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My border collie/Husky mix is almost a yr 1/2 old he's a strange one.
my dog bites his butt curls into a ball and rolls around in circles and falls off the couch looks at me like I pushed him than continues to do it sometimes kicking his one leg in the air uncontrollably for no reason sometimes he just stays in that position wine a couple of times then just keeps doing it silently, He kind of makes me think of stitch from lillo and stitch the Disney movie when he puts his feet into his mouth and rolls around I don't know what else to do but look at him with my head cocked to the side and just wonder why he does that and think of all the dogs Ive got the strangest one outta the liter lol but I still Love him he does allot of weird stuff like he'll freak for no reason jump up and run all over the house back and forth jump on the couch and use the back of it as like a speed ramp running along it and jumping off only to repeat this process like 20 times. He also barks and growls for no reason he'll be sitting on the couch and I'll be on the comp or watching the movie in the chair and he'll look at me and bark and growl then stop I go back to what I'm doing and he does it again just laying there he's sooooo weird sometimes O and he also likes to bite his private area. He is also obsessed with peoples private areas and butts mainly girls rofl I don't know why, He has to be practically stepping on my feet behind me when I walk anywhere and he has to be with me no matter where I am in the house he opens doors and comes into bedrooms and bathrooms when someone is in there that he wants to see especially me or if he cant get inside he sits outside of the door sniffs under loudly puts his paws under and whines and howls also he chews up any carpet near the door. He hates showers when I give him one but he opens the door and jumps in the shower with me when I'm trying to wash, and he tries to sit on my lap when I'm in the bathroom or if I'm in the chair or sitting on the couch he likes to crawl up to the top and slink around my shoulders as if he was a mink coat or scarf mind you he is a big dog he's very lean and muscular he's about 50lbs. sweatdrop eek I dunno what to say but he's my weird pup rolleyes

my cat is an Egyptian mau and she gives me a back massage when I'm sick too she's also a schizo she'll let you pet her and she'll be nice cute and cuddly then attack you for no reason she also use to spaz like my dog and run back and forth in the house jump in the front window then jump down run to the back then back in the window she jumped into the window once and fell backwards on her back and was still her leg twitched I went to see if she was ok and she was up again doing the same thing.
when my cat and dog does that everyone knows to just get out of the way because my dog doesn't care to trample you when he does that my cat will shred you up.

My other cat was a rag doll cat my sis took him he only had a very strange meow and wen he was on catnip he would scare me so I stopped giving it to him he would just roll in it lick it then just lay on his back looking at me with his eyes wide and pupils dilated incoherent to everything I thought he was dead but he's was just trippin so no more catnip for him

I have some strange animals emotion_0A0 emotion_awesome
My, ahem, special little horse makes this face (with his nose in the air) all the time which most people think is pretty weird.

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And that pic was definitely not just a one-time fluke thing, either...

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your horse is hilarious
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my dog smiles like a human...or at least tries to. he bares his teeth, but is wagging his tail and is all excited and happy. xd my sister taught him to do it on command.

my turtle will sleep on his dock with a foot over his head or his legs stretched as far forward as possible. it's like he's doing turtle yoga or something.
and of course 'fluttering' at the underwater part of his dock. 'fluttering' in and of itself is hilarious looking, more so when it looks like he's competing against the suction cup on the dock.
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My cat used to chirp like a bird whenever there was one on the porch.
EDIT: Used to walk on a large stuffed elephant in place, humping it as he went. If you moved it, he would grab it with his mouth, lay down and continue the walking/humping motion.

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