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Hi. I will be getting a baby rabbit here soon from one of our breeding rabbits and i'm gonna try to train her up to be social.
What are some of your experiances with rabbits? The good, the bad, and the funny.
I also would very much welcome suggestions about how to raise a baby rabbit to be a social, affectionate rabbit.
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My boyfriend and I got our bunny from a petstore.
We were looking at all of them and there was a fuzzy black bunny (part lionhead) that we saw standing in the waterdish and my boyfriend pointed at her and said, "We should get that one and name it Einstein!" ...He was on an ironic name phase.... Anyways, he bent down to see all the bunnies and suddenly that same bunny ran towards the glass and jumped to headbutt right where my boyfriends face was. That is how we picked our bunny.
She's very social but she's always been that way, she likes kids, loves dogs and even lowers her head towards people when she expects to be pet. She's litter trained and adorable. She's very outgoing for a bunny, she'll walk (hop) right up to the dogs water dish even if one is drinking out of it and perch until they leave, then take advantage of their water by drinking it. Lol.

Lol, awww. She/he sounds like a cute!
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I got my first rabbit, Jessie, from a Pet Shop. (Here in the UK, you can't enter the enclosure and interact with the bunnies), so we just observed them all for about 15 minutes. We saw this little ginger and white one run down the ramp and fall over at the bottom. She was playing with the other bunnies, grooming others and just generally seemed happy. We brought her home and she was just the most affectionate rabbit I've ever come across. She loved cuddles and enjoyed giving me kisses all the time! xd Unfortunately, she died nearly 2 years ago at the age of 8. She caught Pneumonia and died 2 weeks after I took her to the Vet. I miss her so much.

Last August, I decided that I wanted a new bunny. Thanks to Jessie, I don't think I'll ever be without one because I think they're just the sweetest creatures on the planet. <3 I got her from a breeder this time, because my friend is a top breeder of German Lops here in the UK. I had a choice between SO many baby rabbits. I went to see them all when they were about 7 weeks old and the breeder's husband put them all up on the top of a hutch (don't worry, they were safe!) for me to look at. The one I wanted seemed much more interested in being on his own, exploring corners and just generally not being interested in me. The other one I had my eye on (she was ginger and white, and her markings reminded me of Jessie's) was so outgoing! She jumped in the food tub and pinched treats, she was coming up to me and nudging my arm and hand. She was just making me giggle and I knew she had a great personality. I went to pick her up 3/4 weeks later and I haven't regretted it. She's so outgoing, she loves people and I didn't think a rabbit could have such a wacky, sweet personality! One thing she HATES is being picked up. When she was a baby, I tried my hardest to make her be okay with it, but I came to the conclusion that she'll never like it and I don't want to make her unhappy by not understanding her and what she likes. She comes for cuddles, but on ground (or on my bed) level. She licks me, she plays with me and she isn't at all agressive.

I'm sorry this turned into such a long post, but my point is... Your heart will decide on the bunny. They choose you. I know Jules chose me and I wouldn't trade her for the world. I wish you the best of luck, you're about to get a very special companion! heart
Both your bunnies sound so wonderful! I sure hope I pick the right one for me! whee
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I've never had many rabbits from a baby age. Most of them were rescue, because I'm just too soft. I see a bunny that wants a home and I'm like D; "You so cute! I take you with me!"

My rescues were mostly dwarf lops and crosses. It's rare to find pure breeds in rescue centres. I do have one pure bred dwarf lop that went wrong. She was gonna be sent to the zoo to be fed to a snake only because her image wasn't what the owner wanted. So I saved her. Unfortunately, she's still skittish, I almost had her for a year now.

My rescues are:
Babykins (Don't ask, I didn't name this one but he was Pinky's father)

My ones I've had from babies are:
Smudge (Fudge and Bugsy's Grandson!)

If you want to make your rabbit very social, make sure you handle it a lot, when you also give it treats, try to feed from your hand to make it more comfortable with you too.
Bugsy and Smudge were my best examples of extremely social rabbits. It's always the boys that seem more affectionate towards you. House rabbits commonly are more social but mine were all outdoor xD
That's cool!
The mother rabbit that i am going to get the baby rabbit from is outside, But i am considering bringing the baby rabbit in once she is ready to be separated from her mother. I don't know if i want her inside though.
Edit: Oh, i forgot to mention, I have a little Gaia blog that I talk about dogs, rabbits, and gardening in. I might give alittle more info on the baby rabbits there. So if ur intrested, then feel free to check it out!

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