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This petition will help Gaia become
more fun and interactive. It will save
admins' precious time that they can
use to create more awesome things
for us. If not signed with caution,
your name may be known over all
of gaia! You have been warned.

Jigsaw Art Arena Petition!

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Please do not PM if you wish to sign this petition. Simply leave behind a post in this thread.

Please do not quote any of these first posts.

This is my proposal to Gaia:
When I was playing Jigsaw. I noticed that all of the puzzles were getting repetitive. Then suddenly I thought..
"Hey, why not letting the USERS make drawings for the puzzles?"
I thought about it for a bit, and came with a very simple answer to the question..
We take the Jigsaw game, and mix it up with the Art Arena, what do you get?
"The Jigsaw Arena"!

Some reasons why this could be a good idea:
- Admins are busy people, it can save them time which they can use to work on other things!
- The puzzles Gaia originally creates are getting repetitive..
- There are some really amazing artists here on gaia!
- Art of users give a better view of how the users see this place.
- Artists will make themselves known even better by having their art displayed in Jigsaw!
- People could have their own Gaia-art hanging on their walls in their homes!
- Gaians want to design for themselves? This way they can!

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I'll take the opportunity to highlight important subjects around Jigsaw Gaming that need attention.
- Browsing Puzzles: Looking up a puzzle you want to play is quite annoying when you have to press a button a thousand times. A better solution would be either a scroll bar, or getting row of next puzzles with only one click.
- Puzzle Backgrounds: Most of them are pretty useless. Too bright. I myself only use black, sometimes red. Best would be to get some sort of color palette. I think that even saves memory, as there would be only one background that can be changed by a click that activates a code, and turns that same background into a color of choice. Instead of a click that loads through a new made background.

Part of:
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Featured Quotations

The Littlest Panda
I think this is a really cute idea! It does give gaians a better chance to participate. I don't think an arena should be used though. Take the Christmas event for an example. They had people post their are in the forum, and then they found the ones they liked the most. I think this would be better than in the arena. In the arena, there must always be a winner, and what if all the entries in that period were all horrible? Or weren't the right size? Then we'd have a crappy picture for a jigsaw. But I do support this idea, so:

A real good idea, but I was hoping to save the admins' time aswell, and I think thatll be a bit hard, but who knows, maybe the admins think differently about that? Maybe it will be possible with appointed mods^-^

regardless of if it takes the admin's time or not, it's a fun idea. It's up to the admin's to arrange it to work without them putting much effort into it...
maybe they could set up a separate arena/contest just for this though. that way they could at least have a size requirement so the pictures fit the puzzle format, and I'm not sure it should be mixed with the art arena anyways, when people might want to enter the art contest without changing their art into a puzzle

oh, and I sign ^^
I am not sure what you mean. You mean people will not have to resize but the uploading system does it? I don't think I can agree with that. Size compressors often make an image look ugly.

i sign!

they really need to make it faster to switch between puzzles. Like a scroll bar for puzzles!

Great thing he said it. An issue Gaia needs to work on. If you know more Jigsaw issues, feel free to post them!

i totally sign!!!...its kinda boring to have to wait for a new puzzle every week or two...so i think everyone shud b able to upload their own pic for gaia puzzles...they can submit their pics to the admin so they can share their work with everyone...or upload a pic for their own fun (no animated pics or porn of course) but onli for a day...it kinda comes w/ a price tho...they mite need to put the gaia puzzle on new grounds so that this site keeps up at a good speed...doing picture uploads for everyone on gaia could slow everything down...
Uploading a pic of your own is a good idea, but I dont want to get rid of the whole Gaia idea. Gaia games are games that have a gaia theme, but when theyll scrap that by taking out the Gaia pictures, it wont be the same anymore. So I dont think everyone being able to use their uploaded image would be a good idea.

Putting Gaia puzzles on Newgrounds seems like a good idea, though.. I know newgrounds, and not everyone wants to puzzle(except for hentai puzzles? o.o). The game only has its use on Gaia, and besides, Gaia has loads of advertisements placed around Newgrounds already 3nodding

