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Comment from Panagrammic: actually, a number of the bugs that you mention are backend bugs -- that is, a flash developer would not be the right person to fix them. The largest determiner of how many people we put on zOMG in the future will be based on the reaction to DMS. However, we've moving this up to the main forum to get a sense of how zOMG prioritizes for people vs. other features.

zOMG! updates have been going very slow in the past year, one of the main reasons on why, is that zOMG! does not have a flash developer. With a flash developer, not only will zOMG! be able to fix nasty glitches, but zOMG can also create new visually animated rings, more badges, more monsters, more events, more areas, and unique functions to zOMG!, a multi-win solution. zOMG! only has 1 full time artist, and 2 part time programmers. zOMG really needs more people in their developer team. emotion_brofist

Stubborn glitches like people not being able to get their end-chapter awards, /invite command, Clan chat, Goofball mini-game, Whisper, The Fountain Game, Badge Grants, and glitching quests can be fixed smile

Banner for this Proposal:
User Image
Version 1

Version 2 (lesser amount of characters)
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I cookied this so fast my head hurts.
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zOMG needs developers in general.
We wouldn't be a dead feature if we were given resources,there's so much left,and the developers left have so many ideas they could implement if we were just given more resources.
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I definitely cookied this.
Although at first zOMG bored the heck out of me when it was first released, I grew to love it.
Sadly due to its lack of updates, I began to fall out of love with it.

You have a lot of potential with zOMG Gaia, so try not to push it aside because of Monster Galaxy.
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User ImageShoot for the moon...

Even if you miss you'll land among the stars...User Image
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zOMG needs resources not only for new content but also to fix existing glitches.

Who wouldn't want fixed glitches or new content? :/

No zOMG related topic in the main forum? I am disappoint.
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Edit-y: 09/27:
21 more emotion_dowant
I lied.
13 more. mrgreen

I'm a bad liar. We got to 5000! +3 ;D
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Yes. I would give all my cookies for this if I could.
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I would cookie this as many times as I could ... if I could. crying
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so... we just need to 5k cookies... no problem.. sweatdrop

better start advertising!
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-runs around and throws cookies at this proposal- XD, well put.
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Cookied'. Twice.
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all 1000 of my cookies will go to this and all other zOMG! related threads.

also, tactical bumpUser Image
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I agree and support the hiring of a new dev for zOMG, but....is this appropriate for Spring Clean?

"The Gaia team would like to focus on fixing some unsolved technical issues on the site, and we need your help to figure out which bugs are bugging you the most."

Asking Gaia to hire a new employee isn't exactly a bug...IDK if the devs even have the jurisdiction or influence to make that kind of call (hiring an employee).

I'm just wondering. People might end up wasting cookies on this when zOMG voters could be voting for the devs to fix zOMG bugs....

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