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The six finalists are now locked in an epic pie-eating battle unlike this world has ever seen before.
They'll be scarfing down pies morning to night, and it's your duty to cheer them on and help keep their morale up during the horrible, delicious ordeal.

First, you'll visit the event page choose a contestant to throw your weight behind. Your loyalty is important, so once you pick a favorite, you'll have to stick with them!

While the pie eating contest is going on, visit the event forum. You'll be given a limited number of irregular, discarded pies. Throw them in the faces of other people to earn points! Post in the Pie Hard Forum for even more points!

You can use the points you earn to cheer on your favorite contestant or boo your enemies. During each round of the contest, your cheers and boos will determine whether they successfully eat the pie or not!

Hitting "Cheer" during a rival contestant's turn will help that contestant, not your own team. Of course, you're free to cheer rival contestants, if you're feeling charitable.

Contestants take turns eating pies. The counter above each contestant shows the time left until their next pie-eating round. When the counter hits zero, you may need to refresh the page to see the next round.

Once in a while, contestants who were eliminated in the qualifying round may show up to help or sabotage the finalists. Be on the lookout-- spotting and clicking on these rare events may earn you special prizes!

The final winner will be the contestant who eats the most pies. Your cheers hold the key to determining the winner, so don't slack in the enthusiasm!

Get out there and PIE HARD!