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What color are YOUR favorite Pokemon?

Red 0.1410563692854 14.1% [ 1589 ]
Orange 0.045983133599645 4.6% [ 518 ]
Yellow 0.094540612516644 9.5% [ 1065 ]
Green 0.080159786950732 8.0% [ 903 ]
Blue 0.17833999112295 17.8% [ 2009 ]
Purple 0.091522414558367 9.2% [ 1031 ]
Pink 0.059209942299157 5.9% [ 667 ]
Brown 0.025299600532623 2.5% [ 285 ]
Black/Dark Gray 0.20727918331114 20.7% [ 2335 ]
White/Light Gray 0.076608965823347 7.7% [ 863 ]
Total Votes:[ 11265 ]
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I think my worst luck was something like 4 misses in a row with Stone Edge followed by fully paralyzed (which was got from thunderbolt) and a crit that killed me.
At least, that is the worst that I actually remember.

Three letters: P.B.R.
Two words: Suicune. Frozen.
One number and one word: 12. Turns.
That sucked so bad.

My best hax luck had to be the final boss in PBR. I beat him with extreme Hail-Snow Cloak-Evasion-item abuse. I just wanted to get him beat, so I didn't really care what I did so long as it was legit. My Glaceon doesn't usually hold Brightpowder, but it did for that.
@Echo: Yay for holding the worst Hax in a single match >>;

14 Turn Freeze
12 Crits.
7 Misses
ParaHax on 2 Pokemon like none other couldn't move for like 6 turns =/
Stat drop from attacks countless number of times >>;

and.... I somehow ended it in a draw x.X
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Not noticing the obviously hacked ability is kind of stupid. >_>;
Neo, you sound like my love. Happens to him the same way. User Image
Yeah, in-game I don't worry so much about being proper or legit if it's something that has been giving me a hard time.
@Magica: lawl. Arti and I have the exact same battling style >.>;

Not surprised we like Haxs just as Much 8D
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Tipsy Conversationalist

@Magica: Did you DC? The trade didnt go threw-It said there was an error and I got blue screened.
What up Rainbow League, any of you guys think you can gimme a battle? B]
@Hikuro: lawl. depends what kind? ;3
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Tipsy Conversationalist

@Magica: What pokemon do you have? It says I still have Roswald- Not your ditto o.0
@Hikuro: lawl. depends what kind? ;3
I really wanted to try out my Standard team. But I'm flexible, we could do whatever you like.
@Hikuro: i guess we can do standard :d

It'll help me determind wither or not I'm gonna call my ou stuff crap :d
Alright, cool. Also, seeing your post format, I need to get me/make me one. Probably purple and black =P I'll help you build an OU Team
@Hikuro: lawl >>;

anyhow let me make something and I'll meet you on.
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Obsessive Bibliophile

@Magica: lawl. Arti and I have the exact same battling style >.>;

Not surprised we like Haxs just as Much 8D
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Well hax really does ruin stall and set up teams so I can see why. D=
I don't have the patience for that type of play style. @_@

@Maeve: I'm sorry about that. My router can't support this many devices that I have going in my house and it DCed me.
We accidentally cloned your Roselia. @_@; I didn't need that Ditto though so it's okay.
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Tipsy Conversationalist

@Magica: Ah- S'okay- It was the wrong ditto anyways ;-;

I am such an idiot. I needed BOLD not BRAVE. lol

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