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yes I told here I could join a pokemon club :/
she's just always wanted a popular daughter that wears trendy clothes and likes shopping and make up and is always out with her friends
I honestly have like 2 friends that are girls :/ and I'd rather play pokemon than shop anyway
which is good because I won't have the money to go shopping anyway razz

I don't know why some people hold expectations like that for their kids. Isn't enough that they are good people and try their best D: I digressed, sorry! Have fun with your new game and if you have the spare $3 get the Dream Radar in the eShop, it makes it even more fun c: And enjoy Uni, Pokemon and Anime clubs are a ton of fun heart

what is this dream radar?

It's exclusive for 3DS. As Pokemon Dream Radar on your 3DS, you can capture some Pokemon and transfer Pokemon to your B/W 2 game card.

oh thats cool
but i dont have the spare $3 :/