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Are there any minor subjects you think should be major, and vice versa?

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Sorry! I disappeared this afternoon, but I'll be back to update things early tomorrow! Please, don't stop posting ideas though!
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Ergo War

1) A way to favorite certain threads or subforums so that new posts in those places pop up more often in the most recent posts list.

You know I'd like to see this on Guilds too.
Favoring and such. As, being a Captain, my Guilds are automatically at the top of my Guild List, and I love that because it's more convenient to me.
What if people were able to favorite guilds so they appeared at the top of the lists rather than having to be a Captain. A small thing but it could be useful.

As some guilds post slower and you'd probably want to get to your more active guilds quicker than the others.
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Aoekae of Xantasia
You asked me to add my proposal idea to your thread, and since your proposal has many points that I agree with, I am.

Subsub forums.

Current system:
User Image

My proposed system:
User Image
i like this, but I would like to see it collapsible as well, to hide the extra pages when not wanted (basically, a plus/minus sign that can turn on and off the extra subforums)
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Ah yes, this is indeed desperately needed. I've been here, what, six years now? And aside from the pointless bells and whistles there really hasn't been any changes to the guilds in all that time. Even bugs that I've mentioned three years ago (and had a developer respond to) haven't been fixed, as far as I know.

Mostly the guild system just needs to be updated to be inline with the new forum system implemented everywhere else on the site. Like I don't see why that hasn't been done already. All of the threads in the Spring Cleaning forum related to guilds and all of your suggestions shouldn't even be options. They should already be done. There's a topic for keeping the lotto, which has only a few hundred users a day, and the guilds, which probably cater to thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands a day, don't get an update in years? It's sad, really.

Aside from the suggestions you already have, there's really only two other things I'd suggest:
-Be able to search for guild threads
-Be able to subscribed to guild threads

They're not really a problem unless you have a large guild, but say you have a guild with hundreds of active threads a day, you don't don't want to have to look through a thousand threads to see if the one you're interested in has new posts. Or maybe you want to find one that you'd find interesting. Either way, I really just think that if a feature is available on the main forums, it should be available on guild forums as well.
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Still you do not answer:

Guilds are in desperate need of an overhaul. I would like preface this by saying that the reason that so many threads are only targeting tiny facets of the guilds is because Gaia has already said that they acknowledge the need to revise guilds, but will not be attending to it any time soon, and I'm quite sure that all threads mentioning guilds are simply being ignored.

That said, I have been posting in them and I am positively desperate for guilds to receive the attention they deserve. I haven't read the pages of posts other members have made, but scanning the recent posts below this reply box I do see some good ones, such as collapsible sub-subforums. Because let's face it, what they're calling subforums are barely subforums. In most cases they are used more than the main forum, and are really more like co-forums or something. Either way, the option to have more specific forums inside is very appealing. I know as the owner and Captain of a role playing forum, I would love to be able to create different sub-subforums for each roleplay, rather than having a lot of messy, very long threads.

Another feature I would love to see in Guilds, and it really is such a small one I don't see why we don't have it already, is a Jump To option. Some guild threads can have hundreds of pages, and if you want something specifically on page 57 it's going to take a hell of a long time to get there. The option to type in a page number is something that we have in threads, and I don't see why the time cannot be taken to add them guilds.

And just as a note to you, I would greatly appreciate it if you updated your first post with other posted suggestions for quick and easy access.

EDIT: The ability to easily rearrange subforums and the threads inside them would be helpful, too.
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yes. having trouble giving cookies right now but will try agian tommorow

i want to subscribe tip and quick reply in forums that would make it so much easier. and make forum posting count twards achivements and post counts and such
My suggestions~ (Link to my proposal thread.)
0. Some code doesn't work in the Guild Forums.
1. A "Quick Reply" to the forum
2. A "Subscribe" button for topics
3. Ability to organize Forums while keeping all topics within intact.
4. Ability for Captains/Vice Captains to access gold that has been donated to guild.
5. Ability to remove multiple members at once.
6. Add "Tipping" to guild posts. (Some people are amazing writers!)
& More...
I edit my first post as the ideas come to me or someone brings a great suggestion to my attention.

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Coding for guilds is so friggin hard! Seriously.
You cant list [I live by listing] and in order to
make a long chain of different fonts, sizes
and colors you have to close EACH and EVERY
one EVERY time you CHANGE to another size,
color or font. @.@

Get 'em Shin Saur.
I support this thread.

Gaia's proposal obviously touches on the subject without addressing it, something along the lines of:
'Oh we aren't including the fixing of glitches in this proposal, but would you like to pay to have awesome new formats in new posts and threads? (because a paid feature means its super-exclusive!)

We won't shift your old threads over for you though. We can't be bothered to, its complicated.'

Cut this crap out Gaia, we want non-glitching UTILITY and USEABILITY prioritized over fanciful s**t that we must pay for, a decorated home page which is just... a single pretty page... both of which do absolutely nothing to make a social space user-friendly.

We go to guilds to interact with others with the same interests, not host beauty pageants on page coding and design.
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The first post has now been updated. Thank you all very much, I'm glad to see these subjects getting the attention they deserve. c:
Glad this is all going to one place!

My proposal idea comes from someone trying to FIND a guild. You have searches mentioned in your topics, but I would specifically like to be able to search by recent activity. Many times I have found the perfect guild for what I want only to be disappointed when I realize the guild hasn't had posts in two years. I wouldn't even bother looking at these guilds if I knew they were inactive. With 100+ (I'm guessing) guilds on books, how do I narrow down my options? Recent activity would certainly help.
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I wish the guild homepages were able to be customized like our user profiles. I'm so fed up with coding and whatnot to try and make the front page fancy.
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I whole-heartedly agree with these. n__n

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