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Time to settle down. This is like a repeat of Halloween 2009.
Why is everyone so worked up over a poll that they'll forget about in a few weeks?

Neither side won fairly: The internet is biased toward cats. The dogs fixed the election.

Cat supporters, stop acting like a bunch of butthurt babies. If you believe you're so much better than the Dog supporters, shouldn't you be dignified and not complete assholes? It's no wonder Gaia didn't allow the cats to win.(you know, other than it being part of the event)
Dog supporters, set a good example and don't act like a bunch of bratty sore winners. Karma will more than likely come back to bite you for it.

Now ask yourself: Does it really matter who won as long as we have opinions?

Also, Gaia should just make geoducks the winners to stop all this stupid fighting. Who's with me?
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I would vote for any other animal than cats and dogs if I could....
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caught lust, tie a noose around my neck
its the unexplained that gets you when you obsess

The reason people are making a big deal about it, is because it's obviously fixed. But I agree, they should wait until the rest of this event's storyline comes out.

i believed saying the truth would change the way that i felt
lying to god aint easy, when you're already in debt.

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Of course it's fixed. Get a sense of humor, it's part of the event. e.e

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