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Dangerous Genius

One of the items in the Flowery Fauna RIG from 02/26 is a very familiar baby tree:

User Image Astra: Dancing Sapling

Champion Halls IS NOT the superhero RIG we were after, Gaia!

I'm sorry, maybe I'm alone in thinking this, but Champion Halls was your standard manga hero RIG with a couple of western comic items thrown in. Let's do an official count:

Lightning Quick- Can maybe be counted as a Quicksilver item.
Nicks and Giggles- Obviously a Joker item.
Sharp Shot- Hawkeye (or possibly Katniss Everdeen) item.
Shop Class Savant- Has a glove pose that is very similar in design to Chase Stein's Fistigons, though it's supposed to be an MCU Iron Man item
Weapons of Math Destruction- Doctor Doom item. Also possibly a Mr. Crocker (from Fairly Oddparents) item, if the raining F's pose is any indication.
Just Vigilante/Lawful Vigilante- The only general superhero items in the RIG. Could possibly be taken as Hawk and Dove items, or possible pre and post New 52 Nightwing items.
Psionic Weaponry- Bunker-related item, but also technically an Avengers item because of the poses.
Comic Sounds- While I appreciate another one of these (Comic Accents is a favorite item of mine), adding a Bazinga bubble...wow no.
Beastly Professor- It's supposed to be an item for Beast from the X-men...somehow.
Meracle Swimmer- Maybe a Mera item? I mean, judging by the name alone.
Unstoppable Linebacker- Hulk-related item. Not actually a Hulk item, but they tried.

Now, this isn't to say it's a bad RIG! There are definitely some items I'll be saving up for (Kricket Kick and Fey Seer being two of them). But is this a comic book RIG? No. Almost 50 new items, none of which are recolors or redesigns, and only 12 of them are even vaguely comic book related. Champion Halls is yet another manga and anime-inspired RIG, and the fact that they released it as a superhero RIG is insulting.

Prized Possessions is probably one of my favorite clothing items. I myself wear basically nothing but comic book shirts, so seeing something on Gaia that mimicked my actual style was pretty awesome.

In the original Prized Possessions item, we have a comic book pose, plus four shirts parodying the heroes Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and the Punisher. Two DC, two Marvel. A redesign could have that same theme; a comic book pose (maybe something more obviously related to the big two) and another four shirts, two from each major publishing company. I would personally want the Flash, Batman, Captain America, and Deadpool as the parodied parties, though Gaia would probably go more for Green Lantern and Thor, to jump on the comic movies that were released this summer. Heck, for a second redesign, how about villain-themed shirts? A Sinestro Corps logo, Venom, Reverse-Flash, maybe Loki or War Machine?

And where would these lovely redesigns be hiding? Why, in Code Alpha 2, of course! We've been to the Cirque du Freak twice, had three Famestar and Love Charm RIGs, why not bring back a RIG that brings out the hero in us all? If you were wondering what sort of items would be in this new RIG, well...

