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Do you believe that Booty Grab should be fixed with all/most of the suggestions in this thread?

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No! 0.081764705882353 8.2% [ 139 ]
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This is not a debate thread. Either you sign it, or you suggest some amendments and discuss them with me, and then you sign. DO NOT post in this thread with the sole purpose of calling out any of my regulars, OR to justify an ignored/banned Gaian. If you can't follow these simple rules, the door is just a few steps away. Thank you for your time.

Please, before you vote, at least voice your opinions or give me suggestions to make this a better petition. DO NOT just hit the </3 button without telling me why.


Not everyone wants to pay to play. Gaia is (ideally) a free site, but now with Booty Grab changes you are forcing people to pay to play. They cannot make any money unless they buy cash shop items and sell them for gold, because they can no longer afford anything with the new payouts of Booty Grab or zOMG!

I have been reading many, many comments about the Aquarium changes, of which I was very excited for, but I am a little disappointed with how everything happened.

A little loud, yes, but straight to the point. I have seen more and more Gaians leave now because of all the aforementioned reasons. Now, none of us want to see more people quitting Gaia. I am trying to keep Gaia in business. Here are some suggestions we have to fix Booty Grab and bring people back to Gaia:

1. I like the idea of a 1:1 ratio, but I believe that both tank owners should receive the player bonus if there is one. Make the player bonus maybe a one-in-four chance, and let both the play and the tank owner enjoy the boosted profit. If you don't, it is not truly a 1:1 ratio, making it false advertising.

2. Thank you for bringing back the Dolphins and such, though we would still really like to see the strike packs broken up. Not gone, we just want the fish available separately, also.

3. PLEASE fix the glitches you are STILL ignoring: The "two item" glitch, the "already playing another game" glitch, and the glitch where fish go out of bounds of the tank. It's been two years guys...please fix them.

4. Break up the Strike Packs. Heck, get rid of all the bad fish in the strike packs. We only want the big money fish, like Stone Coatls and Airsharks, and you would sell more if you sold them separately, even for Gaia Cash, than if you keep them in Strike packs.

5. Don't mess with the gold coin payout to reduce lag - please do it some other way. Like Matou said: If we can reduce most lag ourselves, why can't you figure out how to do it better?

6. I am so sick and tired of stalking my tank of hours before work only to leave and find out it glowed twice while I was gone, then glowed again while I was making dinner or posting a novel in a roleplay thread! For the love of all that's fishy, please, find some way to alert us and tell us when our tanks will glow!

7. Please communicate with us better. Tell us which fish are good, which are bad, which you are going to nerf, and please, PLEASE answer our complaints and pleas for help!

8. If my store in real life operated the same way Gaia did, the Better Business Bureau would have shut me down the first week I opened: Who else but Gaia can get away with selling their product to eager customers, then going behind their backs and ruining said product and making it worthless? Please, stop doing this, Gaia. People are quitting Gaia and cancelling Auto Cash because of it.

9. Monthly collectibles cost $2.50 to purchase. They are available only during that month, and they are one of a kind. Yet Dolphins are $5.00 to purchase, and they go away after a couple months. They die. They vanish. Once they're used, they're gone. How is that fair? I would like to see the prices of individual fish go down.

Now, to my fellow Gaians:

If you agree with most/some of the points you saw above, please, sign the petition below. In your post, copy and paste this text:

I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab.
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5/5/11 - I have changed the poll.

5/7/11 - I have almost completely revamped the front page, adding more comments and fixing some of my originally "hostile" sounding quotes.

5/8/11 - I have initialized a boycott. Details on first post.

5/9/11 - I have moved all comments to the comment post.

5/14/11 - I have updated the front page with a new sign. And please remember: this is my thread, and if I deem you a nuisance, I can kick you out at any time.

5/21/11 - I have added a ninth amendment.
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Please copy and paste this into your post. If you do not, please tell me direct that you are signing.

I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab.
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Gaian Booty Grab and Petition Feedback:

Here are some comments I have come upon:

I sign.

