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Agreed, cookie'd. zOMG needs resources to grow.
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♥ ♥

I cookie'd.
My faith does not exist, however. `o`

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Definitely a brilliant idea.

*Gives cookies*
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I love this idea, and I really wish they would fix the "Glitchfest" glitches as well.
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Oh Gaia yes please! *shoves all her cookies in*

If not just to help create new content (like making new rings that have animations and aren't passive effects and new mini games for BB) but to fix existing glitches, there are so many. My main account is bugged so badly, how can we expect to keep new players when they can't even get past VG without one of their quests glitching on them and don't even get me started on EB final reward recipes not being granted properly or at all. Yes to this, please Gaia! Someone post a link to this in the z!F like now!
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Why can't I give all my cookies to this? scream
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Cookied it~ Good luck!
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Cookie'd! zOMG is in desperate need of more staff, and I hope that Gaia will listen.
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We NEED this.
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Tactical bumps
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      Cookieddddd. '-';

      You should have chucked in a little note someone about forcing the CEO to walk around in JK's landshark costume. Anybody else remember that? He deserves to be eaten.
*cookies the hell out of this*
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Can you only vote for a proposal once? confused

Also, tactical bump
Yes. Just, YES.

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