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I like the Gaia layering system... and I think that's all part of the avatar creation challenge honestly >.< No cookies. But good luck
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It could be a good idea, but i think it's difficult to make that function to the editors!
A cookie to you!
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Unlimited layering would probably draw me even more to this site which could be downright scary.
Seriously cookied.
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Oh god, I have been wanting them to do this for YEARS. Uber cookied.
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You have my cookie! D:
I want this so bad. Especially since I want to use adriana doll face, but gaia-sama lips.
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I like this! cat_3nodding
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it would definitely be nice biggrin
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THANK you for bringing this up! I've been bugged by this for forever... so many great avis have been lost to the layering monster.
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This has my vote.
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Best idea I have seen on this forum. You have my cookie owo
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this is already being implemented through tektek and i would love to see it on gaia! you have no idea how many better avatars i have made when i could play with layering!
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*Nodnod* :3
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I've been wanting something like that for so long, haha.
Mostly due to the fact that when you report a layering problem, it doesn't get fixed for a really long time.
I think this would be a great change.
Another avatar related feature that I would die for. I see a million issues with a system like this, but if it was implemented as something you have to activate each time you want to use it, I think it would be awesome.

Perhaps it could be a "use at your own risk" type gaia labs feature for awhile? Especially since a feature like this would have uncountably many glitches and tweaks to make to it since we have items which lay on multiple layers at once.

SoliaOnline has this feature, or had, dunno haven't been on in a long time but as far as I knew there were no problems with their system.

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