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Approved ideas for flowers & paper?

Paper clothes. 0.098025867937372 9.8% [ 144 ]
Flower gardens in homes. 0.12049012933969 12.0% [ 177 ]
Origami. 0.14499659632403 14.5% [ 213 ]
Flower pins. 0.0428863172226 4.3% [ 63 ]
Paper/cardboard wings. 0.10959836623553 11.0% [ 161 ]
Fancy flowery items. 0.20149761742682 20.1% [ 296 ]
Alchemy uses. 0.28250510551396 28.3% [ 415 ]
Total Votes:[ 1469 ]
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High-functioning Gearhead

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I must not be the only one who's asked this question. "Why after all these years have they not changed what we can make out of flowers and paper?" A bouquet of daisies, a newspaper afro. How often do we even see items like that on an avi? And because of it paper and flowers are virtually worthless items to this site. So, Gaia..


I'm not saying turn them into ink. I'm saying why can't we get useful items from recycling flowers and paper? You did such a great thing to bugs with the tattoo ink idea I know you can work your magic again.
I can haz cookie nao? User Image

Edit: Woot! Made it to the Spring Cleaning forum! Thanks for all the cookies guys. Keep em' coming!


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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/spring-cleaning-2011/proposal-new-uses-for-flowers-paper/t.74857079_1/][IMG]http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn164/Autobot_Rock/Decorated images/Colorful.png[/IMG][/url]

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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/spring-cleaning-2011/proposal-new-uses-for-flowers-paper/t.74857079_1/][IMG]http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn164/Autobot_Rock/Decorated images/newspaper.png[/IMG][/url]


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Divine Punk

i used papers and flowers to make the alchemy recipe the golden box. i hope they will bring the recipe back.
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High-functioning Gearhead

i used papers and flowers to make the alchemy recipe the golden box. i hope they will bring the recipe back.
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I didn't know they did that. o:

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Yes please. oOo *Feeds cookie*
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I like this, I would love to see a paper tux or something to that end. It would be far better then what its used for now. P:

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I would love if they would add more uses for the trash paper and flowers that are in towns, i've seen some great suggestions of what could be done with them. I love this idea and hope they go through with it,
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Devout Friend

I agree with this fully.
i used papers and flowers to make the alchemy recipe the golden box. i hope they will bring the recipe back.

They should do more of this with lots of things.
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That seems to be another example of a feature that's been ignored. S: More uses for existing random items would be nice. ALL FOR IT.
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I will cookie this! I have like hundreds of flowers and trash just sitting there, they should put something else in. Like a way to make clothes out of flowers, like a flower crown or skirt or shirt or cape you know? Even that would be cool, I would collect them if I could make a long flowing gown or cape out of flowers.
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Hallowed Phantom

Some possible suggestions for items:

-Flower chains that wrap around your avatar
-Clothes made of paper and/or flowers
-Holdable newspapers
-Stack of paper for your avi to hold
-A HUGE paper boat your avi can sit/stand in
-Flower hairpins
-Flower pins in general
-Signs for your avi to hold or wear, preferably with funny phrases. Doubles as another ink use; you could change the text/image color
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There are so many cool things they could make with paper and flowers. Like... Flowers for hair pieces or pins or bracelets etc. And there's so much that can be done with the paper.

How about an origami dragon? Or origami sword? Some cool things. Sure, make them cost lots of paper, but there needs to be some cool stuff.
You have my cookie. I would like to do something with all those flowers and papers that have been collecting dust in my inventory over the years.
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Tricky Tycoon

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That'll be awesome! Make even more uses for those items :cookies:

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