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I sign the petition for taking away frontier skies. My favorite game was taken away from me, please bring it back. Sincerely, Supah Blah
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I sign. Frontier Skies was like... the only good game on Gaia. To me at least.
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Frontier Skyies was in my opinion, the best event Gaia had, and I was dissapointed when they removed it.

I wholeheartedly sign. :3
Sign me up.
I haven't played it yet, but I loved the game it was based on-- I was overjoyed to learn it was on here; but what's that? it's been discontinued? Yeah.

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I'll sign! cat_ninja
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I wasn't a huge fan of the game but I don't want to see it removed.
So, I'll sign up.
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I came back to gaia specifically to play that game, and now it's gone crying

I'll Sign
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I sign
But I think that if all the rewards would be removed from the game, it would have very few popularity, and therefore, it would be taken down again... even though it is so fun and enjoyable... kids these days only want money and items...
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I sign.

I miss Frontier Skies, and I think more people would have played it if Gaia had actually let people know that it was there to stay. Some people didn't even know it was there until they took it down it down. And now they're going to make all these Facebook games? Psh. >>
I sign. though honestly, the "0" bug at the end made me really mad cause I thought I would finally get something after finally beating it, but even without getting anything it was really fun, and I played it more than even zOMG honestly.
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Prince Yuui
yum_puddi _________________________________________ yum_puddi


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