                      At first, I was okay with the new gold pay-out. In fact, I kind of appreciated it because it gave me some nostalgia to how Booty Grab and Gaia used to be. Unfortunately, unless Gaia is willing to ultimately change, I fear it shall never be the same again. Now, doing some of my own research and reading up what other people said, I have realized that just about everything they've done to Booty Grab is for the worst. Quite frankly, the only thing I'm appreciative of is that they have offered fish for gold in Phin Phang.

                      The bugs are such old news and they should have been fixed a long time ago. It seems Gaia is purposely ignoring the fact that these are still happening. There have been countless complaints and yet Gaia still turns the other cheek. It's just bad at this point.

                      My main concern with just about everything Gaia does anymore is the fact that I feel Gaia has almost turned into a pay-to-use site. Everywhere you turn, there's a new RIG, EI, MC, etc. that you have to use your real money for. I understand running a website is expensive, but seriously, Gaia. You don't need to sell out every damn thing you do! I remember when MCs were for donations, and you actually had a limit on how much you could spend (back in the old days, there were times when I wasn't able to purchase more than $20, though it may have been because I was using my phone). Now that we have EI'S, RIGS, etc. the MC's are pretty much worthless. I don't think people even look forward to the 15th anymore because within two days, a new RIG is going to come out and downplay the MC to the point that people forget what the heck was released!

                      On the topic of RIGS, and EI's ... I find it hilarious that Gaia blames Booty Grab for the inflation, because it put too much gold in the system. Um, hello, ever taken Economics in high school? For starters, if you Tax something, prices will rise to avoid getting cinched by said tax. Second of all, supply and demand. You release a RIG that costs nearly $5 to get, then in that RIG you have a 1% chance of getting a super awesome grand prize item. That in itself is going to cause prices to rise. Honestly, how does a person not understand that concept? I thought it was second nature to know that!

                      Moving back to Booty Grab now. I still don't understand why we have to spend our real money on the fish in the first place. I mean, really. It's supposed to be a free site, so why are we having to pay to use games? zOMG and Booty Grab both, you have to use your own money in order to accomplish anything. I understand you make a great deal in it and it does put a good chunk of gold in the system, but you know what would help with getting that excess gold out? Make the requirements for the game gold shop items! That way, your putting the gold right back into the economy! Is it an instant fix? No, but it's better than sucking our thumbs and asking why everything costs so much. On top of that, I don't want to spend $5 on a fish that's going to die. So what if it's lifespan is 40 weeks, it's still going to die. RIGs and EIs don't die, and people pay up to $15 for them. So how is it fair that the fish die when we pay cash for them? If they were offered for gold, I'd be a bit more understanding to them dying and having to buy new ones for gold. But I'm not going to spend all that money every so months just to have to repeat it a few months later.

                      /takes a deep breath and drinks some water/


I believe Gaia is trying to do what is best for Gaia and its customers. I also believe there have been some very large deficits of "fairness" on the customers side of things. First of all, i want to thank Gaia for initiating the dev notices. They did so because so many people fel t they were not being open, or communicating well with their customers, and I see that as an effort to do so. I do want to point out, that while it is an incredible gesture showing their desire to improve, overall if I have a complaint, or an issue, i can put in a ticket (and never get an answer), or put something in the help or glitches forum's (and never get an answer). Either way, it is still a huge lack of communication. I don't know any other company this size, with this many customers, that does not have a customer service dept to communicate with and resolve issues with their customers. If Gaians were primarily adults and not children, or if Gaians had the influence of their cash/credit cards, they would have resolved this issue years ago.

As for the packs of fish, now when i get the crappy fish in the pack, i can't sell them for 20k anymore, i can't really sell them at all- or get any amt of money out of them equal to the cost/value the items had at the time i purchased them. This is blatantly unfair, and I do feel that any agency that protects customers would see it as such.

