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I wish you the best of luck. sad Its no fun having pets with allergies. Cats have such tiny nasal passages that their eyes are the things that waters with goop. On super polleny days, have to wipe my kitties eyes with a kleenx. Your cookie looks like Rosie. smile What kind of dog is she?

Thanks, however it has now come to my attention that all three dogs in the house are experiencing constant sneezing.
What are the odds that all three dogs/puppies are having the same reaction to an allergy?
Is it more likely that they've caught some sickness? No one is hacking or coughing, mostly sneezing.

edit: oh and she's half weenie dog, half chihuahua-terrier
Did you adopt them from a shelter? My fiance just informed me of somthing called kennel cough which they can get if they didnt get their shots in time. And they can get it from other animals. sad And the pollen this year is REALLY bad. My allergies alone can vouch for that. And kennel cough apprently sounds like reverse sneezing.

I have considered kennel cough, but my dog came from a local litter, she had her shots on time. My roomates, one of them got their dog from a 'breeder', not a real one. and the other roommate got her puppy from a breeder in Brazil. some of them are not done with their puppy shots, they've all been getting their shots on time. but honestly kennel cough is not obligatory for puppy shots. it is only recommended.

she did reverse sneeze one time yesterday but aside from that the reverse sneezing has stopped for now. it's mostly sneezing. lots and lots of sneezing. no coughing or hacking or wheezing. no yucky discharge from the eyes or nose.

If it doesn't clear up within this week, the littlest puppy will be going for a vet visit. so if Cookie's not cleared up by then, maybe I'll get some answers from that.
Good luck! Its no fun when you want to help them and make them feel better and not know whats going on.