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Which Star sibling do you want to see as the star of their own CI?

Rigel 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 4 ]
Saiph 0.10714285714286 10.7% [ 6 ]
Hatsya 0.089285714285714 8.9% [ 5 ]
Mintaka 0.10714285714286 10.7% [ 6 ]
All of them at once 0.625 62.5% [ 35 ]
Total Votes:[ 56 ]
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The aim of this petition is to give the remaining star siblings their own Evolving Item, with their own items, in a sequel to the Fallen Wish; and to give the star family their own spotlight and character development in either or both a CI and the Gaia manga.

It was back on Septemper 16, 2008 that the first star sibling, Saiph, landed on Gaia, getting his own EI called the Fallen Wish; which revealed his humanoid form at its ending evolution on march 6, 2009. But it wasn't until July 21, 2009 that he got his first rig and comic debut. His appearance in the CI, Lonely Star also brought the appearance of his kid sister, Hatsya, who also got a brief minicomic moment in the spotlight in both the CI and the official Gaia minicomics. Hatsya and Saiph's elder siblings, Rigel and Mintaka showed up in a minicomic on May 3, 2010 and were forced to stay on Gaia by their father, who wanted them to learn humility, after Rigel and Mintaka tried to take their siblings back home with them. They both currently run the Cash shop, La Victorie, while Saiph and Hatsya are in the background, supposedly making Animated Items.

It's been quite a long time since they've been given another comic and/ or CI appearance, and I think it could be time for them to make a comeback in either feature. I think it could be very nice if any of the star siblings (preferably all of them) were given a chance to be in the main plot, and not confined to minicomics.

There's also many items that we don't have from most of the siblings, yet. Saiph got his own debut in an Evolving Item, which gave us his clothes, hair, weapons, eyes, along with his dragon form and various star poses. But we don't have items from Rigel, Mintaka, or Hatsya. We don't have Hatsya's Coattailed tunic, and and little wings, or Rigel's horns, and clothes, or even Mintaka's headpiece and her dress. Maybe even their father, Orion's lion pelt could be included in the EI.

We could even get their underwear in the Daily Chance

Please support us by <3 the petition, providing item edits, ideas, advertising us, as well as bumping and chatting to keep us alive

1: Make sure your post is clear. If you're signing, then state “I (username) sign.”. Just posting with “I agree” or “yes!” won't get your name on the list.

2: Don't page stretch. This means no quoting the signature list, if you want to sign.

3: Don't advertise links to other petitions here unless I permit you to do so

4: If you want to be on the list of affiliates, pm me with the link to the petition

5: Don't use mules to sign multiple times

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1: Blaqk Fringe
2: tamishiwari
3: lanie100
4: lll- Z 3 R 0 -lll
5: ramoure
6: Subliminal Aftermath
7: DracoxisDiamond
8: dragonmonkey
9: The Color Changing Tonks
10: Belladona beso
11: Xevra
12: Jessie Raine
13: Wolf-keybearer
14: Eat your Toast
15: Infinitas Aperion
16: Koohii Monsutaa
17: x Karurie x
18: Tocahontas
19: Captain Incapable
20: ChrisyTopher
21: - B I a c k N e o n -
22: BaybeeBloodRed
23: 5poil3d5n0w
24: x Aka Kira x
25: IceFire101
26: Laineeith
27: AKB0048
28: Scorpio Twins
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