An item featuring recolors of the ring in Supernatural Arsenal, so that all the Lantern Corps are represented.
A Hulk item with the darker green skin, and/or a muscle pose.
A proper Captain America mask.
Maybe some Cyberforce-related things.
An Iron Man item with the Extremis chest piece thing.
Chest Core from the recent May the Fourth mini-event.
A Wonder Woman item that allows you to choose between pants and swim suit, with the wrist bracers.
A Legion of Superheroes item with the ring and belt buckle.
More capes in different colors Cardinal Billowing Cape Raven Billowing Cape They move, too!
Some gauntlet items.
More masks.
Thor's Hammer (Bahn Hammur is nice, but not exactly the right size)
Captain Cold's shades.
Jay Garrick's hat.
90's Superboy's fade cut. See recent Salon update
A bald cap for that perfect Lex Luthor costume. See recent Salon update
A better half-face item for Two-Face.
Utility belts!
A non-tailed bodysuit like the one in Hidden Ace in various colors, and some fishnet leggings.
Full-body jumpsuits with muscle tone (abs, arm muscles, thigh muscles, etc).
More Catwoman-esque suits, possibly in different colors, that don't give breasts to male avatars. Maybe an ab pose?
Stylized pendants in different shapes that would hang on the torso and make chest symbols.
Faceless masks in various skin tones.
Topless cowls (example: Kid Flash, Impulse, Booster Gold).
Recolors of the Lunar Cowl MC, or something similar to it.
Two-tones masks in various colors.
A redesign of Supernatural Arsenal with Batarangs, Wolverine claws, etc.
More killer plant items a la Poison Ivy.
An item akin to the Cosmic Cube.
Dual-toned suits in different colors a la Two-Face.
Varied skins that bulk up your avatar (a la Orc Potion)
Elemental items
More robotic/cybernetic parts
Non-fantasy wings
Equippable extra limbs
An item with the classic one-leg-lifted flying pose
Escrima sticks, nunchaku, boomerangs, nets, and other nonlethal weapons
energy fields comparable to the ones in Super Powers or the DBZ powerup
- A Domino-style patch for the eye with perhaps a double-pose for a Deadpool mask.
- An eye-shiny thing like Cable, perhaps something to make the TO look.
- IDK if there's something for Penance, but that would be lovely.
- Some Black Widow style stuff would be cool, like the bullet-looking things on her wrists.
- Some kind of evil mouth for Venom?
-a car item that resembles the Batmobile
I like that there is a Green Lantern ring item, though it doesn't really work for me unless you can do something cool with it. I think there should be items where there are constructs, both held and in the background, with recolors for each of the lantern rings (including white and black). Though, it would be incredibly cool if all the rings were to have unique constructs (or at least 1 unique construct for each of them).

I kind of imagine the item names to be like this:
Willful Imagination (Green)
Violent Imagination (Red)
Greedy Imagination (Orange)
Fearful Imagination (Yellow)
Hopeful Imagination (Blue)
Compassionate Imagination (Indigo)
Lovely Imagination (Violet/Pink/Star Sapphires)
Lively Imagination (White)
Deadly Imagination (Black)

There could be poses like jet planes, shields, swords, guns, missiles, and plenty of other stuff.

- Loki's Horns

If anyone else has any edits, suggestions for items (particularly Marvel-related ones), or comments, feel free to post them. I just wanted to get the idea out there, as I haven't seen anyone else interested in it before.
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Dangerous Genius

To sign, simply state somewhere in your post that you sign. Don't forget to click the User Image button! Let's get to 1000 names!

