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8. Do you like gaia? Oh very much. I adore dressing up.
67. Is this quiz long?
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87. Do you like ice cream? Chocolate and vanilla twist of course
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Shameless Lunatic

Instead immunna answer them all like this

1. How much gold do you have right now? not much
2. How much gold would you like to have? lots
3. Do you think you'll finish this quiz? no
4. Why are you doing this quiz? dunno
5. Do you have a dream avi? yes
6. Are you questing for anything? If so, what? yes, enchanted book
7. Do you like gaias layout?yes
8. Do you like gaia? duh or i wouldnt be here
9. What's your favorite gaia game? frontier skys
10. Do you go on forums much? depends
11. Have you donated anything before? to other people.... o.O i don't understand the question
12. Are you in a guild? i think so
13. What's your favorite food? i have so much trouble with this question
14. What's your favorite course at a meal? um the edible one/
15. What's your favorite beverage? tea coffee? coffee? tea?
16. What's your favorite letter? um...f?
17. Coke or Pepsi? MOUNTAIN DEW!!
18. Black or White? um purple
19. Black or Yellow? blue
20. Demonic or Angelic? black
21. Tv or Computer? computer!!
22. i-pod or mp3 player? mp3
23. i-pod or cd-player? cd-player (i dont have an ipod Dx)
24. Animation or Cartoon? anime?
25. Beach House or Island retreat? i dont know!!!!
26. Donator or Slot Jackpot? jackpot
27. Las Vegas or Las Angeles? vegas?
28. New Zeland or New England? England
29. Australia or America? America they have some creepy bugs in Australia O.O
30. Superhero or being normal? normal
31. Gold or items? *slowly answers* items?
32. Girl or Boy? boy if your asking what i am girl if your asking what i like
33. Are you famous? no
34. What color is your hair? brown (black)
35. Are you a boy or a girl? oh im a boy so uh yeah i like girls (sorry girls im not gay xD)
36. Are you wearing a hat? not right now
37. Are you wearing socks? nuhuh
38. What clothes are you wearing? (Give a description)! My boxers (sasuke xD)
39. Do you like this quiz? not really it confuses me gonk
40. How old are you? i dont even know anymore
41. Are you happy with that age? i dont know *sniff*
42. What time is it where you live? 10:18
43. What continet do you live in? america?
44. What's the most embarrassing movie you've ever watched? uh.....???
45. Is this quiz earning you alot of gold? nope
46. What's the worst thing you've ever ate? dont know
47. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? dunno
48. Are you sitting near a cactus?no
49. If you could redo any moment of your life what would it be? OH I GIVE UP!!!!!!
50. what's the craziest thing you've evr done?
