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I think we definitely needs more rights when it comes to banning because if someone attacks us with hateful words/acts, and we say something back, but we get banned, it isn't right.

Also, a problem that arises a lot has to do with key-loggers and hackers. If someone gets hacked/logged, and their possessions get stolen, then traded to another person, the person who receives the trade can get banned for being involved with the stolen items. This is unfair, because most of the time a Gaian does not know that someone had stolen the items to begin with.

I sign this petition.

Check out mine in my sig as well?
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I'll sign this.
I'm an admin in a TF2 clan and from the stories posted on the front, the mods should try looking into people a bit more before banning.
It's what I do and I don't get payed for it. Why not put that extra 20 minutes in and check the person you're banning?
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            I sign this petition!

            I joined gaia in 2006 and was banned two weeks later because I had a "bot" item.
            I don't even remember having more than 2k in my account, so whatever item I
            bought in the MP must have been "botted" ~ I tried to explain this to mods, but
            never got a reply. A similar thing happened to a friend of mine (banned after buying
            an item from MP that was supposedly got with bot gold, or was a hacked item).

            And I honestly see so many people make so many rule violations, but I post a glitch
            about an item that paired with another makes your avi look like it has a naked boob,
            and I got a "informal warning" . . . for GAIA'S ITEM GLITCH! Dx

            Alright, end rant XP

Civilized Rights
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I, Nyx Hemera, sign your petition.

There was once a time when I was banned simply based on mods going back to posts that were reported eight months to a year old and having someone come up and harass me about it, then ban.

It should at least be recent. Not an, "I'm going to search back through all these posts because I have nothing better to do and ban hammer you because of issues I don't agree with."

They need to hire adults, not children.
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I personally have had two accounts banned for no reason that the moderators would explain to me. I filed report after report after report to try and get an answer from them, but, I got the same response every time (when they finally got around to responding) -

"We are sorry that we cannot tell you why your previous account was banned, but, seeing as it happened over (insert this insane amount of time [which in my case was over a year] here - which is about how long it took to get a reply from the Mod) ago, we cannot reopen any wrongful banning case at this time. We are sorry, but, there is nothing we can do."

Yes, that is what I was told by a mod a few years ago when I disputed, not one, but, TWO WRONGFULLY BANNED ACCOUNTS.

Whats really strange is that both of those accounts, Stryker Alpha & Stryker Omega III, have still had logins within the past two years. I haven't been able to log into either one of them since around April of 2007 and September of 2007 respectively. So I ask, how is it that not only do BOTH ACCOUNTS show having been logged into more recently than when I was banned from the site way back when, but, why also would the Mods NOT investigate this issue further when I told them it was a wrongful termination/banning?

THAT is what I would LOVE to know. They would not tell me who, what, where, when, why, or how. Not a things.And yet to say that it was too long ago to investigate, yet, they took Months to respond? Thats sheer BS.

I would also like to state that, in some instances, a player can get banned for no reason - after having paid real life money to get things on here, and yet they do not offer you some sort of refund for your money spent - Otherwise, Gaia is a free site, why not give back the money that they are essentially stealing from someone when they decide they want to block/ban/terminate an account?
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I, fredly advice, sign this petition

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