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I didn't plan on buying B/W2 either (RE6 and SC2 HOTS). Genosect is kinda garbage but it is still something to have.
So they changed it at the last minute...well, that's just great. cat_sad
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pink Iemonade
So they changed it at the last minute...well, that's just great. cat_sad

...it was always BW2 exclusive.
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sir dark light
It can still be traded.
I only have a copy of Black but I still got a Japanese Genesect on it
yeah but i didnt plan on getting B/w 2 this year.

Oh I see D;
That sucks, maybe they may release it at a later date for black and white?
I know they're releasing it in sync with the black and white 2 releases.....might just be a marketing strategy. Make people buy the games so they can get that pokemon.

Yeah, that's exactly what it is, a marketing strategy. I hate how they do this- have all these special Pokemon available only for one month, ever. They never repeat them so far. I remember when I got Black recently, there was a flier saying I could get this special awesome Pokemon (I forget which one)! But the date had long passed. TEASE! I got Keldeo on Black and that's good enough for now (which was honestly to force people who didn't have B/W to get it before B/W 2 came out!). I think Genesect is kinda ugly, and I don't plan on getting B/W 2 for a while, so I'm just going to have to live without it.
Getting Black2 and I love Genesect. <3
My friend got me a Japanese one from Japan's event so I'm fine. ^u^

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