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Invisible Mage

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I want to give you all of my cookies heart
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Divine Muse

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Would be nice to get several things fixed.

Going on almost 2 years now and Larry keeps telling me I haven't collected enough air fluffs. Would be sweet to get all those orbs he owes me.

inserts cookies
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Distinct Warlord

Completely YES.
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Proud Demigod

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Yes ZOMG needs all the help it can get. :]
Bby you had me at the word zOMG!

/cookied her brains out on this thread
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Shirtless Shapeshifter

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If I could, this thread would have all my cookies.
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Clan and Guild owners need to advertise this through announcements.
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Rainbow Hunter

Wait I can only give you one cookie?? gonk


    I think everything I've mentioned in other threads has, actually, referenced zOMG in some way. However, as much as it might bring attention to the problem, is it actually a bug itself?

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Can I cookie this 300 times a day instead of 3. Seriosuly. zOMG NEEDS LOVE!
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Ruthless Genius

Definitely giving cookies to this, there are so many zOMG! bugs and glitches that desperately need attention, and have for a very long time.
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Aged Nerd

I don't understand how the cookie thing works. I have 200 cookies... I can only use one on this thread? confused
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Familiar Wolf

zOMG! is my favorite part of the site and I wish they would have focused more on it. Cookies for this.
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Perfect Bloodsucker

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