I do believe that Gaia put in substantial amounts of time, and research to make these changes.
I do believe that they are trying to resolve issues many gaians have brought up (like some of the fish being sold for gold). However, in doing so, they have "screwed" those that had been loyal customers of the fish, and they are currently "robbed" of the cash value they spent on those fish due to the changes Gaia has made.

I think there has to be some give and take on both sides. I believe Gaia was trying to fix all those things people that bitched and moaned about regarding the Gaian economy being "off" due to booty grab, or lack of fish for gold..., when in truth, items are selling for less today than many of them did a year(+) ago. Items overall have not skyrocketed the way some people have indicated.

The rigs have become a complete waste of time and money, and since they are feeding them into the economy (a new one a month) in an effort to get our cash, one might be led to believe they want us to keep buying them, but when the items we recieve for our cash are valueless there isn't mch point. When I get the same item four a round 3 or round 4 loss, as I do for a round 1 loss in the rig's,..... it absolutely makes me angry and frustrates me. The lack of fairness, or value for our dollar is apparant.

I understand that the changes to Booty grab were made with the best intentions. Part of those intentions are to make owning fish available to more people, owning tanks that they get gold from easier, and more available to all Gaians. It does suck that they screwed the people that were willing to spend their cash on their tanks all this time.

I also want to state that I HATE (hate, *Hate* HATE) all the "fast evolving" items that sell for the same price as a fully evolving item did just months ago. The number of items recieved by the customer is fewer, the amount of time to get them is so short that many people can't get them (with the current customer base), and it is blatantly something they have chosen to do to increase revenue. I don't have a problem with Gaia earning money (indeed, i want it to be a stable, profit bearing company- like any stable company must be. But the constant selling of items, so quickly coming and going is both annoying, and not worth my money. The fully evolving EI's are VERY MISSED, and I just can't seem to bring myself to buy the fast evolving items for the same price that fully evolving items used to be available for.

xXx Dangereuse xXx
I don't know of any other business that sells a product for cash and then later comes back to change the item you bought, to make the item operate less efficiently than what the item was originally sold as. By changing how the game operates, and the items (fish) they have taken a product their customers bought and robbed the customers of their items.

An example is the nerfing of fish. I have noticed that Gwee Horses have been nerfed, although Pan denies Gwees were nerfed. I have a tank of mostly Gwees, and they were definitely nerfed. Some I bought in the marketplace, some I purchased for cash.

Until this behavior by the Gaiaonline company changes, and they stop cheating customers, I, the customer won't be spending actual cash any longer, at Phin Phang or any other shop.

I won't be spending my cold hard cash for trash fish that Gaia will probably manipulate sometime down the road, and worthless RIG's that give you valueless trash items. I won't be completing cash offers that install viruses and trojans on my computer.

Gaiaonline needs to run their company honestly, and with decent customer service to keep their customers. Killing Booty Grab won't force customers to spend more cash on Gaia, it will drive customers away.

I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab.

pauvre matou

They need to fix the glitches that have been ignored for over a year. The "two item" glitch, the "already playing another game" glitch, and the glitch where fish go out of bounds of the tank.

They need to make it so tank owners are compensated for their hard work and investment.
(they agreed, in principle, to this, but have failed to deliver.)
They could offer real fish for gold - not the crap the have in the store, now. Break up the strike packs - nobody wants bugs and purses and galoshes, and we don't like having to re-sell them either.

They need to find some other way to reduce lag. The new gold sprite thing sucks and nobody likes it. If I can remove junk from sigs and comments and turn off the sound with scripts, why can't the devs make this available to everybody?