51. Are you an animal person?
52. How many people do youhave in your family? (including you).
53. How many pets do you have?
54. What grade are you in?
55. Do you know what time-zone are you in?
56. What's your favorite pop product? (coke or pepsi)
58. What's your favorite flavor?
59. Do you hate the dentist?
60. Do you hate the doctor?
61. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
62. Are you wearing a hat?
63. Have you ever had lice?
64. Do you have a cellphone?
65. Do you have any syblings?
66. Does anyone beside you in your family go on gaia?
67. Is this quiz long?
68. Is it long enough for you?
69. Do you like school?
70. Do you like homework?
71. Do you like your teacher(s)?
72. How many gaia accounts do you have?
73. Are you happy with that number?
74. Have you ever got gum stuck in your hair?
75. Ever got gum stuck on your shoe?
76. Ever get gum stuck on anything?
77. Do you have a i-pod?
78. Would you rather be a child or an adult?
79. Is this quiz boring you to death?
80. Is this quiz worth it?
81. Ever entered in the arena? Was it worth it?
82. Do you have a trading pass?
83. Do you have a shop?
84. Do you like cookies? yes
85. Do you like pickles? no
86. Do you like milkshakes? yes
87. Do you like ice cream? yes
88. Ever had sushi? yes!
89. Ever had octopus? ew
90. Do you drink alchohol?
91. Are you a grammer freak? YES!!!
92. Would you consider yourself rich? nope
93. Would you consider yourself poor? yup
94. Do you keep up with gaia news? no
95. Do you keep up with trends in fashions? uh no?
96. What's a tv show you watched when you were little?
97. Do you like bugs? no >>
98. What's your most memorable quote?
99. When's the farthest back you remember?
100. Does any of your friends go on gaia?
101. Have ou ever sat on a cactus? no
102. Have you ever even seen a cactus up close? theres one in the front yard xP
103. Do you put salt and pepper on alot of things? no
104. Do you like muffins? yes
105. Do you like turtles? as pets o.o
106. Do you like pizza?yes
107. What's the last time you had a trade?
108. Post each emoticon in seperate posts.
109. Post each letter in the alphabet in separate posts.
110. Post each character in your username in separate posts.
111. Post each letter in GAIA in seperate posts. NO
112. Bump 10 times.
113. Count down from 25.
114. Have you ever made a petiton before?
115. What color shoes do you have?
116. What's the brand name of your shoes?
117. What career do you want to take on as an adult?
118. Have you had any dreams recently?
119. Do you eat alot of fast food?
120. Do you like fast food?
121. What's your favorite candy?
122. What's your favorite number?
123. What's your favorite season?
124. What's your favorite holiday?
125. Have you advertised this thread?
126. Do you watch naruto?
127. Do you watch Inyuasha?
128. New or Grunny?
129. Offline or Online?
130. How or Where?
131. Why or What?
132. Are you earning alot of gold?
133. Do you like chainletters?
134. Do you do chainletters?
135. Do you make chainletters?
136. Are you sad they removed the 'send to all friends' at the pm's?
137. Have you ever owned a pet?
138. Are you allergic to anything?
139. What's the craziest question anyone's ever asked you?
140. Do you like reading?
141. What's your favorite subject?
142. Day or Night? night
143. Twilight or Dawn? i hate that series
144. Starlight or Daylight? starlight
145. Can you play an instrument?
146. What's your favorite day of the week?
147. Inside or Outside?
148. What's your favorite fruit?
149. What's your favorite cereal?
150. What's your favorite veggie?
151. Light or Dark?
152. Do you liek bowling?
153. What's your favorite flavor?
154. Possible or Impossible?
155. Plaid or Stripe?
156. Marker or Crayon?
157. Pen or Pencil?
158. Friend or Foe?
159. Colored Pencil or Sharpie?
160. What's your favorite thing to do on the computer?
161. Are you a republican or democrat or independant?
162. Are you able to vote yet?
163. How often do you go on gaia?
164. Are you active or inactive in gaia?
165. What's your favorite website?
166. What items are equipped on your avi?
167. What's the weather like where you live?
168. What's the first thing you do in the morning?
169. Are you wearing pajamas?
170. Do you do pranks much?
171. What's your favorite website?
172. How much tickets do you have?
173. How many junk items do you have?
174. How many tokens do you have?
175. Have you ever invited any friends to gaia?
176. Ever made your own thread on the forums?