1. Kodako Takabe
2. DCs Emperor Joker
3. Desdemona Crane
4. Elizabeth Ashworth
5. Dashing Valentine
6. x Mockery x
7. Blue Beetle the 3rd
8. Kind of a Jinx
9. Redtha
10. Lex Joseph Luthor
11. I am Jason Todd
12. Blue Jeune Fille
13. YJ Kid Flash
14. Lady Talia al Ghul
15. DCU Renee Montoya
16. The Impulse Factor
17. Mr Victor Zsasz
18. King of Crime - Joker
19. awhongkong
20. Master 0f Fear
21. DCU HarleyQuinn
22. DCs Red Robin
23. The 0racle
24. DCU Koriandr
25. DCU Huntress
26. Phantoms-Heart
27. DCU Batgirl
28. The Banshee Beauty
29. Rose Wilson Ravager
30. Luke Nitrox
31. DCU Squire
32. DCU Ragdoll
33. DCU Black Alice
34. Batman of Gotham
35. Holy Mistaken Identity
36. Christopher T Cross
37. Alexander Cross
38. Frank Punisher Castle
39. I Harvey Dent I
40. SmiIey Joker
41. Comrade Superboy
42. Jay Peter Todd
43. Valkyrie Gauge
44. Captain Cold - Len Snart
45. x Mirror Master x
46. Celes_Corleone aka Strike
47. Admiral Triv
48. xxBrainiacxx
49. Thaal Sinestro
50. The White Duke of Death
51. Black Manta - Deep Terror
52. Larfleeze_Orange Lantern
53. DK Nicholas Corleone
54. Wallace West
55. Mister Terrific
56. I Ghoul I
57. nelson0090
59. The Weather Wizard
60. Chris Pitch PI
61. Complex Hero Complex
62. Call Me Atticus
63. Tonight I am Scarlet
64. Tatsutohime
65. Jubilaxion
66. xX Giganta Xx
67. I Toyman I
68. I Prankster I
69. Prince Anomie
70. Algiery Jade Martel
71. The Scarecrow of Gotham
72. Colombine of the Mummers
73. Pierrot of the Mummers
74. Voldemort - The Dark Lord
75. I_eat_you_not
76. Augustus Rookwood
77. Rodolphus A Lestrange
78. Thorfinn Rowle
79. Waldin_Macnair
80. Rabasta E Lestrange
81. x Antonin Dolohov x
82. II Bellatrix_Lestrange II
83. Alaric Mulciber
84. Emmett Rossier
85. Ares - Immortal War God
86. Renaud Lestrange
87. Dea Nyx
88. Sea God Poseidon
89. Lily Evans Always
90. Someone Behind You Anon
91. Ping of Death
92. iClockwork Doll
93. The New Headmistress
94. Th3_Joker_Timmy
95. DarkEvili
96. 0_o-kori
97. Fluffy the Evil Villain
98. x Prof Filius Flitwick x
99. Professor Aurora Sinistra
100. Professor Septima Vector
101. Persus_Son of Danae
102. Jason of the Argonauts
103. Theseus - Athenian Hero
104. NeonHazardSign
105. Tempest Lorelay
106. MusicBoxMelody
107. Crimson Claws
108. lBunni
109. Jayisdope
110. Tim Drake-Wayne
111. GLJordan
112. Bella Frankenstein
113. TheBlackPanther_19
114. Nick Leerie
115. Calliope_Lime
116. Todd Rice
117. Fujita_Makos
118. NemoXx
119. shezeu
120. Dewii Poo
121. Arisia Rrab
122. titankronos9
123. The Tina
124. Spandex Bunny Muncher
125. sdennis98
126. Roman Sionis DCU
127. Skallox
128. demonjon
130. Baron Huron
131. Bendereth
132. Jonathon Fett
133. Zora Selvatico
134. Flaming Caracal
135. Darling Catalina
136. Candle Shadows
137. Lilian Alena Hellbond
138. Benjamin Selvatico
139. Rei Selvatico
140. Selvatico The Great
141. Vice Emperor Ahj II
142. kuria maria
143. Buranko
144. DCU Plastique
145. The Real Man of Steel
146. Queen_Sora_the_White
147. DC Carol Ferris
148. The Son of Batman
149. JLU Jedi
150. Aqua_Alchemyst
151. Heres Gobby
152. DCs Poison Ivy
153. XxCablexX
155. Miss-dark8607
156. Rydell Reaver
157. The Username Found
158. Liselle
159. Viviette Valentine
160. fin22hola
161. si Matt Matt xD
162. General Nick Fury
163. I Noobs I
164. Hallow Quinn
165. MistressFluffaluffagus
166. Chief raven
167. Melloid
168. Adamant Mirage
169. XxBiohazardous LovexX
170. Inez Temple
171. Warrior Sif
172. Princess Merunari
173. OverlyEmotional
174. CumbrianRedFox
175. bubblegum mistake
176. Psionic Diamond
177. m4xx19
178. Kangit
179. Octavia Weng
180. GossamerLies XVI
181. Chikorita123
182. Anna Rogue Marie
183. FeIicia Hardy
184. Tairon Wiruson
185. The SiIhouette
186. Mari McCabe
187. Cyber Clown Giggles
188. Miss Bipolar
189. jazzyDbaby
190. Creeporeon
191. Belladona beso
192. Cassandra W Sandsmark
193. ganchroi
194. grandlord100
195. Phlegethonyarre
196. Sporfles
197. oh damn you
198. -Grab n Smash-
199. Feline Dominatrix
200. 36G
201. Crimson Robin
202. Eloria Jayde
203. Hustler
204. KittyNoMore
205. Shizmey
206. MR-star-Rios
207. kyOMG
208. I3urned_oxo
209. Humankoolaid
210. II Chubzy II
211. CVKE
212. II Ryry II
213. Pasyocshko
214. Kapissh
215. Miss Vern
216. HKpanda
217. Llesca
218. Sounds of Beauty
220. Maimira
221. chief im not alright
222. iiYoona-x
223. Vengeful Batman
224. ancient hobo secret
225. Fragile Mayhem
