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When I talk to my dog randomly, or he comes up to me, he licks me to death, when I pet him he licks my face and he always does this while wagging his tail to death, I think he's happy, but he does this a lot O.o Normal? Not normal?
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some dogs are licky and some arent. my sister's poodle loves to lick everything, from faces to carpet, while my dad's dog doesnt really lick anything or anyone
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Lots of dogs kiss loads, but it can be a sign of anxiety.
I have 2 dogs - one that will lick you forever if you let her and the other only wants to smother you. Kiwi will wiggle-wiggle in excitement , so we lean back in the chair/on the bed and then she gently lays her neck over your face with love while wagging her tail at extreme speeds.
It's really sweet and we're not sure why she does it, but when we let her she becomes so happy. lol
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Some dogs just lick obsessively. Personally, I think it's gross and don't allow it; animals typically pick up right quick on "lots of licking = no more attention/cuddles." None of my three girls lick me obsessively anymore - my small dog still does to other people but the best I can do is tell them not to allow it and to be consistent about it; my medium dog does it to others sometimes, same thing I just have to remind them to remind her it's unacceptable; my brother's dog still forgets sometimes and tries to lick me, but I don't see her often so she's still learning that I don't like or accept her licking me and if she does I won't give her attention (dogs know when somebody doesn't like them, she knows I'm not a big fan of her, she's still trying to win me over, thus she's putty in my hands [when she's not being a brick-headed dumbass])
my dog licks

she's like obsessive complusive about it or something, and she can get too rough when licking faces and her teeth will knock you some times and it hurts. I wanted to raise her to not lick faces but it's really hard, she's 1 already and it's still so bad.
she's licking the couch right now!!

and she will lick your arm, hands, legs, feet, anything.
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my dog licks my keyboard and computer if I let her...and dads pants...and the bottom of my shoes

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