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This is an awesome idea!
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Sounds Interesting, I haven't really done much with that. I normally just happen to get points on something.
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Genius! Finally something useful for our hours of MetaGaming and AchievementWhoring! io3oi
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Moonlight Cat

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They need to do SOMETHING with them rather than "they'll be used for something later....as soon as we figure it out"
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I actually really like the idea of being able to buy certain alchemy components when you get a certain amount of achievement points, for a couple reasons:

1. It would actually reward the "hardcore" users like alchemy was SUPPOSED to do.
2. If the backwings recipe and ingredients were available through this, they would be obtainable for ALL users who were willing to put in the work, not just the users who managed to get millions of gold through either buying cash or playing the MP for years. Since backwings are established as alchemy prizes, I doubt they'll be a direct prize for getting a certain amount of achievement points, but we can still save the Sanctity of Backwings with something like this. heart
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This would definitely motivate me to go after achievements with more effort. ; u;
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This needs to happen! I do agree that level prizes would be better, but either way, this needs to happen. Consider this proposal achieved. People need this.
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Lonely Shapeshifter

These points are useless if you can't get nothing from 'em
I think this is definitely a good idea! I've seen it done on other sites and it's a nice little program that works. 4laugh
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I'm all for this. I have 6000 points sitting around doing nothing. I'd like to use them somehow.
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/gives cookie

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Icy Bunny

I like this idea. *cookie*
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i like the prize thing. it will make people more active for one and all they do is sit there

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