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Do you think trade titles need to be able to be changed?

Yes 0.8859649122807 88.6% [ 202 ]
No 0.1140350877193 11.4% [ 26 ]
Total Votes:[ 228 ]
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A petition to let us change our trade titles again!

You can sign now! mrgreen

Why did I start this petition?

I'm sure many of you are wondering why I'm worked up enough about this to make a petition. Well, any of you ever quested? Run a lottery? Run an art shop? You'll know it's courtesy in most situations to thank the donator, ticket, or art buyer. And what a better way than to change the title to do so? It's quick, it's easy, and it serves the same purpose as a PM. (And it doesen't clog up inboxes!)

1. Why did I start this petition?
2. People who have signed
3. Rules <---Please read those
4. Awsome people who have done awsome other things than signing, or are just plain cool.
5. Things we are looking for
6. Banners
7. Reserved
8. Reserved
9. Reserved
10. Reserved
11. Reserved
12. Reserved
13. Reserved
14. Reserved
People who have signed!

1. Fleeples
2. DarkFlame230
3. [ Aoi-chan ]
4. THE Santa Claus
5. coolfry
6. Joyrose
7. Amazing Al
8. 2wish
9. mappia
10. Elenyae
11. Taurmolg
12. Stary_Kari
13. Pretty_Punk_Kitty
14. Mariko-kun
15. All Newb Charity
16. Serzie
17. Honeybee2299
18. Shika Mizu
19. Lovable_Baby
20. miaki
21. Damn_Lucky
22. Ms. Mystica
23. Burning Peasant Head
24. [ Ruler of Everything ]
25. Florentine
26. Metallic_Noodles
27. chained_inside
28. [gOt RiCe]
29. NotoriousNeko
30. pandapjays
31. [Darkie]
32. Muaethia
33. cougar-kun
34. SaukaKumagae
35. Anzcrazy
36. DeadlyKai (blackie remix)
37. King_of_ninjas
38. tortured_autumn13
39. Ronsgirl4ever1994
40. fuzzyfuzzy
41. Satos-Chan
42.Nodoka Kaosu
43. sileeka_h
44. xSuddenxNightmaresx
47.pale september
48. attack_of_the_wolves
53.[I Am The Lizard Queen]
55.[Absinthe Whore]
58.[football dude]
60. Kaldea_Orchid
61.Miss Eccentricity
62.~Keaira Ghealai~
63.Ambitious Rogue
65.Ghost of Threque
68.Maliku Ishutaru
70.Brutally Pessi-Mystic
77.[ Future Gohan ]
83.forever my broken heart
88.Kirara Yokaze
93.Totally Not Gay
96, [Incarnadine.Romance]
96 signs so far.
Oh no! Not the.... Rules!

1. Be nice. Don't flame. ^_^ Yay!
2. If you're going to sign, please DON'T PM me. This is what you do.

You post a message something like this: (Does not have to be word for word!)

I signed this petition!
Or you use an image. Please make it in large font, so as to make it more obvious to me, wouldn't want me to skip your post! mrgreen biggrin

3. If you have questions POST THEM IN THE THREAD. DO NOT PM ME! I have enough PMs as it is! smile

4. This really comes into one, but I'd like to enforce the fact that you must be pleasant to everybody. 3nodding
Awsome people! mrgreen

To get on here, be nice, do things for the thread, and, well, be nice! blaugh
Things we'd like
1. An edit of changing trade titles on the bank...
2.Some suggestions for things we'd like... sweatdrop
We've not yet got any. Fleepie will do some, but please give her a chance! wink
People's opinions

[ Aoi-chan ]

I'll sign! I agree, once I went to change the trade title to thank my friend for giving me flowers and noticed I couldn't anymore! T-T So I shall gladly sign! *signs* <3

THE Santa Claus

I signed this petition!
It was so convenient for me to be able to change the title to reflect my thanks to those who have been generous.

Elenyae has signed this petition!
Thank goodness. It's always nice to say thank you to people if they've been nice to you. And I'm sure people like to be appreciated.

All Newb Charity
I sign this petition!

It was much easier running my charity when it could be changed! Please change it back! heart

[ Ruler of Everything ]
I miss that feature. In fact, I miss the whole old trading system, but that's neither here nor there.


User ImageHey! I saw your petition and I thought that it was a very good idea! I here by sign your petition! *Signs*. Good luck! Best wishes and I hope your petition gets heard by the mod and eventually is put up on Gaia! I think it was an excellent idea!User Image

User ImageNotoriousUser Image

17 April 2006- Sorry it took me so long to update, I've had a lot of stress laid on me with Gaia and IRL. sweatdrop
This post will have something done with it in the near future...
This post will have something done with it in the near future...
This post will have something done with it in the near future...
This post will have something done with it in the near future...
This post will have something done with it in the near future...
This post will have something done with it in the near future...
This post will have something done with it in the near future...

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