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Would you like an update to the Inventory Arranger?

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Total Votes:[ 2755 ]
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i need to vote moar i haz 51 cookies to give u xD
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Definitely! I mean, COME ON! It's called the 'REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY OLD profile arranger'. If it's so old, why don't they CHANGE IT?
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I came back to see if my cookies reset at midnight pst, but they haven't yet. I'll try and vote later one. smile

also: There are quite a few threads about this. I hope they make some of the more popular threads in here official before too long, or there will be a lot of wasted cookies.
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Honestly I was shocked this wasn't already on the spring cleaning list. The Really, Really, Really old Inventory Arranger needs a 2011 makeover. Thank you for your proposal, Winter Hue, I know it has been around awhile. Hopefully the devs will realize they forgot to add this to the list!
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"the REALLY REALLY REALLY old inventry arranger"

You would think based on how the titled it themselves this would be in the updates.

This really does need to be done
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I definitely like, and support, this idea~ ;>
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The arranger definately needs better options for sorting out items. I'd love to be able to sort items by colour.

I also think the arranger needs to be able to run on slower or older computers. A lot of users don't have super fast computers and moving items around/ into storage is an important feature. I'd like staff to take that into consideration when making changes.
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this, please. heart
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Having the option to simply click to organize by Equip Slot would be nice. But if we are going to go and add in automatic organizing, we should also do it by Color, A > Z, Z > A, Newest First, Oldest First, etc.

And it would be nice for it to also allow for levels of arranging. Say, by Color, then by Equip Slot, for example. So, within each color, you'd have all the torso/head/feet items together.

All this would be in addition to the custom sort we have now, of course. But for those of us who don't want to organize items in a very idiosyncratic way, just clicking and letting it chug away to have a nice organized inventory would be awesome. I gave up on that a couple years ago and don't even try anymore, but it would be lovely.
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I'd like.... something like being able to create different sections for things in storage... like boxes... I'd sure love to have those... one for halloween items, one for xmas items, easter items, etc.
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Well I was going to post my own thread till I saw this one. I love your idea as well and mine goes along with this since it is a update to the inventory arranger.


My problem is I hate keeping everything in my main inventory and thus I use the storage locker. However, this renders me unable to actually unable to use my items for dress up. It is a pain to have to move everything from storage to my main inventory and then back again every time I want to mess with my items. This is even more of a pain when you have a ton of items. stressed

So I propose a "Closet" in addition to the storage locker. Only difference between this and the storage locker is the Closet will show up in dress up. I do not know how much coding this would take, but I feel it needs to be done. The current system is not well suited to people who have larger inventories.
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Shanra the Dragon Bard
I wholeheartedly agree with your proposal Winter. I, like yourself, have a huge inventory, and am very a**l when it comes to how it's organized. I like the idea of being able to sort my items by type, just like they are sorted in our dressing room.

I also like the idea of being able to store the soulbound items in our locker, since I don't use most of them, and the amount of zomg rings and stuff that I have is causing a considerable lag time whenever I try to go to my inventory page.

I wasn't going to post in this forum at all (I'm generally more of a lurker), but I agree with Winter's proposal and your post so much that I just HAVE to quote it and post with my agreement.

I am sooo incredibly OCD about how things are organized in my inventory and have had so many issues with the inventory arranger in the past. I organize my stuff by type anyway and having the tabs in the arranger just as they are when you customize your avatar makes SO much sense and would make me SO freaking happy!! I think I might cry with joy if they implement Winter's suggested system. It would make organizing items within those categories so much faster and easier.

I saw the other proposal threads for updating the inventory arranger, but THIS one really captures what I'd want in the update. I hope we can vote for the same proposal multiple times, because I will be voting for this one multiple times if I can.
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There is nothing I would love more than an updated, unfrustrating inventory arranger. My inventory is a jumbled mess because I simply can't stand the current version. emo
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Another change to the inventory arranging system that I'd love to see would be the ability to use a single click (or a drop down menu) to auto-arrange the storage locker. I have tried to organize by alphabetical order, but have had so many issues. The most frustrating issue is the one where I try to move an item, it shows I'm moving that item, but when I go back later to check, it moved a completely different item and the organization I was striving for is ruined.

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