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Red roses?

Yes 0.89017857142857 89.0% [ 997 ]
Poll w. 0.10982142857143 11.0% [ 123 ]
Total Votes:[ 1120 ]
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Sure why not! Red roses would be perfect for Valentine's Day, or for that special someone. If they can make any other kind of flower, why not roses?

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Updated and thanks for you support.
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I hereby sign this petition.

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I love roses! Please, in the towns!!
*sign sign*

I love roses ^_^ I think using ink to change a bouquets color is also a good idea ^_^
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I, Nichya Navsegda, will sign this petition!
pink roses would be lovely.....although they kinda already have it in the cash shop.....but yeah I hope I can pick them in town and make bouquet out of them heart

so I sign!
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I agree, roses shouldn't just be in teh cash shop, they should be in the towns as well.
signs twisted

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