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__My two cents:
I see that there are a few threads going around related to guild updates and changes, however I don't believe I've seen something that attempts to target the subject as a whole. It's been how many years since the system has received an update? ( If at all, I honestly can't even remember. ) I think we deserve a more organized listing of complaints and/or suggestions.

As some have stated in other threads, although we would be interested in the ability to create, modify, organize, and control subforums and threads to a finer degree within our guilds, something more than that is needed. The guild setup in itself is ancient. Internal forums and threads are nothing more than recycled shadows of Gaia's adolescence, peppered with whatever leftovers can be found of concept systems.

Coding similar, if not mimicking, the public forums; the ability to organize or remove subforums we ourselves have purchased; customization of a front page that we ourselves have purchased; the ability to multi-select threads for mass adjustment ( deletion, movement, locking ); and as some others have pointed out, the proper distribution of rewards.
These things, many of which already exist, should not even need to be suggested. They are things present within aspects of Gaia, and yet absent in others.
Maybe I, as a guild leader, am upset seeing the rest of the site be updated while we're left in the dust, but I know for a fact that I'm not the only one.

Guild leaders and their crew try to organize, accommodate, and energize the aspects their guilds are aimed towards. To my understanding, and as evidenced within my own roleplaying guild, this is a task that is possible and rather rewarding, but also horribly straining at times. It's one thing to motivate and introduce new members to an existing guild, but it's another to keep older members' attention; to keep them drawn in and wanting more. That an outdated and unmalleable system is a major factor in members' absences is disgusting.

( Oh, and, hello. My Gaia name is Shinsua, and I've been around since 2006. )


( Too long, didn't read? Just check below, please! )

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    ○ Guilds are blatantly outdated.
    ○ More than just guild leaders are upset with this fact.
    ○ Gaia seems to recognize this problem, but evidently requires assistance pinpointing problems.
    ○ Listed below are some issues and suggestions as to what could be or should be changed.
    __( Key Subjects: vital. Major Subjects: important. Minor Subjects: almost neglectable. )
    ○ With proper help, and acknowledgment that time will be needed, we should be able to reach an understanding.

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__[ T h r e a d s: ]
○ BB Coding update. :: Matching the Bulletin Board Code system that guilds use with that of public forums.
○ Multi-Selection. :: The ability to choose multiple threads at once- likely using check boxes -for deletion, movement, etc. Would likely be stationed in Moderator Panel, named "Edit threads."
○ Post Cooldown. :: You have to wait roughly 60 seconds between posts in guilds, while the wait is much lower in public forums. Hopefully this would be fixed with the BB Coding update.

__[ S u b f o r u m s: ]
○ Fix "New post" icon. :: The icon on the left of subforums is always gray. It never lights up as it should, ever.
○ Additional controls. :: Elaborated below are some options that would be justifiably placed under the corresponding crew option; "Edit subforums."
○ Deletion. :: One of the most aesthetically unpleasing problems amongst guilds. Once a subforum is made, it's forever there. This needs to change.
○ Movement. :: The ability to rearrange and organize a subforum and all items within it. As it stands, this can be simulated by moving all threads within a subforum and then renaming them, but this is quite bothersome and nearly impossible with very large guilds.
○ Internal subforums. :: Sub-subforums would not appear while viewing the front page, but while within the particular subforum, its additional sections would be visible. This system is already present within public forums. [ Concept. ]

__[ A d m i n / C r e w: ]
○ Position creation. :: The ability to purchase(?), and name additional crew ranks. ( At least three non-member, non-captain ranks would be nice! )
○ Title editing. :: Now that our guild rank shows under our names, we should be able to have some form of control over it. Be it simply color change, or editing the title name itself.
○ Grant / revoke privilege. :: Giving or taking away privileges from the different ranks of guild members. Likely accessed by check boxes in some captain / vice captain only options.

Thank you for reading~ ♥
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Although the following contains certain aspects of guild workings that could use improvement or creation, they are by no means things that myself and others find exceedingly urgent. We may seem needy, and a bit demanding, but I'm sure we are all more than willing to wait for what's listed below to trickle into the actual guild system. Again, thank you for reading.