226. Earl Red
227. I 5hawn I
228. iKon-El
229. Princess Pudddenpop
230. Batgirl-BarbaraGordon
231. vampireluvr97
232. II chaOs Ren II
233. Dem0lished
234. Ravia_Windrunner
235. x Curbside Cyanide x
236. x-yours
237. chocolate drizzles
238. Dexigone
239. witchhazel
240. Styk_Figure_BoB
241. Skidding
242. Xelvorktork
243. Karkalicious
244. Drawn In
245. Just Be YOUnique
246. ii Kitty Pop ii
247. -l-Splinter-l-
248. ShadowAir123
249. The Punk Rock Princess
250. Kunnyee
251. Insanitation
252. LexCorp CEO
253. iCocoPufs
254. Flakeh
255. effy starr
256. Parexus
257. hospice
258. Pixxel Nightmair
259. SumBumSam
260. IX Odysseia IX
261. o-Bear-o
262. TheTallerOne
263. Ronin ninja gemini
264. [Hello Again Panda]
265. Vengeful Batman
267. Nykromantyk
268. kairi and riku engaged v2
269. Greynasia Vol
270. Chozlit
271. TheBoneLady
272. Serene Rainstorm
273. Kyo_Hotarubi
274. oh so Avalon
275. fudaykjnura7
276. ScienceDog
277. clawnie
278. Anthony Masters
279. Dramatica Holmes
280. At Least I Can Draw
281. Holi Would
282. LadyDeath1213
283. Vanna1994
284. Axel Walker the Trickster
285. I like you too
286. x Aka Kira x
288. StayMadBro
289. Banirabu
290. xNympho
291. epc-cy
292. Pearls of Diamonds
293. RoboticCookiex
294. SmartieAddiction
295. Kenok-Kurasaki
296. carnage queen
297. seikueon
298. xXx_PewDiePie_xXx
299. iWonderous
300. she likes big words
301. Complex Hero Complex
302. Pantalone di Commedia
303. Smith and Wesson
304. Wallace West
305. Stalker Sama
307. Rambiln_Red_Rose
308. iPervertedxCupcake
309. Jester Aeturnum
310. OoWaQaSoO
311. xX3litexniteXx
312. viciousghost
313. I Jonathan Crane
314. Xx_PrettyBoySwagg1_x
315. x-Perliee x3
316. x Schmidty
317. Dubstep Nationz
318. Kurt Gutenberg
319. I Be Richie
320. brighternight
321. Antihero_Jason
322. Lady`Tikani
323. IchigoKekiChan
324. cat sweaters
325. GalavantMan
326. rokkenrou
327. iTakeru
328. x-OhhMuffin
329. Chimera Cross
330. Owen Harkness
331. xXG-hunterXx
332. Aproxi
333. raspberry gateaux
334. Vicious Ambition
335. Renkon Root
336. Crossbones the Merc
337. Sour nerds
338. fggt biscuit
339. Viraya
340. I Luves You x3
341. 7obias
342. Tipsy Dancer
343. Mazakay
344. x-WhattaBeastt
345. Scare Doctor
346. Mastermind_BTG
347. Vyrelost
348. h0nor
349. -G O D L Y- azn
350. CosmicGlitch
351. Legends Of Love
352. Omybobsaget
353. Hi-Potion
354. _Mya_Kohler_
355. Miroticazn
356. t0tentanz
357. Tamashii No Tomo
358. ajsnoopy
359. My Heart Is For The Birds
360. 8uperman
361. Something Royal
362. Octopi Alibi
363. Logically Unacceptable
364. Kattymon
365. Yukiko Twilight
366. We who have Fallen
367. 2006s
368. HaleyPotter417
369. Svari
370. Starstruck - Mirage
371. Zorro_Royal
372. tofu for you
373. Mikurotsukami
374. ezomoodo-kun
375. Lord Artorias
376. Gl0ssyEyes
377. The Golden Boleyn
378. Mai_Matsuko
379. XxCrimson_ShinobixX
380. nancymoon
381. Haruka Takamori
382. MYNMX
383. Pastel Tea Party
384. SakSaken
385. communikation
386. Shark Cakes
387. Trapeze Swinger
388. Avilline
389. Making a wish
390. Hybridjoe
391. Skies of Design
392. Noxy Nevermore
393. Kleopattra
394. Jurdeh
395. Seopa
396. Da Cute Panda Girl
397. Koobeh
398. xx I met my fate xx
399. Cat Dare Devil
400. sweetkittycupcake
401. Dread Dormammu
402. SakuraSyaoran
403. Satanic PandaCakes
404. WinteryIceKisses
405. SuddenlyPolski
406. chegerets
407. LilMissMaia
408. poisonivy1219
409. l0l carly
410. BeteIgeuse
411. The Wild Brood
412. shesempty13
413. marvelholic
414. Night Melody181
415. Di0s
416. Valvefag
418. Robin the Assassin
419. Elxraich
420. Reneaux
421. WildOkapi
422. heich0u
423. Sonic Cry
424. The Artemis Crock
425. Melomar
426. Switchable
427. Starling Vigilante
428. Barry Allen
429. Myna5194
430. Reddo_Remasu
431. GalavantMan
432. The Siege xD
433. Justice_Sp
434. Has A Cunning Plan
435. Ven Loraine Jr
436. 7Vetflix
437. Ewic
438. Chuu Says Boo
439. BuddhaSitOnYou
440. awful-ly delirious
441. happy stick
442. My Heart Is For The Foxes
443. Im your HIGH SCORE
445. As if I even care
446. Over Dynamic
447. Albern Puppy
448. Itchy Knee-San
449. Avalica
450. ButterflyxMadness
451. Little Dead Soldier
452. DxVampirehippiexD
453. The Great Michelangelo
454. Auix
455. Menderhazard
456. Dabasaurus Rex
457. Hex Charm
458. communikation
459. vii-Lucky
460. Zygona
461. Sonic Cry
462. Squawkeye
463. lorryn 96
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Dangerous Genius


