You guys make me want to buy a dremel, they sound super useful. 3nodding

When I first started taking Judd out with us he had really awful long nails that made his toes splay out in every direction. He also had a badly sprung toe on one of his back paws and the nail on that toe was this huge scary velociraptor claw, and whenever he galloped he would trip over his own feet. Actually kind of amazing that he only had one sprung toe. I take his nails back whenever I see him [usually twice a week] and he gallops without stumbling now, yay! Even his sprung toe has improved.

I personally like super short nails and for a while Rushie's nails were lovely little nubs but it was effecting her running so I had to let them grow out a bit- problem solved but not as pretty.

This post is useless, sorry.