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Do you believe that Booty Grab should be fixed with all/most of the suggestions in this thread?

Yes! 0.9181871689229 91.8% [ 1560 ]
No! 0.081812831077104 8.2% [ 139 ]
Total Votes:[ 1699 ]
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I sign scream
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1. I don't like too many variables, the current gold distribution system is nice. I do think, however, that the Tank owner should be making more in order to profit better from the expensive fish.

2. Yup.

3. Fixing Glitches is never a bad thing.

4. When something costs real life money, I expect to get my money's worth, not a chance at my money's worth. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that I spend the amount of Gaia Cash that I do, for fish that turn out to be worth no more than 10k in the Market.

5. I know higher quality sites that have less lag, they are definitely capable of this.

6. I hate the current system of Tank glow. I always miss it by 10 minutes. I think that while a player is logged on, the frequency time should haste. It would encourage more attention to the entire Aquarium system.

7. I too hate how Developers just threw this out there and never said a word about it. They present, and then disappear, only to leave players to have to experiment for years before finally figuring out all the statistics. There's even separate sites that do a better job at information than the developers here.

8. Are you talking about Nerfs? I agree, I spent so much on Airsharks and now they aren't even close to as good as they used to be. People used to grab 4k+ from my tank, now they barely get over 2k. They want us to use Cash instead of Gold. When will they completely replace Gold with Cash? Sooner than you think...

9. There should be a system of keeping fish alive. I mean, keep the life expectancy, but introduce a system where you can extend this life - rather than the current system of preservation where you 'freeze' a fish and render it on 'standby mode' I think that feeding fish should keep them alive for example. You're right, $5 for something that acts as a "consumable" is not worth the purchase.
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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

There's more stuff that should be fixed, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head and this is a great start!

I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab.

User Image
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I want to save Booty Grab. This is fun, and also it is how I personally gold on Gaia. I am not good enough at any of the games to do as well, and I can't buy Gaia cash at all period. What little I have was random chance.

Please, Gaia, save Booty Grab.
Save booty grab.
It helps alot for people who can't buy gaia cash all the friggen time and gives us something to do from time to time!
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I sign.

Mostly for the glitches. I mean seriously- and they actually tell us "we can't replicate that" (at least last I remember hearing a damn thing about it) It's total bullshit. Play a few games and you see it.

Honestly, the amount of glitches up in this site that could be easily fixed. /rant
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I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab.

heart heart
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I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab. .
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I'll sign 3nodding
I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab.

they have a players bonus but the player isn't the one spending money to put fishes in their tank. so wouldn't it be more wise to give the tank owners the bonuses? there the one giving you money ?!?!!/ has gaia became a greedy money eating site???
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I agree with MaiLinna and I am signing this petition to save Booty Grab.

Enough said.
I sign!
This is about the only means on gaia, that I know how to make money and its a 100% profit. (Especially because in my tank I just use the fish from the daily grabs thing.)
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