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Would you like an update to the Inventory Arranger?

Yes. 1 100.0% [ 2755 ]
Total Votes:[ 2755 ]
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Bloodthirsty Bunny

I would like this.

Now, my inventory is small yes, but it's quite the pain to move stuff from the bottom to the top. It's just too slow, and I'm impatient. xd

Also...holiday items. I'd like to move these from storage more easily.
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Honestly, I'd probably start all over with the Inventory Arranger. It's in Flash, right? I'd update it to something that can run on an iOS (or as I've heard, Android for that matter) device.

(Yes, I know, Android has Flash support. I've heard it's intermittent at best.)

Basically, kind of like...I hate doing this, but kind of like Tektek's Dream Avatar interface currently?
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I would love i better way to organize my inventory, the current system is so frustrating to use.You get my vote and cookies ( i'm coming back daily to feed you cookies mrgreen )
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Precious Sweetheart

I was going to suggest bringing back the drag and click-more-than-one-item option, but it seems that has been taken.
I think it'd be fun to see the whole being able to organize items by name, type, and stuff like that. Like folders in your documents on your computer.
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Yes yes yes YES.
I love having my inventory nice and orderly, and the way it is now, it's gotten difficult to keep things tidy and it's driving me nutsy!
You get cookies!
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Ruthless Genius

Personally, I like to have my inventory arranged alphabetically within each category, and each category arranged alphabetically in the main inventory, while preserving the prior arrangement in the individual categories. Unfortunately, the current system will set each item a number based on when it was added to the inventory as a whole, and that arrangement is the default to which the inventory always returns. I'd like to have options to set a new default arrangement.
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I have two things in mind:

1. Stackable items. That way I can move all those Ocean Summer Tops all at once, and they take up less space.
2. Mass selling. So I can move all of said Ocean Summer Tops into my shop at once, and set the prices and such for all of them at the same time. Obviously this would make selling things much easier. I've barely sold anything because it takes so dreadfully long to do.
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I wanna add a cookie to this, but it doesn't seem to be working. emotion_8c

        gaia_star gaia_star gaia_star
        Being able to automatically arrange everything in my inventory in alphabetical order or by worth would be nice.

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Invisible Giver

I think this is a great idea. I have spent more than a few hours just arranging my inventory,
a feature like this would definitely free up more time for me to play zOMG! and enjoy other features on Gaia.

Oooh! Perhaps they could even integrate an option to sort item icons by color!
That would be really helpful.
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I have never wanted something on gaia more. ever.

You have quoted NerdyPuppy on the idea that we should be able to select multiple items at once, but we can already do that by holding ctrl to select random items, or shift to select multiple rows at once.

I would also like the ability to sort my invo by using marketplace tags or inventory tags. Perhaps we could assign our own tags, either typed in by us or from a drop down menu? This would be useful since many new rigs are not tagged correctly in the mp.

It would be a godsend to be able to create your own tabs to sort your items. I'm not sure how feasible that would be though. Then users could customize their organize more by type(ei,rig,common,etc..) or color or whatever quirk you organize by. wink

I also think an improved storage locker would be nice, perhaps multiple tabs within for equip/non-equip items. Nothing fancy just functional.
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Business Businessman

I'll waste my cookies here. I have lost the will to get organize since it so time consuming. It would be nice if there was a filler there as well; soulbounds, zomg rings, and all those good things that are in our inventories.
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All of my cookies are belong to this.

My main complaint with the inventory arranger is that you can't sort stuff you've searched, and that is just totally...it almost makes me ask why even have the search feature in there? It's handy, and it helps me find the number of the item so I can go scroll through that massive list for it, but it's annoying that I can't sort it straight from there.

And the list view kills me. All of that scrolling is just...and those icons are tiny. They need an option to make it just thumbs of the items like in the customize avatar page. Things would be more easily recognizable that way.

Also, we can already select multiple items in the arranger. Just CTRL-click...and hope you don't accidentally click outside the box and un-select everything you've selected XD
A little check box or something would be nice to select multiple items to move at once.
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Out of everything I want this the most. eek

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