177. Ever tried out the gaia cinemas?
178. Do you go to the marketplace often?
179. Ever tried to belly dance? XD
180. Have you bought anything from the g-store?
181. Wat'syour favorite day like?
182. What's your favorite tv station?
183. About how much gold have you earned so far from this quiz?
184. Have you done the poll?
185. Ever gotten on a black list before?
186. Do you think the gold list is original?
187. What do you think of the quiz?
188. Do you think the name 'fanny' is funny?
189. Ever wrote a novel?
190. Is this quiz taking a while?
191. Are you scared of clowns?
192. Have you ever fainted?
193. Smart or Popular?
194. What question have you enjoyed the most on this quiz?
195. Why are you still doing this quiz?
196. Do you own a house?
197. Squares or circles?
198. Finish this sentence "Spiders are crawling up..."
199. What's the oldest person you know?
200. Did you know youron question 200?
201. Do you like needles?
202. Ever ate dog food?
203. What about cat food? (lol)
204. Ever gotten hacked?
205. Do you like the hospital?
206. Ever bought anything from the g-store?
207. Sad your not done with the quiz yet?
208. Are you scared of monkies?
209. Ever create a succesful thread?
210. Do you like rp?
211. Does the word 'old' mean anything to you?
212. Do you smoke?
213. Do you drink?
214. Pick a random number 1-100. What number is it? (Remember that number!)
215. Do you think this quiz could go on forever?
216. Are you a vegatarian?
217. Are you a total carnavor?
218. Do you like cheese?
219. Do you like ramen?
220. What question is this?
221. What do you like to put on your favorite food?
222. How much money do you have in your wallet right now?
223. Are you at home doing this quiz?
224. What's your idea of the best day ever?
225. Do you go to youtube?
226. Do you pm a lot?
227. Remember the number before? Count from that number in seperate posts.
228. What's the greatest rip-off you've seen before on the marketplace?
229. Does your school have gaia blocked in the computer lab?
230. What's the movie you are most embarrassed to admit you saw?
231. Silver or gold?
232. Sky or Land or Water?
233. Dogs or Cats?
234. Grunny or New?
235. Have you ever broken a bone?
236. Have you ever been to a concert?
237. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
238. Are you happy you got about 1/4 of this quiz done?
239. What feeling are you feeling right now?
240. Are you emo?
241. Are you punk?
242. Are you goth?
243. Ever break a promise?
244. Summer or Winter?
245. Spring or Fall?
246. Shorts or Jeans?
247. What's your favorite gaia quest?
248. Do you like chocolate?
249. Do you live with your mother? XD
250. Have I ever repeated a question?
251. Do you have ashma?
252. Do you have any kind of disease?
253. What's your favorite default color?
254. Is this the first quiz you've done before?
255. Have you ever lied?
256. Do you a pool?
257. Do you or anyone you know live at a hotel?
258. Think of a ranom song. What song is it?
259. Do you drive?
260. About how long has it taken you to get this far?
261. What is an item you use everyday or practicly everyday?
262. When I say 'duck' what do you think of?
263. When I say the word 'chicken' what do you think of?
264. When I say the word 'pudding' what does it make you think of?
265. Do you live in the suburbs?
266. Do you live in a big city?
267. Do you live in the country?
268. Do you live in a boring regular town?
269. Have you ever been to a foreign country?
270. Before you sat down at the computer, what were you doing?
271. Are you annoyed at beggars?
272. What question number are you on?
273. When I say 'ants' you think of?
274. Have you ever made someone else cry?
275. Is this quiz annoying you?
276. Using emoticons on gaia what are you feeling right now?
277. Have you done any other quiz's lately?
278. Did you know by now I'm alomst done typing the quiz?
279. Vinialla or Chocolate?
280. What day is it today?
281. What time is it right now?
282. How long have you been doing this quiz?
283. Do you play any sports?
284. What coloris the sky?
285. Are you racist?
286. Are you sexist?
287. Do you have ADD?
288. Do you have ADHD?
289. Do you like bees?
290. Are you chewing gum?
291. Would you rather have your hair up or down?
292. How much gold do you have now?
293. Do you remember the number you said earlier on in the quiz without looking?
294. You and the oppoisite gender turn in a report written with the same things. You get a B and the other person gets a A. What would you do?
