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Would you like an update to the Inventory Arranger?

Yes. 1 100.0% [ 2755 ]
Total Votes:[ 2755 ]
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YES. emotion_kirakira
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I totally agree with all this. I too find it very hard to arrange anything in my inventory any more, because it would take days to do it. gonk

I'd love to see an automatic arranger actually. One that puts all the items in the right category. Such as tops, bottoms, shoes etc. And also in color, so that way everything is automatically in the right place, and we don't have to worry too much about sorting it out ourselves.

I've mentioned this in one of the AtA's a couple of years ago. And I guess it got neglected. Also while I suggested this idea, I also mentioned about having another storage locker, for those that actually need it such as myself. This extra storage locker can be used for many items.

I believe that many of these options would greatly help us along the way. And also lets us enjoy the site without having to worry about sorting, which takes an incredible amount of time. sweatdrop
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Witty Smoker

If I could give you all my cookies I would. I remeber when I finally decised to oraginze/color code my invo. I was a year or two into gaia and had amassed, not a huge invo but a moderately large one. It took me 6-10 hours to do it ( I don't really remember the exact hours, my brain was fog by the time I was done.) even now if I buy things and need to move them to their right spot it could take a bit of time.. scream

*BEGS/WHINES/PLEADS* Gaia change it!!!

EDIT: that is not even added to the amount of time I did it for my mules......
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please for gods sake push this through! stressed
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It is way past spring. DO SOMETHING GAYA.
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bump 3nodding
It's time to get this done.
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*do want* emotion_drool
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heart heart heart
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yum_puddi bump
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Yes please. Here's a cookie BTW.
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I just went into the invo arranger to check how many items I have, and I can't even stand to look at it because it would take me DAYS to organize it.

For the record, I have over 3,000 items. mad
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Feral Wolf

*hands over cookie*

...It needs a serious update. I still use that "really, really, really old" arranger. e.e"
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Vicious Streaker

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Vicious Streaker


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