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Regardless of the technicality to what zOMG needs to get fixed/updated
I can completely get behind that it needs more support
I'd hate to see this just thrown away

Sure we've seen a few new things but who's to say there can't be more if we keep supporting it?

/easily cookied
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I get that this thread is popular and thus a representation of how people feel about zOMG! getting more people dedicated to this,


the hiring/transfer of technical staff is not a Bug that needs fixing. It's not something that could be fixed with scripting. Hiring is based on real world economics. Spring Cleaning Proposals should be about which Gaia features need improvement. Staff doesn't count.

i get what you mean but you still neeed more of a team to work on Zomg and if that means sorting new staff or movinf staff around then that what need to be done unless staff already there can push out new things and fix things more. alot mmorpg run monthly events i havent seen any in ZOMG excpt odd run loose mob everyso oftern that im betting happens mostdays and is same im guessing
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I'm glad this is doing well. I love that game. *gives cookie*
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heart heart -throws cookies-
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It does bother me when a site like Gaia (one that started as a forum site mainly) desides to do more but doesn't keep what they delivered up to par. There are games that i no longer play because it isn't worth it. The Jigsaw puzzle is one of them. I can spend less time and thought playing the Booty Grab and get the same if not more gold out of it. I would love to see zOMG getting more love here. I think it should become more than a flash game though, would love to see it reach epic proportions.
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Oh! I almost forgot, programers are becoming easier to find. All you have to do is look into some colleges and find some students that are about to graduate. I know personally some people coming out of Kalamazoo Valley that are doing game art and even coding. I myself am dabbling in a bit of animation.
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Daily support bump since one cookie really isn't enough scream heart
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how r u suppose to put up cookies ???
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getting near 3k... this is going pretty good, if we keep it up we should hit 5k no problem.
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how r u suppose to put up cookies ???
At the top of the page, there's a button you can click to add a cookie. It's in the same place as the <3 and </3 buttons on other threads.

Nice to see this thread leading the cookie brigade, too. Housing updates in second, about 600 votes back. (as of this post anyway)
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*posts to help keep thread active*

Keep those cookies coming!
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eat my cookies damn you!!!! i have over 100 cookies eat em!!!
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It seems that this so far is the most popular thread. If we need 5,000 people, then we're about halfway there.
I know it's not technically a "bug", but hiring more people to zOMG! would help to fix the in-game bugs, as well as helping put out new content faster and attract new people. I wasn't one of the people who bought an early admission ticket for the Boardwalk, but when I stepped in for the first time a few days ago, it was exciting and it felt like, to me, the first day I started to play zOMG!. Sure, the primary area enemies are still the same, but there's nothing quite like looking up at your mini-map and seeing a mass of black.
Maybe I'm just weird that way.

No the mystery of something new and unknown is definitely exiting.
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How do u bid a cookie?
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