Lantern Corps rings by Kind of a Jinx

User Image

Batshirts by Kind of a Jinx

User Image

Flash shirts by Kind of a Jinx

User Image

Superboy Shirts by Kind of a Jinx

User Image

Captain America shirts by Kind of a Jinx

User Image

Just made some edits to show my ideas. Feel free to use them if they're any good...
User Image
(based on the Changeling Baby Boy skin. Looks awfully skinny now that I think of it - going to do something about that as soon as I can get my hands on a decent image manipulation program again.)
User Image
(only the hair, the rest already exists)
User Image
(arm from Finn the Human Boy, tried to do one with the legs, but it wouldn't work out - I'll see if I can do that later)

A Prized Possessions redesign by l_RavenPandorah_l:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Dangerous Genius

Here's a mockup of Dabasaurus Rex's Anti Hero Possessions item, now available!

User Image
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Dangerous Genius

Comic book items currently available:

User Image Ra-Horakhty's Cape

User Image Gaiaman's Cape

User Image Signal's Cape

User Image Amateratsu's Cape

User Image Cosmosis' Cape

User Image Rosales' Cape

User Image Lunarian's Cape

User Image Supernatural Arsenal

User Image Prized Possessions

User Image Comic Accents

User Image The Nibbler

User Image Turbo Rocketpack

User Image Cat Burglaress

User Image 90's Comic Book Hero!

