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Community Anon Gift Message Thread

Salutations, Gaians!

We invite you to post and read wonderful messages sent from other community members during this event so we may all enjoy this favored feature. However, we have a few rules about posting these messages:

  • All messages should contribute to the theme of this event.
  • The content posted in this thread has to abide by the Terms of Service. Nothing over the top!
  • The messages you send must abide by the Terms of Service. Keep the sexual references and offending content in your messages at a minimum.
  • These messages must be posted in this thread only so everyone can read and share. Any other threads used for this purpose will be moved from this forum.
  • Please go to the Charities and Quests forum to request donations from the community.

Remember! This is not a thread for giving away or receiving items, but to show off your creativity to make someone smile, laugh or just plain make their day. To participate, just send a gift to someone anonymously with a wonderfully written message, and hope it gets posted in this thread!

You may report any PMs with messages that are against the rules using the red Report this PM button so the moderators can handle them.

Happy gifting!
greetings one and all
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Dapper Citizen


I'll do this xD
Destrius's avatar


I hope the users don't start being so...ungrateful as the event progresses. stare
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I'm gifting everyone!! mrgreen
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Thanks for this thread, The Admin!! emotion_bigheart
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Quotable Lunatic

This thread was certainly a good idea. 3nodding
tobi-chann's avatar

Shirtless Cat

im not one to complain, but i wish we had our own subforum for this gonk
anyways, i cant wait to see some of the anon messages whee
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Man-Hungry Healer

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Um...thanks Admin?
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Sparkly Noob

Thanks for the thread!
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Yay for pie! (:
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Poor Destrius. What exactly would "ungrateful" mean though? >>;
And thanks for this thread! C:
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Ooo, anon thread.
Me Gusta.

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