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Great idea! I enjoy working for achievements; I think it's a fun game. But it's absolutely pointless and the points are worthless. It would be great if we could exchange points for prizes, or if we got something for our efforts. Gave you a cookie. 3nodding
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here's a cookie, I agree emotion_brofist
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I was thinking about this idea a few days ago I am glad I am not the only one ^^ you get a cookie
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This needs to happen. 3nodding *cookies*
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I gave you a cookie even though I don't totally agree with you. It would be nice to have achievement points unlock something for alchemy. But if they don't, that doesn't bother me. As a gamer, I have a lot of trophies that don't do anything but sit there and show I achieved something. So really the points are already doing something. That said I don't mind them doing something else as well.

Enjoy your cookie. biggrin
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There are some topics that I really do wish we could give more cookies to... this is totally one of them :

Bump anyways!
I like the unlocking idea better I mean we already have so many different things to spend stuff on. The treehouse sticker things, gold, cash. It would basically be another sticker thing. We dont need another nontraditional currency but being able to unlock things as you go along would really help to encourage site activity. You want that next fancy item well you better be there for the next holiday event. It really encourages people to participate
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Ridley Starsmore
OR, here's a thought...an ability to claim certain prizes at certain point levels.
nah not that many players even do the events that give the achievements because of the either the lack of potential or the inability to spend money on cash cards for the cash card needed achievements as well as the fact it wouldnt be fair to the new comers however the idea of getting a reward for achieving an achievement sounds great. though i much prefer something else like something that leads to a better profile lets say you can get special stickers to put on your profile via each time you get an achievement biggrin
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-gives cookie-
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Completely agree with this
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Cookied. The achievements are useless and I feel no need to attempt to get them, if there were a reward for doing them however...

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