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By D-Yoop
Signed Users
0001. Zoey20709
0002. poulet2121
0003. D-Yoop
0005. Loneliness Hurts
0006. deaths total revenge
0007. Gin Blossom
0008. ayumi watanabe
0009. Raijin Loraine
0010. homigoditsan00b
0011. [[Natasha]]
0012. The Littlest Panda
0013. Cute_Mini_Keet
0014. Minako-J
0015. Senda_san
0016. umila the angel
0017. Namikaze
0018. Kelaino25
0019. Hannah~McR~
0021. forsakemysoul
0022. Comatose Insomniac
0023. Pie
0024. Anfinity
0025. Windward
0026. doomlordzesna
0027. Smiley105
0028. hazuki sliver
0029. BrianCaesar
0030. Niella
0031. NaCl and Photons
0032. [PANIC!] of the NerDs`
0033. PeHaSys
0034. truth_is_told
0035. Used-Teacup
0036. DreamTimeTails
0037. Marikaa
0038. DCallie
0039. Yami_Yamashita
0040. Vecan
0041. Catie_Matie
0042. crazyjessie
0043. EthraAnn
0044. Random-Gal930
0045. GAL_PAL321
0046. Itzakadoodle
0047. Pandora99
0048. ThE_iDeA
0049. Ellie teh Magnificent
0050. kawaii-cookie-chan
0051. CellphoneTL
0052. emilycat27
0053. Toxic Ayame
0053. Crystal_suicune
0054. JoannaStar
0055. x-BHAYBEE-x
0056. synth-13
0057. aekay
0058. Lil_angel09
0059. Dreamy_Hunter
0060. BliZZarD_Satan
0061. N.Tonks22
0062. LadyGlamSlam
0063. CowFromTheMoon
0064. Xatxat
0065. SterntheMonster
0066. Monkii428
0067. Saggeh
0068. evil_warrior2012
0069. The Awesomness
0070. The_Mama_Bear
0071. laurenhiya21
0072. Lee_Lover
0073. Angel Of Death12329
0074. 123456hi
0075. The Ruined
0076. Over Hyper Elle
0077. The Cookie Dough Princess
0078. Pure-Dark-Star
0079. Sorako-chan
0080. Nightwind-Dragon
0081. Azurellis
0082. RavendorFoxx
0083. Cats_Eye_Moon854ever
0085. frogman774
0086. sonogreen
0087. marshmellow_anime
0088. N8y
0089. Mimayichi
0090. thekaylin
0091. AmethystForever
0092. Snow-Cone-Reaper
0092. Kara Raeven
0093. oxoSINoxo
0094. -Dee Racoon-
0095. Mule_Hell Hath No Fury
0096. Janelle_missjj
0096. Ryou1st
0097. Yuko_Ichihara-xxx
0098. Miss_Socks
0099. Pilot808
0100. masterfocus
0101. The Cake Cat
0102. Hildechan
0103. xX-CreamPuffz-Xx
0104. SakuraAngel893
0105. Barry235
0106. EveeLover4
0107. Terrie Evans
0108. Darkspinez
0109. laa123
0110. Oceanluvr1216
0111. undacuva_druid
0112. Bunny-Rabbit Wings
0113. pilowee
0114. Emperor Angelo XXV
0115. Molten_Lolita
0116. Princellah
0117. VixenLeRouge
0118. JadeLeeBird
0119. rapidXtheXrudie
0120. lil-tomboi44
0121. Demonic_Kikiyo
0122. alous
0123. dark demonic fox
0124. Neurotripsy
0125. Hibiscus Kiss
0126. Flamingo89
0127. TokyoSamurai94
0128. Fairlee
0129. crumb-1
0130. elefunT123
0131. x_KayFairy_x
0132. Tyu-z
0133. PlushieLovah
0134. Bob1412
0135. Ldytwigh
0136. Doc_lady
0137. Vivi215
0138. XxSnake_bitesxX
0139. isi_cherry
0140. KiwiCrystatbelle
0141. Kihiki
0142. kibafaerie
0143. Vampiric_Demon_Forever
0144. r a i n effect
0145. nix-wolfwood
0146. Cat Eyed Bass Player
0147. osaka laka
0148. C l a i r i f y
0149. X Lachrymose X
0150. Spirit Crusher
0151. cutemut91
0152. Soldiers in Your Cup
0153. fox914
0154. 13-Black_Fishnet_Rose-13
0155. Fillette Rance
0156. Bleading_Rose
0157. Exotic Mushroom
0158. Kazeko-sama
0159. omgitskelseyy
0160. Xx_Pilika_Usui_Tao_xX
0161. kitsunetsuishi
0162. VilleValo_vs_GerardWay
0163. -x x kyoxtohru x x-
0164. x-sketchbook-angel-x
0165. kgirl1992
0166. pekothefox
0167. BlueAngel_9876
0168. Fuzzy Slipper Aligator
0169. Sockems
0170. -o-Yunnie-Chan-o-
0171. kirpet
0172. TheVexReaper
0173. -Mesmerizing Margin-
0174. Keila Hikaru
0175. CaptainRen
0176. _Chi_Chan_94_
0177. Shrimp Dumplings
0178. AnimelBloomChik
0179. - E m o C o o k i i e -
0180. Bebe Kiki
0181. DJ Twissta
0182. Ebony the Peacian Vampire
0183. Ol-Kitty-lO
0184. Azn[x]Angel
0185. ~+Moon~Shower+~
0186. FrOGGyGiRL8
0187. Tawny Kunyan
0188. A Starry Dream
0189. Hokey-Pokey-Panda
0190. Opheliac Desires
0191. Sphara
0192. Firlodge_the_second
0193. azian156
0194. xEarthsxEyesx
0195. xEarthsxEyesx
0196. ChiharuSuzuki
0197. cherryblossomgirlsakura
0198. Rosabandit99
0199. wounded marshmellow
0200. werem
0201. Frauline Five
0202. Mitsuki the ninja
0203. shortPhilosipher
0204. AznGir193
0205. Special Sammich
0206. White Rose Ghost
0207. _Quiet_Newb _4 _Life_
0208. Caterfree10
0209. demon child me
0210. Chibi-peanut
0211. emmelle cain
0212. lord of awe
0213. X-CrescentMoon-X


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Some great art that has been posted:

umila the angel
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I've been watching you make this....I sign...
I sign! I like the idea!
I've been watching you make this....I sign...
haha awesome! :3
I sign!
Oh! Thanks^-^
I sign! I like the idea!
Thank you! =D
great. i sign
weres my numchucks!
Sounds great. I'm glad you PM'd me the link. I sign. ^^

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