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Even if it's not changed to that level of layering, it would be nice for them to be layered in the order you click them, at least. whee
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voted c: i have been wanting this ever since i joined in 2003 xD

        gaia_star gaia_star gaia_star
        YES. PLEASE.
        I have a million problems because of the lack of this option. There are so many combos and outfits I could make that have not been possible due to layering issues.

        High boots under the Winter Groom pants, or any pants in general. Gloves above sleeves. Handhelds under shirts. It's frustrating.


I like this suggestion!
One thing you could add is the ability to equip multiples of the same item, such as layering two shirts or putting shirts under dresses.

This was definitely part of what I wanted in case it wasn't clear from the first post. 3nodding
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I`ve always wanted this ~ !
Yuu have my vote. <3
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If we could layer like on Tektek's Dream Free, I'm set for life, honestly,
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you may have one of my cookies.

Ive wanted something like this on gaia for ages
You have my vote! I have wanted to see Gaia do this for awhile, but I honestly can't imagine how much work it would take to do this though it would be much appreciated! ^^
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Omigosh, I'd throw a billion cookies at this.
This would be perfect for Gaians who are really into avatar-making. It would make a lot of Gaians happy knowing they worked harder with their creativity, especially for those who take part in the arenas.
There's only one problem I can think of though: I think that there maybe too much clutter in the menu of equipping, specifically in the shops or marketplace where we try the items on before we buy them.

I AM one of those people really into avatar making and it would be perfect for me. I'm still really disappointed about some surprising layering things which have killed my dreams from time to time. cat_emo

You can click one of the buttons under the preview to show just the item you are previewing on you avatar and nothing else. I'm unclear on how market preview would be hindered. Could you perhaps explain a little more?
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Voted! Thank goodness for all my cookies. o 3 o
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Cookie for you!! heart
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I will buy all cookies just for this!
gaia_gaiagold Bump here when my tank glows please.

YES biggrin

gaia_gaiagold My art shop is here.
When Love Is Inside You
I'm spending all of my cookies on this. <3

You have my vote, daily.

/has plenty of cookies

t3h marth
I will buy all cookies just for this!

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