User Image Creeping Vine

User Image Durem Knight

User Image Beastly Professor

User Image Comic Sounds

User Image Lightning Quick

User Image Nicks and Giggles

User Image Psionic Weaponry

User Image Shadowvert

User Image Sharp Shot

User Image Shop Class Savant

User Image Unstoppable Linebacker

User Image Weapons of Math Destruction

User Image Just Vigilante

User Image Lawful Vigilante

User Image Celebrity Snare Incredible Hulk Collectible Card

User Image Celebrity Snare Hulk Action Figure

User Image Celebrity Snare Hulk Fists

User Image Celebrity Snare Hulk Gamma Soda

User Image Celebrity Snare Hulk Impact Crater

User Image Celebrity Snare Hulk Tattered Purple Pants

User Image Celebrity Snare Hulk Rage Emote

User Image Celebrity Snare Hulk SMASH!

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Kyle & Ken Katayanagi

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Envy Adams

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Matthew Patel

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Knives Chau

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Gideon Graves

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Kim Pine

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Roxie Richter

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Todd Ingram

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Scott Pilgrim

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Ramona Flowers

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Lucas Lee

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Ramona Flowers Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Scott Pilgrim Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Envy Adams Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Stephen Stills Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Gideon Graves Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Young Neil Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Kyle & Ken Katayanagi Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Todd Ingram Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Lucas Lee Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Roxie Richter Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Matthew Patel Companion

User ImageScott Pilgrim: Stacey Pilgrim Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Wallace Wells Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Kim Pine Companion

User Image Scott Pilgrim: Knives Chau Companion

User Image SDSuper+ SP01 Scott Pilgrim

User Image SDSuper+ SP02 Ramona Flowers

User Image SDSuper+ SP03 Knives Chau

User Image SDSuper+ SP04 Kim Pine

User Image SDSuper+ SP05 Matthew Patel

User Image SDSuper+ SP06 Lucas Lee

User Image SDSuper+ SP07 Todd Ingram

User Image SDSuper+ SP08 Envy Adams

User Image SDSuper+ SP09 Roxie Richter

User Image SDSuper+ SP10 Kyle & Ken Katayanagi

User Image SDSuper+ SP11 Gideon Graves

User Image Chest Core

User Image Captain America's Shield

User Image Astra: Cardinal Billowing Cape

User Image Astra: Raven Billowing Cape

User Image Intergalactic Starguy

User Image Interstellar Starguy

User Image Intercosmic Starguy

User Image Foul Professor

User Image Anti Hero Possessions

User Image Missile the Raccoon

User Image Spiteful Professor

User Image Ghastly Professor

User Image Mad Jester

User Image Feline Thief

User Image Astra: Missile the Raccoon

User Image Sleek Feline Thief

User Image Prodigal Child

User Image Victorious Child

User Image Lavish Child

User Image Mournful Child

User Image Astra: Dancing Sapling

Not actually comic items, but close enough:

User Image SDPlus #125 Beghilos

User Image SDPlus #124 Alpha Girl

User Image Lunar Cloak

User Image Lunar Cowl
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Dangerous Genius


Some body suits would be amazing, maybe with some muscular tone to them, to replace the gray pajamas that most of the Batmen wear. lol
Madame Crane's avatar

Fashionable Lunatic

And I second that notion, J.
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Fashionable Sex Symbol

9,500 Points
  • Tycoon 200
  • Popular Thread 100
  • Millionaire 200
Signed, but I would also like to see more power ring colors!
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Married Visionary

16,200 Points
  • Married 100
  • Nerd 50
  • Supreme Supporter 500
I sign this and I want to see other Catwoman suit designs...and not see them be so damn expensive.
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Dangerous Genius

DCs Emperor Joker

Some body suits would be amazing, maybe with some muscular tone to them, to replace the gray pajamas that most of the Batmen wear. lol

Good idea, I'll put that in the wanted item list. Thanks!
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Dangerous Genius

Elizabeth Ashworth
Signed, but I would also like to see more power ring colors!

That's the first thing I put in the list of wanted items for the RIG! Glad to see I'm not alone!
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Dangerous Genius

Kodako Takabe's avatar

Dangerous Genius

Kodako Takabe's avatar

Dangerous Genius

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