probopass' moustache.
False. Im a rain trainer : No need for Probopass.

The next person thinks they should replace Ash with a new character in the next series.
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False; then again, I don't really care for the anime.

The next person has never missed an event Pokémon.
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False, I've missed SO MUCH events, it's not even funny, and I never even knew those sort of things existed until like two years ago emotion_facepalm

Next person thinks Lopunny is sexy (what is wrong with you? what if that Lopunny is male!?)
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The next person has considered filling out their Pokedex in shinies.

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