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If only you could take all of my cookies gonk
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Agreed. No doubt in my mind, especially since they're piling the expectations already by doing this here spring cleaning as well! xd

        gaia_star gaia_star gaia_star
        Might not relate to the spring cleaning, but I agree. Please bring more attention to zOMG! and it's development.

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i dont play zomg that much but i know lots do so i shall give a cookie for those who do care alot about zomg emotion_awesome
I was going to vote give cookies, until...

"The Gaia team would like to focus on fixing some unsolved technical issues on the site, and we need your help to figure out which bugs are bugging you the most."

Like the other peep at the first page pointed out.

However, the OP also stated in his post that having a more robust developer team for zOMG would allow many of the glitches and features in the game (broken quests, badges that have not been granted, invites, The Fountain Game, Goofball, etc.) to be addressed and fixed. I believe that this does make it relevant to idea behind this whole "spring cleaning" event and therefore warrants this proposal being supported.

Well, if one sees the purpose of this thread on that way...

Cookies, brace for impact.

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I support this thread and anyone want to know even a few other those glitches, cookie and check out this thread: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/spring-cleaning-proposals-2011/fix-the-zomg-chat-option-glitches/t.74841907/
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Yes yes yes yes. This needs to happen. Gaia is lacking in all it's games really. (I haven't been able to play MONSTER GALAXY in weeks because they haven't fixed a problem.)
A Flash Developer at zOMG would be excellent. So many things would be fixed emotion_kirakira
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DO WANT crying
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Gaia wanted zOMG for years, we must keep it going now we have it <3 It's the heart and soul of the community for so many Gaians.
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They actually do have a part-time flash dev named halzy or something like that I forgot. But yes, they need to hire more zOMG staff, so game isn't as glitchy.
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If we need an issue to focus on, how about fixing invite?

This needs to be fixed. gonk And with more resources,it could! 4laugh


But seriously, there's no reason they couldn't spare a few people from the train wreck that is Alchemy to fix invite, since it seems to be a problem involving more then just zOMG.
I like this. heart
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All of my cookies.
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I cookied this so fast my head hurts.
same here, but im doin it for all the good ones for zomg (bet there are a few bad ones) -mew
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