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Would you like an update to the Inventory Arranger?

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Noble Foe

    Cookie'd, an inventory update is extremely necessary, most Gaians use it so leaving it the same throughout the years doesn't make sense.
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[~. Prepare to cookied.... tomorrow.... Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.
pirate .~]
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Angelic Bloodsucker

    ɖσʟʟ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

                  All mah cookies shall be split between this and guild updates xDD!! <33

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It should also have a multi-item select, kind of like on your desktop where you highlight a cluster and can move it around as a group.

I'm voting for this.
If you hold the "control" button (or whatever the equivalent is called on Macs), it does multi- select.

It really does need an update. i'd LOVE to be able to sort my game items and such out. If you look at the title of the page when in the organizer, you'll see how Gaia recognizes how old it really is,.
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In a relationship with Erebus Animus

Lonely Genius

maybe they should do the same sorta thing they did with the wishlist arranging?
OR have like a drop down list that says stuff like,"Date Purchased Oldest-newest" and stuff like that? :3
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Girl-Crazy Man-Lover

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With my OCD inventory tendencies, this would be so nice!
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i HATE the glitching arranger we have now. I have tons of items and moving them to my color-coordinated OCD preferences takes HOURS.
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Aged Gearhead

I am all for this. While I have mastered moving things about in the old arranger I realize it is not very intuitive like another user said. If you are not familiar with using the "shift" or "control" keys to select multiple items then it can be a very difficult task. I think the first time I arranged my inventory it took about 2 hours. If we can move our wish list around we should be able to move our items with the same ease.

Also adding to the soulbound stuff I am wondering why we can't move game items around. My game tab is mocking me with its messy unkempt appearance. I want to put all my fishes bugs and alchemy stuff together. I can move my zOMG recipes and rings but not the components. I'm hoping this can be fixed too.
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Devoted Lover

I don't trust moving multiple items at once. razz I've had pretty major issues with it in the past... :/ Issues where it moves things I didn't even select. Or puts things in random places when I select multiple items and try to move them. It's ridiculous. -_-

BTW sometimesalways, Nice BJD in your sig! wink <3
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i didnt see it specifically listed so, Search feature please, please, plz plz plz! I cant stand having to go into storage and dig through a few hundred items for something i missed the first time through crying
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Aged Gekko

I'd love to see this happen. :]
I think the one thing I'd like added to it, though, is a placement box. I. E. - Instead of using your storage box to place items in in order to arrange them back into the main inventory, I'd see it being a lot more convenient to have an expandable box to do this instead.

I say this because I'd love to put items into my storage to stay there. When I go to arrange my inventory right now, though, and have to place items in the box before scrolling back to the top of my inventory, I get confused about where my items were placed at in the storage or I end up placing items from my storage back into my inventory that I didn't want in there.
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Yes yes yes yes! >:O
It takes me FOR.EV.ER. to organize my inventory. Plus, this one can get buggy at times. (Sometimes the mouse disappears. :< ) A new Arranger is NEEDED.
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How about a way to save your inventory in alphabetical order? Or by color tags?
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I just had almost this exact same idea! Being able to arrange from your main inventory page would be fantastic!

Could I suggest a lock/unlock button
Item moving would be locked by default, clicking unlock allows the user to drag and drop things around.
This would stop accidental dragging and rearranging when you want to click on an item to gift it, sellback, etc
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Formal Informer

I am about to update the Suggestions section.

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