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so many small un-exciting things make up my life, so nobody ever really cares but me 8[

I don't know if you remember.. but you know that bold jumping spider I caught at the lake? well I still have him, and he came out of his molt this weekend (yay I missed him). and when I went to wash his cage out I saw something move on the outside of the cage.....IT WAS ANOTHER BOLD JUMPER. (younger than my already have one) but I'm pretty sure he's a bold jumper, he has the right markings. But that was just crazy because they can and do live in this area but they are not nearly as common here as they are further east.
I have no idea where this other one came from... but I went and bought him a cage too.

I also saw my spider drink a water droplet. which was a first for me.. so cute.

and I caught a preggo fly and it had live baby maggots in a container and I wanted to puke. but I gave the maggots some of Cookie's beef kidney and they did nasty maggot stuff for a couple days and grew really huge and then they all escaped... (I think it got too hot outside and the lid popped off, or they pushed it off, idk) but alas, they were gone.
of course even before that I was so stupid and left them somewhere Cookie could reach. emo came home from work to find them missing, the container chewed up and I was SO MAD, I thought... my maggots are gone, my dog's gonna die cause she ate maggot infested kideny.. but then I googled it and found out it's okay to eat maggots. but I was still sad. until I saw a dark thing on the floor and omg it was the piece of kidney. it was drying out, I put it back in the container and put some water on it. all the maggots were inside. (yay) but in the end they escaped anyway.. except for one! which I had put in mr. spiders cage. I was able to keep him and he made a pupa this weekend.

also I bought these super cute dishwasher safe tupperware that are the perfect size to put a week's worth of Cookie's raw food in, and I can't wait to use them. I LOVE being organized. I hated using all those plastic baggies, it was a big mess.

and I'm sad that it's getting cold now cause that means I can't use swimming as a way to excercise Cookie. emo but I totally had her swimming in the pond near my house just yesterday. then today winter came. lol cause Texas has crazy weather.

I think that is all I have to say for now. emotion_awesome

now if you would please help me come up with a name for at least my first spider that would be awesome. idk if he's a boy or a girl yet so it has to be a neutral name