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In your opinion, do you think there are too many Legendary Pokemon?

Yes. It started to overcrowd around Gen III 0.3448275862069 34.5% [ 10 ]
I guess.. you could say so 0.31034482758621 31.0% [ 9 ]
Eh.. not so sure. 0.17241379310345 17.2% [ 5 ]
Not ENOUGH Legendary 0.17241379310345 17.2% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 29 ]
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I remember back in Gen I, I couldn't wait to get the Legendary Pokemon.
Now.. I mean sure it's exciting but it isn't as exciting as it use to be.
Since there are so many now I'm like "eh.. if I don't catch it it will reappear somewhere else." compared to the other Legendary Pokemon in earlier Generations they only appeared once and if you missed the chance to catch it they wouldn't reappear.

Discuss your favorite moments of catching Legendary Pokemon and your best memories of them.
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In gen 1 it was more of an accomplishment to catch them (unless you used a Master Ball), because the balls could miss. My first legendary was Articuno, which took quite a few resets. Since I was a newbie to pokémon, I took my brother's advice of using it against the Elite 4, because Ice is a good type to have. We kicked a**.

I do think there are too many legendaries now, but most of them have a story, which is kinda nice, in my opinion.
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That's true... In gen 1 and so on, you had one shot to catch that legendary, so naturally, you'd be more excited. With the introduction of WiFi, thus easily accessible events, Pokegen and all that, you can always just wait, and some random legendary will be given over WiFi or Pokegen it.

That said, the only legendary I'm excited for is Meloetta. I'm sure anyone who loves jazz would be too.
I don't really get excited about them anymore. There's so many of them now and they're a lot easier to get.

My favourite capturing memory... I suppose when I FINALLY caught Raikou in HeartGold (it was the first Pokemon game I played since Yellow). It was so difficult getting those roaming ones and I was SO HAPPY when I finally did.

And dumb moment in Yellow (remember, I was very young). I thought I could buy more Masterballs so I used mine on like, a Dugtrio or something. gonk
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God, no. I don't even use legendary Pokemon anymore. I see using them during the play-through as playing on Easy mode (Except on B/W, where its always on easy mode any way.)

Catching legendaries in R/B/Y wasn't a big deal because I just made infinite master balls any way. In Silver though it was a sepcial day when I went out to catch Ho-oh/Lugia. Back then Lugia was my favorite Pokemon so I was really psyched about catching the level 40 one that knew Aeroblast. I had already gotten a Lugia from my friend but it was the one that you catch in Gold so it didn't know its signature move.
They obviously do not ~
Up until G/S/C, they were actually rare ~ Especially when shiny! But now? Hacking, wi-fi and s**t like that made them as common as a Bidoof ~
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I still love getting legendaries. Doesn't matter if it's over wi-fi or catching them myself I still get stoked about getting them. I have three Victini and three Virizion in my Black and I still get excited if I'm able to get more. horde ALL the legendaries
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I still love going after them, but yeah, I gotta agree there's way too many now.

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yum_strawberry Getting Legendaries is ALWAYS hard for me, since I don't have wi-fi to trade, but I've never been all that excited them, except for when I was new to Pokemon with Pokemon Blue.

I really wish I could get a Darkrai. :<
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i really only like legendaries that have stories/personality behind them. giratina, dialga, mew, mewtwo, and lugia i think have the most solid and interesting ones.
I still love getting legendaries. Doesn't matter if it's over wi-fi or catching them myself I still get stoked about getting them. I have three Victini and three Virizion in my Black and I still get excited if I'm able to get more. horde ALL the legendaries
i have like 3 or 4 victinis
they shouldnt make anymore legends like mewtwo,maybe a roaming pair or like the bird trio ,thats only catchable once
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I don't even bother catching half the legendaries
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Gen 1 - heck yeah legendary!
Gen 2 - heck yeah... even more legendary... sweatdrop
Gen 3 - WTF is this shi-?!
Gen 1 remakes - I remember these guys being more awesome... sweatdrop
Gen 2 remakes - bleh
Gen 5 - WTF is this shi-?! Well, okay, Zekrom and Reshiram are okay. And Genesect which I can never have because FRIGGIN EVENT-EXCLUSIVE MONS.
Gen 5-2 - Okay, I guess Kyurem's okay, too.
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I honestly find them more of a hassle these days.
And unless I actually plan on using one competitively, I don't really bother catching them anymore. sweatdrop

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