User Image
__[ G e n e r a l: ]
○ Homepage modification. :: Allowing the guild captain to edit the guild face page almost like a profile. Would likely be stationed in Moderator Panel, labeled "Edit homepage."
○ Achievements. :: Either connecting public forum rewards to guild posts, or creating new ones for guilds. Sadly, lack of achievements is a major reason why people don't enjoy guilds.

__[ T h r e a d s: ]
○ Subscribing / favoriting. :: Similar to public forums. Being able to keep tabs ( via Gaia announcements / notes ) on personally appealing or important subjects.
○ Quick reply. :: Responding without having to load the reply page. This is already present in forums. Would likely be done with BB Code update. Loading additional screens is an issue for those with poor connections, after all!
○ Movement delay. :: When a thread is moved, it will often "linger" for hours at a time. I am not sure what exactly controls this, but it can be very annoying at times.

__[ M e m. ○ C o n t r o l: ]
○ Multi-Selection. :: The ability to choose multiple guild members at once- likely using check boxes -for removal, banning, promoting, etc. Just need to add a check box to the left of "Member ID" in Guild Members panel.
○ Banning. :: ACTUAL BANNING. The permanent exclusion of certain "less than friendly" users from a guild, its posts, and so on. Reversible only by guild captain.

__[ F u n d s: ]
○ Access. :: Making use of the gold that is stored in the guild account for more than just subforum creation. Being able to transfer the gold to certain members, given multiple crew consent, as a reward is a prime example of a new and useful feature.

User Image
__[ T h r e a d s: ]
○ Search. :: Similar to the one currently on Gaia, but refined to locate threads of a particular name or tagging within a guild.
○ "Last edited" stamp. :: Scribbles down the time, date, and who last edited a post within a guild. Would really help in deciphering certain "less than helpful" edits. Could easily fit under the original time stamp on posts.

__[ M e m b e r s: ]
○ "Member created" tracker. :: While cycling through Guild Members tab, this catalog could be used to locate posts and threads created by a specific user. ( Please keep in mind that posts in public forums are already trackable. )
○ Additional sorting. :: While cycling through Guild Members tab, having additional options to display users. So far the only present but not selectable options are Name and Donation. It would be nice to have alphabetical arrangement!

__[ G u i l d ○ S e a r c h: ]
○ Search by activity. :: While looking for guilds, allowing users to filter their search by recent posts. Would help prevent joining dead guilds that were brought up simply because of key words.

Thank you for reading~ ♥
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I agree with most of what you said. Especially on the subforums. I believe it would keep the forums neater and more organized that was addressed.
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*Nod nod* And, like I said, if anyone has any suggestions too, I'll help reword them or correct them if they need it and plop them into the main post.

If I can get enough solid ideas and attention, I'll do what I can to better update and organize the suggestions above. Hopefully we'll be able to get this to a moderator's eye, and it'll be that list of stuff they're looking for. c:
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Multiple selection would make me squeal with glee.

[clears throat]

Sorry, onto the subject at hand.
I also agree with all of what you said. Guilds are severely outdated.
I, as a Guild Leader myself, also love the idea of the Updates.

Though as I have seen in many other places As far as threads go, you state Public forums are a good example and I really like that.
I would really like to see the 'Quick Reply' implemented, it would help out members with a slower connection speed who can't load the Post Reply section.
I, myself, currently have a less than favorable connection and it would certainly come in handy.

I'd also like to have more ways to lock topics.
You know how some places can be locked and only Crew and Vice Captains can see.
I'd like it to where I can have a Private RP guild and not be afraid of someone stealing things they aren't supposed to from my guild. I want to lock sub forums so that only Members and up can see, then lock threads so that only Crew and up can see, as well as lock threads so that only Vice Captains and up can see. So that the separate ranks in membership actually mean a bit more. People actually being able to see inside of your guild gives you a better chance to gain members, but it also runs the risk of your ideas being taken and them making their own spin off.

I'd also like a Blacklisting function on the actual Guilds, if there is one I haven't seen it. So that I, as the Captain, can ban someone permanently and forever. They can never receive an invite back and can never submit a request to join. They wouldn't even be able to see the guild they are black listed from, no matter how hard they search. It may seem harsh, but some people undergo harassment from certain members and it is best if they are dealt with swiftly.

[continues to think] If I think of more I will be back~
You asked me to add my proposal idea to your thread, and since your proposal has many points that I agree with, I am.

Subsub forums.

Current system:
User Image

My proposed system:
User Image

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