295. For the question above did you answer kill them?
296. Have you ever been hacked?
297. What's your favorite question?
298. Do you have an account on myspace?
299. Do you have an account on youtube?
300. Yay your on question 300! Are you bored yet?
311. Besides gaia wat's the last website you were on?
312. Do you like onions?
313. What's your favorite quiz?
314. By now do you have enough gold for what your questing for?
315. How much more gold do you want now?
316. Do you pick your nose?
317. Do you suck your thumb?
318. Were you lying about the last 2 questions?
319. Have you ever counted down from a million before?
320. Have you ever lied before?
321. Were you lying about the last question?
322. Have you entered your avatar in the avi contest before?
323. Have you ever entered your house in the house contest?
324. Have you ever entered your art in the art contest before?
325. When's the last time you took a vacation?
326. Where was the last time you took a vacation at?
327. What's the worst thing that ever happened to you?
328. Do you have a job?
329. Do you like math?
330. Are you failing anything?
331. What grade are you in?
332. Have you ever gone sky-diving?
333. Have you ever been bungie jumping?
334. Do you live in the USA?
335. Have you ever been to the bermuda triangle?
336. Can you drive yet?
337. Have you ever been an a car accident?
338. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
339. What's your favorite pizza topping?
340. Have you ever seen a shark up close before?
341. Do you have a nickname? If yes what is it?
342. Have you ever gotten stung by a bee?
343. Have you ever been to Las Vegas?
344. Are you on a vacation right now?
345. Do you have an i-pod?
346. Do you have an mp-3 player?
347. Do you have a cd player?
348. Ever heard of the i-phone?
349. Did you really think you where done with this quiz?
350. Have you ever helped out someone who was hacked?
351. Have you ever served in the military?
352. Should GAIA have a GAIAN church?
353. What new things would you like to see at the Gaia shops?
354. What do you think about the new GAIAN cars?
355. Would you like to have a full set of donation items given to you if you donated “IE you donate to Gaia and get a full set of armor with a weapon to outfit your AVI”?
356. Do you think it would be cool to have a Gaian music station?
357. What kind of music would you like to have for this station?
358. Would you like to see more specialty shops on Gaia?
359. How long have you been on Gaia?
360. With all of the different AVI themes out there would you like to see Themed homes?
361. As an example would it be cool to have the outside of your home look like a Gothic Structure or a Medieval castle?
362. How many times a week do you log onto Gaia?
363. What is the longest time spent on Gaia?
364. What is the shortest time spent on Gaia?
365. How often do you get bumped off line?
366. What is you favorite donation item?
367. Have you ever had breakfast for dinner?
368. What do you think about the Gaian World map?
369. Would you like to see an expansion on the Gaia world?
370. If you could add a new game to the Gaia games what would it be?
371. Do you like how the Avatars look?
372. If you could change how they looked what would you change?
373. What pets would you like to see?
374. Do you have a Gaia pet?
375. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
376. Older or younger?
377. Do you play Video games
378. What game system do you have
379. What is your all time favorite Video Game
380. Have you ever been to a Video Arcade?
381. When was the last time you went?
382. Hand held or Console?
383. Flash light or oil Lamp?
384. Camping or amusement park/
385. Video Cassettes or DVD
386. New car or Classic car?
387. Cat person or Dog person?
388. Good book or TV?
389. Card games or Board games?
390. Spray paint or Paint brush?
391. Is this quiz getting hard yet?
392. Magic the Gathering or Pokemon?
393. Who is you hero?
394. Angelic or Demonic?
395. Do you RP often?
396. What was the best thing you ever received in the daily chance?
397. Do you prefer winter games or summer games?
398. Precious gems or precious metals?
399. Do you have any hobbies?
400. Have you ever been asked to do something you where not comfortable doing?
401. Have you ever shop lifted?
402. Are you telling the truth on the previous question?
403. What is your favorite flavor of gum?
404. Ever have a Jaw Breaker?
405. Did it break your jaw?
406. What is the spiciest food you ever ate?
407. What was your favorite kid’s book?
408. What was your favorite toy as a kid?
409. Did you ever play cow boys and Indians as a kid?
410. Have you ever cheated on a test?
411. Did you pass?
412. Chess or Checkers?
413. Monster truck or Low rider?
414. What is you favorite holiday?
415. Silk or Satin?
416. Hunting or fishing?
417. Cheerios or Lucky charms?
418. Are you a morning person?
419. What is the worst thing you ever did to someone?
420. Shower or bath?
421. Do you watch cartoon network?
422. what is your favorite cartoon?
