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Red roses?

Yes 0.89017857142857 89.0% [ 997 ]
Poll w. 0.10982142857143 11.0% [ 123 ]
Total Votes:[ 1120 ]
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I'll sign.. blaugh
I'll sign 3nodding
More flowers in towns would be cool.. I'd like to see roses. But not just red ones... yellow and pink ones also. heart I'd love to see lilies!! Calla Lilies... white ones, pink ones, and purple ones!! Ooh prettiful!! mrgreen
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I will sign; it would make gaia a lot more romantic. O:
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put me on there ^^
Roses are a definite must. I'll sign. *signs*
count me in. I would love to see them.
ill sign. heart
i think this petition is great and i love roses just like many other people so i go for this petition 100%!!!
Count me in too, roses are awesome. 3nodding
*signs* Red roses! Maybe other colour roses too...?
Hey! I saw your petition and I thought that it was a very good idea! I here by sign your petition! *Signs*. Good luck! Best wishes and I hope your petition gets heard by the mod and eventually is put up on Gaia! I think it was an excellent idea!

heart Notorious

3nodding Notorious has signed your petition! 3nodding

P.S. More flowers was a very cool idea. I am tired of seeing the same old floewrs, in the same four colors (pink, blue, yellow, white). Thank you soo much for starting a petition on this!
Roses...yellow roses...

4laugh sign me up!

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