They need to find a way to let tank owners know when their tanks will glow, so we can get a little of our lives back and not miss our glows because we went to the bathroom, or were posting in a forum, or answering a PM.


gaias poor communication with us - i NEVER have my questions or issues answered - and problems like the instantly dying fish glitch i put in my 'tickets' and only a few were fixed and the others no communication at all - timely communication with glitches and changes would be nice - i have several times spent real money and hard earned gold to buy super fish for a super tank only to have the fish nerfed a few days later to crap fish - a nice warning would be nice before spending huge amounts for soon to be crap fish

The Kobra Kid
          I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab.
          I never invested into a tank to make money myself. Though when I first started Gaia (it was about the same time Dolphinmania was around) I really got into BG. It was a relatively easy way for me to make some money and afford the things I wanted. Oddly enough, though I know some people consider using booty grab to get money as "work" I found it easy and quite enjoyable. So after Dolphinmania was shut down, (which I'm sure was for reasons that are just as absurd as the same reasons being used to explain the "necessary changes" to BG now) I lost quite a bit of interest in the game. I found hunting for tanks that were glowing in the Aquarium thread to be an extreme amount of effort, and was a bit pointless if I'd look for hours and find five tanks, usually less. After that, I simply stopped playing.
          That was about a year ago and now knowing about the changes on BG, aquarium fish etc. I stumbled across a glowing tank full of dolphins. Normally I wouldn't have bothered if it was any other kind of tank but I guess I sort of had a nostalgia moment. Needless to say it was quite possibly the worst experience I've had with BG. Worse than manually having to look for tanks in forums.
          The gold had been nerfed considerably, and the amount of gold that was dropping was at an incredibly slow pace that it made the game boring. I found myself actually dreading if I hit a time increase, and hoping to the Good Lord that the game would pass a time decrease my way to, and I'm quoting an earlier signer here, "end the game ASAP."
          And the so called "inflation" that everybody complained about? It has not lessened, if anything, it's gotten worse. I also find it a tad funny that the only fish Gaia offered for gold in the shops were fish that nobody wanted.
          Maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about but I do know that BG completely blows now and though I may not play it anymore, I understand there are quite a few people that have put a lot of time, effort, and money into their own tanks only to be ripped off in the end. Either way, I hope this petition goes somewhere. You have my signature.

I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab.

When the aquariums were introduced, there was no Booty Grab. Gaia created Booty Grab, added better dropping fish, then slapped our hands for being "greedy". I'm not greedy, nor is my account rich by Gaia standards.

I used to be able to buy some Gaia cash now and then to get items from Phin Phang and the Cash Shop because I was helping Gaia stay online, as the Devs eagerly said with each new high trigger fish, RIG, EI and MI released. With the RL economy the way it is now and RL bills that still need to be paid, I can't afford that luxury any more.

Playing Booty Grab was how I earned my gold to spend in the shops and in the marketplace. I was genuinely excited when the Devs announced they'd be making some fish available for gold instead of cash. I thought I'd finally be able to get some good fish without having to pay the over-inflated prices in the marketplace.

I'm no longer excited, and even though I'm down to 3 cheap fish in my tank, I don't want to spend any gold at Phin Phang, especially if those fish barely glow or don't glow at all.


It is not exactly I agree with all the points but basically I agree on the fact Booty as game is been killed.
Actually there is no way for tank owner to minimally recuperate investment.
Result of this will be less tanks to be played, and only the super triggered ones.
Result of this only cash payers are going to be able to be owners of tanks to be played.

The two mentioned bugs or glitch are there from starting, more than 2 years now.

And even recognizing Booty has been, is and probably even with lower pay will be one of the reason of gold flooding Gaia, I fully reject Booty as cause of inflation. The one getting gold in Booty is due long hours spent playing or pinpin/marketing a tank, "working" in one word. And remember time has a price too even if Gaia dont valuate the time gaia users spend logged.

I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab.