423. Glasses or Contact lenses?
424. Magazine or News paper?
425. Kool aide or Soda pop?
426. Do you prefer a mouse, track ball or touch pad?
427. Traditional monitor or LCD screen?
428. What is the easiest pet to take care of?
429. Have you ever had a Water balloon fight?
430. Do you think sculls are cool?
431. Dragons or fairies
432. Fast food or home cooked meal?
433. Pizza or Burgers?
434. Baseball or Football?
435. Nascar or Monster truck Rally?
436. Have you ever lived in a Mobile home?
437. Have you ever seen a tornado?
438. Ever watch Johnny Bravo? (I don't watch it either I've just heard of it)
439. What did you think of it?
440. Would you rather shop at a discount store or a retail store?
441. Are you a slave to fashion?
442. Cash or credit?
443. Do you wear boots or shoes to work / school?
444. If you were an international spy what country would you work for?
445. Good guy or bad guy?
446. Stuffed animals or squirt guns?
447. Paper or plastic?
448. do you have a rubber ducky (grins)?
449. What is the oldest coin you ever got back in change?
450. Do you use hair conditioner?
451. T-shirt or sweat shirt?
452. Do you pick on you little brother / sister?
453. If you could choose an instrument to be what would you be?
454. Why would you choose to be that instrument?
455. If you could change something about you what would it be?
456. What color id your hair?
457. Do you use any hair color?
458. What is your favorite shampoo?
459. What is the longest time you went with out bathing and why?
460. Would you ever date a Nerd?
461. Do you prefer shopping on line or at the store?
462. Ever play store tag?
463. Have you ever rearranged a store display?
464. Trapper keeper or clip board?
465. Do you like shopping for school supplies?
466. Ever been excited to go back to school
467. Do you look forward to summer break?
468. Would you get mad if they made school all year long?
469. Would you still be mad if school only lasted till noon?
470. Are your parents / kids weird?
471. What is your favorite wild animal
472. Do you think bugs are creepy?
473. Ever rub two pennies together?
474. Do you have a night light?
475. What color is your night light?
476. Ever sleep on a water bed?
477. If you could pick a time in the past to live when would it be?
478. Cake or Pie?
479. Ice cream or cookies?
480. Would you ever ride on a motor cycle?
481. What is you favorite past time?
482. If you could be an animal what would it be?
481. Ever play Laser tag?
482. Have you ever hacked anyone before?
483. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
484. Do you have a favorite outfit?
485. Do you like comedy?
486. do you like Horror?
487. Do you like Science Fiction?
488. Do you like Drama?
489. Ever watched a Docudrama?
490. Would you prefer having wings or a tail?
491. Flowers or Trees?
492. Would rather ski or snow board?
493. Where is the worst place you ever had to go to sleep?
494. What would be you worst day ever?
495. What is your scariest nightmare?
496. If you could be a pilot would you fly a plane or a helicopter?
497. Snow or sand?
498. Brick or wood?
499. Who is your favorite loony toon?
500. Did you know you're done?
68. Is it long enough for you?
69. Do you like school?
♥Love it
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88. Ever had sushi? No is it good?
70. Do you like homework?
♥Yes heart
71. Do you like your teacher(s)?
♥All but my tech teacher....
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Tipsy Phantom

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  • Streaker 200
89. Ever had octopus? Nope and don’t plan on it
72. How many gaia accounts do you have?
♥ Two.
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Tipsy Phantom

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  • Millionaire 200
  • Streaker 200
90. Do you drink alchohol? Shhhh on rare occasions but I never get drunk
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Tipsy Phantom

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  • Millionaire 200
  • Streaker 200
91. Are you a grammar freak? nope
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Tipsy Phantom

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  • Millionaire 200
  • Streaker 200
92. Would you consider yourself rich? Not even a little bit
73. Are you happy with that number?

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