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D:> I just need to know how to find the altars for there will be giants.
whattt eek
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Are you talking about the new event?
Cause i have no idea what to do with it...

No. Pokefarm.org has a quest called "There will be giants." You obtain certain items and then eventually exchange them for statues that you place on certain alters. I cannot find the alters.
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I'm talking about the Pikachu's Lost Item quest that recently popped up in the news feed.

Anyone know what to do yet? I don't understand pikachu. lawl.

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Neither do I; please click my egg?~ :"O
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It's funny, I wasn't aware this place was a help board for PokeFarm.
I havn't figured out pikachu either. (Hint: The pikachu language is just saying what the quest description says.) I know the steps for all the others though. But I need help finding the alter for regice.

As for you vam, this is a chatterbox; it's for everything.
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What you need to do In the "There will be giants" is to exchange stuff in the merchant and obtain 4 *special somethings*

I know almost all of the other quests and how to complete them... except the new pikachu quest....
stuck after the 1st step....
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Click My Farm il click yours ? C: ( Quote )
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i need help with locating the alters as well.
BUT, if you all want, you can click on the link with an egg in my sig and join it
Not sure what that is but I would really like it if my shellder could hatch soon

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