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Remove offers from GaiaOnline?

YES !! 0.8412721605299 84.1% [ 17273 ]
I'm fine with them 0.1587278394701 15.9% [ 3259 ]
Total Votes:[ 20532 ]
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Celtic zombie-kitten
Wow. I honestly wasn't aware that this was going on, but now that I've read some of these things, I'm utterly mortified! Gaia is supposed to be for kids (sort of...) and kids don't have good judgement when dealing with this kind of stuff.

I sign this petition for the protection of the children!

Gaia is no longer for kids sadly. Ever since they started in with Alruna's Rose and Sundae's Treat they started a downhill sexual trend on gaia.
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I'm so accustomed to ignoring the bad ones like credit-card ads anything that asks for my SSI number or worse. That I just auto bypass them. Completely forgot about the tweens on here! xp sweatdrop That's right the poor kids will be so into wanting to get gaia cash that they won't think about what will happen if they give out to much personal info!

I've been a member on this site a long time. And have watch gaia change a lot I remember My first event, it was an Easter one, the one with the bani bunny masks. The site was so much more fun back then. It seamed liked they cared about us and were so happy when we helped them out my donating. Now...? All but 3 of my friends have been gone for years, The site is full of advertisements, Stupid frekn MTV! </3 (Makes me want to puke!) scream And the forums have been shot to hell, it's spam/troll fest in a lot of them. I want those harmful offers GONE! Just for the heck of it I tried a few servays that only asked for my zip code. I think out of 8 of them one I was able to qualify for. This feels like neopets all over again....

Sign me up please.
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I remember this
Haha found my name at 4600!

I do have to say that since 2009 I do feel like the offers are a little better.
I am not going to lie, now I do the video offers everyday. However, I do not do any of the other offers.

After my hiatus I came back and thought I'd try it out again. All I got was a bunch of spam mail (like I figured I would) but nothing beyond that. Most offers gave me GC while I had a few that where left "uncompleted" even though they were. I did not get a virus or anything yucky like I did in 2009. So somethings have gotten better.

Now I just stick to the video offers, but if if I am going to buy something I do scan through to see if I can snag some free GC. I mean I have BigFish account and saw that when I bought a game I could get some GC. Hell yeah I took advantage of that. If I ever buy Netflix, I will do it through here. I will not lie about that.

I still think that since this site has a large fan base under 18 (I turned 18 last August so in 2009 was one of the majority). As a result they do need to take extra precaution. Yes it is the users responsibility to watch what they are sharing, but a little information from Gaia would be appreciated.

Even if it was a forum that informed Gaians on what they should and should not share, and what to watch for in these offers would be fine with me. It is just that some kids are dumb enough to not see the harm in sharing their SS# or see the harm in using their parents credit card on an offer. I understand that still falls on the user but a business should do everything within its power to at least give their users some info.

When it comes down to it Gaia is a business, and it wants to make as much as it can. You would be lying if you said you would not want the most profit is you owned a business. However, you can still raise profits and still care. I at least want some information for our younger users. Gaia stresses a lot about account safety so just take it a step further!
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GCash is messing with the economy. I'll sign
Already signed, so...Bump for gits and shiggles.
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I agree, and most of their offers are detected as VIRUSES on my computer!!!! I use Avast! antivirus, could it be wrong? eek
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sign I'm someone who defended gaia for the longest time. I still understand the need for gaia cash. and an ocasional rig but honnestly a rig every month? that pushing it. and its become of obvious that they are running out of ideas for items to add to their rigs. offers it just... blah! I sign
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I SIGN!!!!!!!! I hate Gaia Cash offers that make you pay because they clearly say FREE OFFERS. Seriously. They're lying to us.


Mine was banned and I didn't even know WHAT I did -_-
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I sign because it is really lame how we have to buy the offers. Might as well straight up buy Gaia Cash, we won't get viruses from those. I'm still waiting for about 1,000 Cash. :I

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I sign!
More than half of those offers just dont work or are scams talk2hand
    Here's my story of why I am singing, instead of just using the poll, I'm going to state my honest opinion.

    I joined gaia back in '04 as soon as I was old enough to join. I loved it, and soon became a little Gaia addict. I never had much money, and I never really looked great, but back then it didn't matter! We were all just here to have fun. It didn't matter what you were wearing, how old you were, how much gaia cash (that didn't exist) or gold you had.

    I took a hiatus from gaia due to a couple of medical problems. .

    When I came back. Gaia was full of rude brats, that all they cared about was money and how they looked. I still was extremely poor, I feel foolish now just thinking I could walk on into towns and be okay with just "regular shop items on". From then on, I haven't gone to towns, chatterbox, etc. They are full of people that Gaia is stealing money from that all they care about is how expensive something looks.

    I was hacked last year around this time, I highly believe the only reason why I got my account back in the first place was because I had spent around 75-100 dollars on Gaia threw cash cards. From the day I got my account back, I had never used another cash card. I don't like the feel of being used. I do honestly feel like the only reason why I got my account back, is because I paid money on Gaia.
Avery Von Helson
I agree, and most of their offers are detected as VIRUSES on my computer!!!! I use Avast! antivirus, could it be wrong? eek

    No dear, it isn't wrong.
    This is the reality of what Gaia has come to. .
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1) Gaia Online may include links to other web sites or services solely as a convenience to Members ("linked sites" ). Gaia does not endorse any such linked sites or the information, material, products, or services contained on other linked sites or accessible through other linked sites. Furthermore, Gaia makes no express or implied warranties with regard to the information, material, products, or services that are contained on or accessible through linked sites. Access and use of linked sites, including the information, material, products, and services on linked sites or available through linked sites, is solely at your own risk, and you acknowledge that Gaia shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by your use of any linked site.

2) Your correspondence or business dealings with, or participation in promotions of, advertisers found on or through Gaia Online are solely between you and such advertiser. You agree that Gaia will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any such dealings or as the result of the presence of such advertisers on Gaia Online.

3) If you opt in to connect your Gaia account and data with Facebook (through the Facebook Connect feature) or with any other third party networking (or other) site, that data may become public through the other site.

Also I'm very offended by the course language used on the first page of this thread. Please remove it/censor it. Also if you wanna make a valid point it is much better to remain unbiased and state facts instead of getting heated (this is in reference to a vast majority of the quotes used on the first page).

I personally do not have any problems with the offers that I have utilized. The only gaia cash I've "purchased" was from an itunes card the rest I've received through offers (well over 700 gaia cash).

I enjoy the use of the offers because it allows me to buy MCs and EIs without losing all my gold in the marketplace.

I have not received a virus.

I have received my gaia cash within an hour.

I do not utilize every offer.

I do not doubt that some offers are scams.

I do believe that this fault lies within the advertising service itself not Gaia.

I do beleive that stating that Gaia is only doing this for greed is uncalled for. Do you intend on getting paid in your current/future career? I have 2 jobs and I would quit both of them if I was not paid for them.

Sticky in site-feedback forum
Due to how internet advertising works, we cannot screen the advertisements on Gaia in advance. It's unfortunate, but sometimes bad advertisements do appear on Gaia. If you see one please take a few minutes to report the bad ad so we can get it removed. If you don't report it correctly then it may not be possible to get it removed.

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