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I have a female cat, Birmans breed name Inky. I name her like that because when the first time she came to my house, she spill the ink of printer when I'm about to change it . She can massage and acting cute when I'm evil , of course I'm not getting mad anymore blaugh , she'll also wake me up on 6am everyday to play with her.
i have a black and white kitty named marley,fat,and kitty kitty. hehe i know she has a lot of names

Also i have a little teacup poodle named ashley. beware she might lick u to death rofl
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Didn't post what they were before, so here I go again:
Muffin- Cocker spaniel
Molly- Miniature dachshund
Marley- Golden retreiver
Popcorn- Tabby cat
Timmy- Hermann's tortoise
Rover- Lobster
Flying sweetcorn- Pufferfish
Riley- Budgie
Toothless- Bearded dragon
Nugget- Syrain hamster
Socks- Corn snake
Ziggy- Leopard gecko
Meatball- Chilean rose tarantula
Bangers- Bushy- tailed jird.
Mash- ^^
Splot- Fire bellied toad
Professor Farnsworth- Chinchilla
Many other unnamed fish and water snails.

Also hoping to get an african pygmy hedgehog soon. biggrin
I have two dogs named princesa and luna and i love them with all my hart biggrin heart biggrin

I have a black shorthair cat named RattyPoo c: She's almost 5 years old and when she was rescued by my coworker and her original name was Alice. As a kitten (when we found her) she was very tiny and malnourished so she kinda looked like a rat, so everyone started calling her rat, ratty, etc. Until it shifted to RattyPoo c: Now she's really healthy and a good weight according to her vet but her reistered name is RattyPoo emotion_bigheart
I have a seven year old orange tabby cat named Ollie(short for Oliver; named after my favorite Disney cat when I was a kid) and a five year old pug named Harley(yes, named after the motorcycle). They are my darlings. biggrin
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chihuahua named Kiba
and bunny named Chester
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I have over 130 pets. So I'm not going to name them all.
So I will just tell you about my rat Puff the Magic Dragon.
She is more than my pet, she is my baby, my life, my sanity, my teacher, my heart, my secret stowaway, my best friend... I could go on, but I'll stop there.
She is very well trained. She is litter trained, and clothes trained (she goes off of me to do her business). She knows that if I push her down into my shirt, she is to stay there until I let her know it is ok to come out; this is usefull in stores where pets are not allowed, and at school.
She is extremely loyal. She has never once bitten me. She has never bit any male, and the only females she has ever bit were my mom after we had an argument, my sister after we had a fight, and 2 girls I know from school that it is no secret that we did not get along.
I love my Puff, she is the best pet I will ever have.
I have a turtle named burger and a jack-chi named maximillion biggrin heart
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I have 2 hamstera...no name :/ help me find 1
I have a yorkie poo..his name is Harley
I have a poodle..her name is Cindy
I have a bird...his name is Royal
I have a horse.her name is katie

i am gonna get a ball python and a ferret

is the hamster a boy or a girl and should it be cute, rather funny, an often used hamster name or a name usually used for humans cat_4laugh
Calico cat, her name is Sassy.

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I named my rabbit Saffy cause its the name i picked out for a dog since i wanted one XD, and its short for sapphire.And plus she has the letter "S" on her side XD had to name her something that started with s.

Our 2 other rabbits are Womble and Oslow, we adopted them from the spca and they were given those names by the people there. So didnt really want to change it.
My little dog is diesel
I have a fish named piggy, because he eats all the food and starves the other fish, then he eats them.

I have a cat named The Supreme Overlord of All The Cats, but we mostly call him "Hey cat, get off the table before you break something!"

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