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Would you like an update to the Inventory Arranger?

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Total Votes:[ 2755 ]
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Muscular Bear

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I just had almost this exact same idea! Being able to arrange from your main inventory page would be fantastic!

Could I suggest a lock/unlock button
Item moving would be locked by default, clicking unlock allows the user to drag and drop things around.
This would stop accidental dragging and rearranging when you want to click on an item to gift it, sellback, etc

I mentioned the exact same thing in another thread, this times a billion.
Literally cannot wait for an update to the invo arranger.
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By the time I realized I wanted an organized inventory mine was already too big. With how the current one works with the scroll--it is near impossible (or least horribly unpractical) to arrange larger inventories.
This is definitely getting cookied.
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gaia_angelleft It would be nice if we could create our own custom inventory tabs, for example: "MCs", "EIs", "pets", etc.. gaia_angelright

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Shirtless Gekko

Though I'm not so keen on just dragging and dropping into the categories (because I like my inventory itself to look organized as well, not just my customize), I'm still subscribing to this.

And as was mentioned on the first page, if they do this, I hope they keep larger inventories in mind.
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Frozen Shoujo

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Yes!... but i will miss the old colorful organizer... ; _ ; sob everything turns so ungaia-y when they update T^T
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I just want to be able to click on Full Inventory and from THAT screen.. be able to just click and drag items to where I want them to be... I HATE that orginization list x.x
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At the very least they could change the header that comes up when you organize, personally makes me feel like come OCD freak. "The REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY OLD Inventory Arranger" I mean, could it be more obvious there needs to be an update !

A suggestion is to model the arranger after TekTek - this would take a long time and likely be a huge overhaul. There could be an option to sort by color - another by type (store bought, cash shop) - and another by price. Anyone else care to comment or add to the idea?

[/ sigh] I am stalking this thread. I have waited so long for this. It sends a wave of relief to see it is getting popular. Thank you so much Winter Hue !
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Beloved Kitten

~gives a cookie~ ^w^>O
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⊰ Cookie for you 4laugh
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I have an inventory in the low thousands as well. Mainly what I would like to have is a few "default" organize-all buttons.

Like one that would organize by the date the item was released, or by type of item, or alphabetical, or by color.

This would make it a lot easier for me to organize them as I do (by type of item, then by increasing amount of "fabric", or by type of accessory [I'm a little OCD, I think.]) because I could click the "organize all" button to organize most of it, then just spend a few minutes on picky differences. 3nodding
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This is the first idea/topic I searched for once I was made aware we could spend our cookies.

This is important, Gaia. Stop with the Facebook crap and various game updates that have NPCs spamming me notices I never asked for and work on something integral to the day to day activity of the site. We use our inventories every time we get an item from the market or a new EI evolves or an event... why, if it's such an important hub of activity which continues to grow each week, should we have to make a topic and vote in order to get you to consider updating it?

In my opinion, this should be priority one.
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Dapper Dabbler

I am definitely all for editing the inventory arranger.

I have to organize all of my stuff, and the way that it is now, it takes forever.
It definitely needs more organization to it. I have to bunch all of my items together by type, and the way that it is now it just takes way too long to do that; having to drag something from the bottom to the top without pausing [because that stupid loading thing it does with every time an item is set down gets verryyy annoying] is an absolute pain.

Definitely giving a cookie.
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I would love for a new inventory arranger, something easy to use and something that makes it easier for me to access my items where I want them and when I want them. The fact that the current one has been labeled REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY old by Gaia itself indicates that an update is due

no joke, not to mention that after three or four refreshes (something went wrong and the inventory reset itself) mine starts to go glitchy... as in random stuff getting moved around. very wt.
I would so LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE not to have that prob any more.

Also, ty for the tip on moving multiple stuff. item by item is so freakin tedious. Though it would be nice if it indicated in there some where how to do so for the 'unnn dah' types like me who would never have even thought of it without someone drawing my attention to it.
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[~. Prepare to cookied.... tomorrow.... Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.
pirate .~]
[~. Cookied.
pirate .~]

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