I would at least like to know what I'm getting (knowing the specs of the fishes and the range of what I could maybe make from them). I only have fish in hopes that I will make a profit (who the hell doesn't) so that I can cash shop items. Now I know that I can just buy the cash shop items if I'm buying the fish with my cash, however sometimes I can get more bang for my buck if I go with the fish and sometimes not. I also chose to go with the fishes because I can become part of a community, the GA, which is what one of the major points gaia has....to be a community where you can make friends and all that jazz. If i just brought the cash items and not the fish, then I wouldn't be "fully" part of a sub-community on gaia. (And yes I know that I can be whatever sub community that I want, like zomg, the ava art, the chatterbox, but I chose and like to be part of the GA community. There are people there who I can connect with and if i'm mistaken when gaia came out it was big on wanting to meet new people and have fun, meeting people with similar interests and making friendships) I know that there are others games that I can play as well to make bg however I find that one to be the funnest (when I can't find a crew for zomg because people are at school or whatever.)

Ido thank Pan and other devs who have been working on BG and for answering people's questions from time to time, don;t get me wrong. However would anyone like to have brought a cash shop item with x number of poses, to then later go back to wear that item and have half of the poses that it started off with? No...so why would people like it when their fishes were nerf? I know that in all it was probably for "the good" in helping to get inflation down, but at least let people know before hand, they will be much or considerate and understanding.

I do know that changes have to be done, and I do know that bg probably become something that the devs didn't want in that there are analyzers out there. However, bg did bring people together, so why do you want to tear it apart by making the game less fun for people and not worth their efforts to maintain tanks?

I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab.

As much as they want to blame booty grab for the inflation either they're complete imbecilesor don't care how they look to us trying to make that claim. Inflation comes from only ONE thing. High demand for an item and not enough of them to go around - therefore the price jumps up. the more an item is liked and the more rare it is the higher the price because th owner of the item can and will charge whatever they want for that item as is their right to do. Make the items a little less rare - hell make the rig's a little more fair to win the good items and inflation will go away.

The only reason booty grab is being messed with at this point is to try to cut down on the ability of people to be able to get any item they want without spending real cash to buy it or gaia gold to buy it.

ALSO think that it would be neat if the drops would "give birth" to one of the same kind that died ..... maybe a 1:10 ratio. that would give the drops a bit more intrigue.
AND the meats should have a "mini-meat" that stays the size of a "teen" or something! the meats are just tooooo large to see where the coins are coming from!

I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab

This is my opinion.
I think it's good that they made fish for gold or anything of that sort, but they don't glow which make them rather "useless." People make tanks for PROFITS which I think was somewhat the point of BG. But now that they've nerfed the gold, changed the ratio, didn't fix the glitches, ignored our "rants complaints" on BG PEOPLE REALLY ARE LEAVING. Some of my friends have already stated that they are quitting gaia since gold became hard to come by and the prices on MP DIDN'T BUDGE AT ALL. WITH THE OLD BG, prices on the MP are somehow reachable (not those worth 100M+) but now I can't even make 300k a day which I used to get.

I am so sorry to say this but I am pissed with them announcing the 1:1 ratio BUT we still get 1:4 (they say we really do get 1:1 in reality but only the players get the 250% bonus sooo, If we get 2000/500 WHAT IS THE POINT OF 1:1 WHEN WE DON'T GET THE BONUS AS WELL? And besides if we will get 500g then you did nothing with the ratio at all, no such thing as 1:1 was really implemented.

I REALLY HOPE THEY JUST RETURN THE OLD BOOTY GRAB BECAUSE NOTHING IS DEFLATING. And the cause of inflation IS NOT BOOTY GRAB it's the GREED of people and also the LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND. If there's less supply the demand is higher v/v.
Why don't they just pre-release items for us to have MORE SUPPLY of them thus deflating its price. ALSO, the RIGs... they cost 100k-200k+ BUT SOME ITEMS IN IT ARE ONLY WORTH 10k?! I know it's a chance game but seriously...

They should have just put a cap on THE ITEMS to be sold like, it can't go over the store price etc. (vendors will probably not like the idea and *sorry to say this* but the inflation is partially our fault too (I vend too occasionally).

If gaia gets even worse (if there's such a word as WORSIESTEST) than this I might quit gaia too. Back then I see 100k+ Online gaian but now, it hardly hits 50k.
Sorry for ranting out my anger here but I tried my best to not say anything mean.

