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I'm currently creating a Gaian "pet" store where people can buy Betta fish for their siggies. It's meant to garner some gold and feed my obsession for everything Betta, but I have a double-motive that is far more important. Through attracting visitors to my shop for their "siggy pets", I'd also like to expose the cruelty Bettas must endure in "pet stores" like Walmart and PetSmart, as well as Betta fun facts/why you should get one, and of course, general treatment and proper care for owning a healthy Betta.

I know my fair share of information myself, but I would like the input and stories of other Betta enthusiasts and experts. whee For instance, if you could post about proper Betta maintenance, or about tricks they do and how to teach them, et cetera, I will use it in my information/shop thread. Bullet points are very helpful! I'd really like to get the information out there so that there are less careless deaths due to simple misinformation. And yes, if you have them, please share your horror stories.

If you would like to be a Betta "reference" person, just say so, and I will add you to my list of people that a potential owner can contact for assistance with their new pet.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you guys! (:
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improper temps and tank size seem to be the #1 killer of bettas so i would talk about those the most. diet and mental stimulation are also important, bettas get bored and like to have things to do. i used to give my bettas ping pong balls and live food to help them from getting bored
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I would like to say, when Betta's are placed in the cups for stores it is done because it is a store, they need to move product, and have product, with bettas being popular pets (and abused pets) they will stay a plenty in stores that can sell them once they realize they are starting to lose money on them, they will keep fewer and fewer of the animals around.

You can see how it goes as well in other pets in the trade, you use to be able to go and find gerbils like no other, but since they are no longer the current "it" of rodents in some places you need to know a breeder and be willing to travel.
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Sounds like a good idea. I wish you luck. =]
i used t have a betta biggrin
now i have goldfish heart biggrin heart
they are so cute 3nodding
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Thank you all so much!
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o: Is this going to be something similar to a Breedable/Changing pet shop? Or more like premade-photo adoptable picture pet shop? Just curious, because I think it would be awesome to have a B/C type shop for bettas. <3 And if it were like a breedable shop rather than a premade, I wouldn't mind being on board; it's something I'm familiar with. And, it wouldn't be the first time someone used such a shop to spread information about real world pets; there's a rat B/C (Children of Nezumi) that does something similar, though I haven't really checked them out. And there's one that's trying to start up that's covering herps. I think this would just be a fantastic idea because it covers one of the most popular "beginner" pets out there. :3

But anywho... I've taught 2/3 of my boys how to- Rather, I've encouraged them to jump for their food. x3 Only with thawed frozen food in water, as it hangs from the tip of my baster-turned-feeding-dropper. Bettas can most likely be taught how to swim through short little 'obstacles' too, like hoops or tunnels. A laser pointer can make an interesting toy, as well. Haven't had success with my trio (probably too smart for it xD), but some fish get really inquisitive about that sudden bright spot in their tank.
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Thank you Eiz! I would love to have you on board! An informative B/C is exactly what I'm doing. I'm just starting it, and will probably not be able to really get stuff done until Thursday, but here's what I have so far: here.
Ooh, very pretty indeed! I thought about offering my artistic abilities to do the bases/templates, but I didn't know if you already had plans for that or not. xD You probably do, though. :3

Have you started an Interest Thread over in Pricing and Suggestions yet? o:
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No, I have not! I do really need colorists though. Do you have AIM? Mine is SagieMyster. I would love to discuss this with you, and put you on staff, if you so wish. :3
No? o: I'd go help set it up for you but I've no experience with actually getting a B/C started. x3 However, I've done colorist work before and am fluent in Photoshop. :3 Have the templates already been completed? *would love to see*

I do not have AIM; I do, however, have a multi-client-compatible messenger service called Pidgin. I'd have to check and see *how* it works again, but it's my fallback when MSN is screwing around.
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Would you be able to access AIM from this program? If not, we can chat on GaiaChat. And I would love your colorist abilities! Glad to have you on board!

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