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Elyon's pokemon daycare

Hello and welcome to Elyon's home for FREE pokemon breeding requests! This is for breeding within one of the Nintendo games, and NOT for clickable breedable Pokemon.
(I DO however do clickables and breedables, you may PM me for details)

You are invited to request a Pokemon, or stay and chat!

Just fill out the request form below detailing your wish pokemon, and you will be added to the list.
miss that Master ball you wasted? Need another lucky egg? We also do item requests!

Wish to become a thread mod, a breeder, or an item gatherer for this thread? fill out an application!

Have one of the Pokemon you think we are looking for, or a pokemon donation? PM me.

Overstocked pokemon are immediately available in just about any gender/nature combination, so now is a good time to be picky.
Current overstocked pokemon: Pichu, seviper
Current tradebait:

Page number contest
Every Thursday two random numbers will be generated. the first will be a page number, and the second, a post number. The user who has that post will be given a FREE RANDOM SHINY. If that post has not yet been made, when it occurs, the shiny will be awarded. Stay and chat for your chance to win a shiny!

september 17th: REOPENING! I'm glad to be with you all again, and I hope to be kept extra busy smile

page one-- You're here!
page two-- rules and explanation
page three-- request form
page four-- current tasks
page five-- donations and thank yous
page six-- contact info
page seven-- FAQ
page eight-- mods, affiliated, white and black lists.
page nine-- become a crew member
page ten-- reserved
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First, never forget the TOS which asks you to -have respect-. Most of this is pretty straightforward, but to clarify...

Please post your request in this thread

Do NOT attempt to pay me, this is a FREE service. if you would like to tip me, you may do so, but please remember, I prefer thanks through pokemon, art, or by promoting and bumping my thread!

do not trade me a hacked or modified pokemon!

please do not page stretch!

Please do not advertise non-Pokemon related materials! If you would like your art or Pokemon related thread advertised on the front page, please PM me regarding affiliate status!

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Pokemon request form! Leave blank any section if you have no preference.
How it works

Fill out the form and post your request in the thread.
Wait patiently until your request is checked.
When your request is accepted it will be given a rating between one star(very easy) and five stars (almost impossible). It will then be posted on the front page, and you will be PMed to discuss the terms of your trade, and the estimated time of arrival. (please note we CANNOT guarantee a time frame, as so many things depend on luck)
If your request is three stars or more, whether or not we work on your request will be decided based on your activity in the thread. If you are active, we will be sure to work hard on filling that pokemon for you! If you post once and leave, you may not have your pokemon for months!

One star requests: Easy. These requests will be filled very quickly. Examples include Normal Pokemon, specific gender Pokemon, specific nature Pokemon.

Two star requests: Reasonable. These requests should fill within a week. examples include gender nature combinations, high IV's.

Three star request: Challenge. These requests could take anywhere from a week to a month, you will just have to be patient. Examples include Dream world abilities and more difficult gender nature specific requests. If I do not see you post in the thread, I may move this order to the bottom of the list.

Four star request: Expert mode. This is for chain-able shinies, legendary, and any other request deemed very hard, but possible. You MAY be asked to trade another valuable Pokemon for this request. You WILL be asked to be active around the thread.

Five star request: Impossible! If you request an 'impossible' Pokemon such as a shiny legendary, or a legendary with hidden power grass, ect, you WILL be required to trade a shiny or legendary for it. You will be PMed to discuss this. If you post once and leave, and you are inactive in the thread, this order becomes our last priority, so stick around!

Be prepared to trade me a stock pokemon in exchange for your request. You must have Wifi in order to trade. If there are any items attached to the pokemon you trade me I will consider it a donation.

If you trade me a hacked pokemon, I will be very angry and yes I WILL know. Do not invoke my wrath.

IF YOU THINK YOUR ORDER ISN'T BEING FILLED consider how difficult it is. A good way to skip to the top of the queue and have your order filled first is to stay and chat. A good way to have your order forgotten is to post once and leave.

Seeking a pokemon...
Gaia Username:
Custom name:
Egg moves:
Preferred IVs:
Other specifications:
Pokemon version:
Friend code& ingame name:

If you are seeking an ITEM...

Gaia username:
Pokemon version:
Friend code &ingame name:
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Active requests

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As stated I DO NOT charge for my service, but if you would like to thank me, i will be greatful to your donations, but i would MUCH PREFER one of the following...

Remember, the best form of 'bribe' or support is to advertise out thread, bump this thread, or to +1 it at the top bar!

if you would like to donate pokemon or items to this thread please post your generous offer and I will set up a trade rendezvous. thank you for your support!

pokemon of a sought after gender or nature:
This includes things like female starters, female Eevees, adamant pokemon, pokemon with rare egg moves, ect.

Shiny pokemon: Even if its a shiny bidoof, we would love to have it!

Legendary pokemon: these are hard to stock and we appreciate your contributions.

Difficult items to obtain: this includes master balls, battle point items, one use TMs, ect. though we also appreciate any donations of evolutionary stones or even items which can be sold for money (those repels get expensive!)

remember, no gift is too small! We appreciate you taking time out of your say to support us, and will list your name as our benefactor!
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dignified disease or Elyon can be found...

In Diamond version:0819 1107 5544
In Heart Gold version: 3310 5266 7844
In Black version:1635 6658 0426

Its so wonderful or Skye can be found...

Black version: 3224 5552 7328
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frequent asked questions

Why is my order still not done? Have you been posting in the thread? if not, your order may have moved to the bottom of the line. Since this is a free service, some orders make take a while. if its a shiny, it could take a month or more.

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Mods, affiliated, and blacklists.

Thread owner: Dignified Disease
Breeder and thread guard: Its So Wonderful
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position desired:
Please list all Pokemon games owned(including non main series games)

How long have you been playing Pokemon?

How old is your Gaia Online account?

Have you ever been a moderator for a thread, and if so, do you have any references?[code]
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