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Red roses?

Yes 0.89017857142857 89.0% [ 997 ]
Poll w. 0.10982142857143 11.0% [ 123 ]
Total Votes:[ 1120 ]
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-Signs- But I think maybe they should be rarer then the other flowers. Don't know why, They just seem to delicate and special. And in RL roses usually cost more too.
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*signs* domokun
I suppose Ill sign....
i love roses
i love roses
and i sign
I agree. Roses are more romantic, so it would look really nice if you could give them to someone you really like. Also, they'd look good with avatars. ^_-
oh my O.O *looks frantically for a pen* wait a second ... i'm on the interweb .....inter..net yeah that's it, I can just type it duh *bangs head with pen still in hand* OUCH!!!!
~ x.signed by ME ~
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*signs* my name says it all. They look much better with thorns... more natural. Most flower shops strip them of their thorns, so I grow my own. Just my opinion, but, I think if gaia does start to sell roses, there should at least be a seperate bouqet with thorns or something.
There's already another petition for all colors of roses, but I stil would like to sign. *signs*
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Good Luck^^

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