I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab

Booty grab enabled me to get started on Gaia; it is what first enticed me to spend money on Gaia, If people buy the new fish because they are new to bg, they are likely to be turned off of Gaia, when they learn it is a costly proposition. The most likely outcome of the current direction of bg is that it will become primarily decorative, and a lot of people will be hurt and angry. And hurt and angry people go elsewhere for their fun.

The real income for Gaia is from advertisers, but most Gaians avoid the Gaia Cash offers like the plague, unless it is watching a video. Nobody wants a virus or to be hacked and those are real worries, but definitely advertisers spam people like crazy. Those spam offers look just like other spam, you can't tell if they are legitimate offers you applied for or not. Also, twice I have taken a survey that was 'almost done' for half an hour, then demanded I buy something (my credit card info...) When I cut out, I got major spam, despite being lied to and receiving nothing for my effort.

I f Gaia really needs income, they need to regulate advertisers, to require that they be ethical. Advertisers record how many visits/responses they get - and if they aren't offering videos, chances are they aren't getting much in the way of response on Gaia.

Amai-Ten Tsukihime

I agree whole heartedly, I myself am an avid aquarium fish vender. I buy to resell to make a profit but ever since they have changed BG, it seems you cant get any good fish payouts. They completely have screwed the market place, even regular fast selling items are becoming hard to sell on gaia. Its sad. I myself have opened 25+ Second Strike bundles and to show for it I got 3 Airsharks and all the rest was junk minimonsters.

Had I not gotten really lucky and purchased a bunch of LT grunny subs when they were in the shop for 5K each, and stocked all 4 of my tanks right now I would be considering selling my account on Ebay or just quitting gaia period.

I love gaia but I wont have anything to hold my interest on here if I cant vend items or run BG threads. Zomg is like not that much fun anymore. I can hardly do anything on there because my CL is so high so yeah making gold there is a bust too. The only nice thing I can say they did with the tanks is add the 250% Player Bonus to the game, if they kept that and changed the fish ratio a bit they could at least get things close to being back how they were.

The only thing I have noticed that has really benefited me was the 7K I average a day from people grabbing off my tank, before receiving the letter I could only really guess how much gold I made off my tank a day. But just as some other members have mentioned above, I also am considering going on strike and freezing all my fish and taking a long long Gaia Hiatus. That or selling my gaia account. Ive put well over 1500.00USD+ in gaia cash into this account and I would hate to have to sell it just because Gaia decided to come in and bust everyones balls by *taxing* the hell out of us.

Which is more or less what their doing by screwing with our profits. If gaia really wants to fix their economy they would have just unleashed more new items to try and balance the scales, but no they decided to try and curb the amount of gold people are making in order to try and reduce prices when all that does, is in the end cause buying to cease because, (1) people find less value in the item then previously, (2) They cant make back more then what they invest, so again really what is the point in buying if it will not benefit them in the profit margins.

Anyway all ranting aside I hope Gaia Fixes this mess they've royally gotten themselves into before more people walk away. Thats why rare 03 mcs are so hard to get your hands on because so many people quit in the beginning and now those items are basically in useless unreachable tombs. If they keep up with the way they are doing things Gaia will be a graveyard and inflation will continue to increase, because their will be less items out there in circulation and more rotting away in their perspective abandon accounts.

Sorry I had been meaning to post a rant and when I came across ur thread in the guild I was like Finally someone else that wants things fixed! Ill sign to that^^

*Signs Officially*

booty grab isn't fun to play anymore.
it takes forever to get gold, but most users, like myself, will play regardless until their quota is met, so the changes don't even effect inflation as the same amounts of gold are being generated.
not to mention people are paying irl monies for the fish and expect a certain level of comitment from gaia corporation and shouldn't have to have their purchases constantly being messed with. people aren't getting what they're paying for. it's a joke.
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I am open to feedback and suggestions to better this petition! If you want a special layout to pretty it up, or have some suggestions and idea that you want voiced, just tell me.

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