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This is a peaceful petition which will let Gaia officials know that:

We would like more rights regarding the banning of user accounts.
More rights. More justice.

            This would mean potentially:

          • A more thorough 'checks-and-balances' system regarding moderator authority:

            Require a moderator to take more steps to ban accounts, offer better explanations, and generally answer to the banned community. Perhaps this would come with a more advanced warning system. Perhaps this would mean that moderators would have to consult other officials, not simply other moderators (and possibly friends) on their decisions. Perhaps the membertalk feature, used to report moderator issues, would be better set up, have faster replies, employ people not biased by friendships with other moderators, etc. Essentially, it should be more difficult for moderators to permanently ban accounts. We understand that there are some problem Gaians who need to be dealt with instantly; however, for this, we suggest, perhaps, suspensions instead, under the reasoning that "trolls" typically do not sustain the attention span for a fourteen day suspension.

          • Helping end the hypocrisy:

            This bullet comes in lieu of the well-known phenomenon, opinions. What one moderator might see as breaking the TOS, another might not. Let us face it--the TOS is vague in some very important spots. It appears that, at times, moderators pick and choose when to be technical about the rules. This bias interferes with the rights of Gaians under the rule of moderators (as in, people in positions of power, over people without such power and privilege). How many Gaians have watched as they are penalized for bogus, if not extremely nit-picked rule breakage, whilst other members feel free to wantonly break the most basic understandings of the TOS? Is this unfair? Yes. Is it reasonable to think that Gaian can fix every single incident of this injustice? No. Is it fair to think that, with better moderating/moderator systems, officials might produce a better way to handle this unfairness? Yes. The rules must be the same for everyone, everywhere, and completely comprehensible, with as little vagueness as possible...speaking of...

          • Create/Revamp the TOS:

            This will be a large topic, and my apologies for any vagueness. A common problem of justice is interpreting the law. Obviously, this topic will never be fully resolved, and is very difficult to handle. However, it can scarcely be denied that there are some basic flaws in the TOS that should be addressed by the powers-that-be. I will cite a part of the TOS right now that reflects some of the anti-rights behavior I speak of:

          • "You agree that Gaia, in its sole discretion and for any or no reason, may terminate any account (or any part thereof) you may have with Gaia or your use of Gaia Online and remove and discard all or any part of your account including its inventory of any virtual items, Gaia Gold, Gaia Cash Member profile, or any Member Submission, at any time."

            I understand this is a commonplace save-your-butt precaution but: why is it that Gaians should be forced to agree to totalitarian rule such as this? No reason? No reason. Allow that to sink in for a moment, please. Now, if you are a Gaian who has purchased a Gaia cash card, or ever paid for any item on this website--- how or why does it seem reasonable to accept that, though you pay real, hard-earned money to this site, it owes you nothing in return--not even the most basic right to have reasons for termination? Most of us are paying customers, enjoying and delighting in this website for the people. Would it seem reasonable to you, to buy a candy bar, when, under the wrapper it reads: We sell this candy bar to you, under full discretion that we may take it back at any time without reason? We understand Gaia needing to cover it's...liabilities, but in the meanwhile, we (most of us) are paying customers, and feel that we deserve more rights regarding banned accounts.

          • The bottom line:
            Make it harder to ban individuals....

            We are Gaians who love and support Gaia. We are they who make this website possible at all. It does not seem reasonable that we should be without rights, without reasons, and without accounts due to moderating issues, or otherwise incomplete or unjust rules? There needs to be organization, unity in meaning, and more checks and balances for moderators, to ensure a more enjoyable and fairer website for everyone. A better system for bans. More rights for Gaians.

            If you agree, please post, "I sign this" in the thread somewhere, and you will be added to the list. This is not meant to target any single moderator whatsoever, nor is this a complaint about a single banning. This is a peaceful petition that will let Gaia officials know that this is a serious concern of the people's and should be paid attention to. We have faith that, perhaps the system will not fail us in this.

          • Disclaimer: This is not a perfect petition, by no means, and if you see a way to better it, please let me know. Feel free to discuss and talk freely, but please remember to attempt to follow the TOS; no flaming, etc. First and foremost this is a peaceful method of allowing unheard voices to speak out against what has happened to them, or what they see happening to others, or what they feel is unfair and needs to be addressed. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. if you like this thread!
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These are just some stories that users have posted in here about allegedly, wrongfully/unreasonably banned accounts:

This thread does not deny or affirm the validity of these messages. These are just the words from the people about their experiences, and/or their suggestions on how to make this problem better.

ll Reyu ll
Add my signature.

I've been a member since December 26, 2005. Banned in August 2010. I have never committed an offense other than the one that got me banned. As soon as I realized what I had done, I quickly messaged them before they locked my trading license. And even after explaining to them it was an honest mistake, I was banned permanently without consideration.
You'd think they'd offer a temporary ban at the very least (if not a warning) considering this is my first offense and that I've supported the site with purchases even before Gaia Cash existed. I don't think my side of the story was even read let alone put into consideration, nor my loyalty to the site as a long time member. I understand this is a company with rules and policies that must be followed when dealing with the members of Gaia, but the fact that I've been a paying customer/member for years, my record should have been put into consideration. Many companies of stores that receive angry phone calls from an unsatisfied customer are lenient enough to satisfy their loyal customers.
Why not Gaia?

Stryker Dimentia

I personally have had two accounts banned for no reason that the moderators would explain to me. I filed report after report after report to try and get an answer from them, but, I got the same response every time (when they finally got around to responding) -

"We are sorry that we cannot tell you why your previous account was banned, but, seeing as it happened over (insert this insane amount of time [which in my case was over a year] here - which is about how long it took to get a reply from the Mod) ago, we cannot reopen any wrongful banning case at this time. We are sorry, but, there is nothing we can do."

Yes, that is what I was told by a mod a few years ago when I disputed, not one, but, TWO WRONGFULLY BANNED ACCOUNTS.

Whats really strange is that both of those accounts, Stryker Alpha & Stryker Omega III, have still had logins within the past two years. I haven't been able to log into either one of them since around April of 2007 and September of 2007 respectively. So I ask, how is it that not only do BOTH ACCOUNTS show having been logged into more recently than when I was banned from the site way back when, but, why also would the Mods NOT investigate this issue further when I told them it was a wrongful termination/banning?

THAT is what I would LOVE to know. They would not tell me who, what, where, when, why, or how. Not a things.And yet to say that it was too long ago to investigate, yet, they took Months to respond? Thats sheer BS.

I would also like to state that, in some instances, a player can get banned for no reason - after having paid real life money to get things on here, and yet they do not offer you some sort of refund for your money spent - Otherwise, Gaia is a free site, why not give back the money that they are essentially stealing from someone when they decide they want to block/ban/terminate an account?

Nyx Hemera
I, Nyx Hemera, sign your petition.

There was once a time when I was banned simply based on mods going back to posts that were reported eight months to a year old and having someone come up and harass me about it, then ban.

It should at least be recent. Not an, "I'm going to search back through all these posts because I have nothing better to do and ban hammer you because of issues I don't agree with."

They need to hire adults, not children.

x-l-o Mizu Doromizu o-l-x

Trolling is rampant in Towns and Forums, malicious cyber bullying is laughable, innuendos are present in both items and official gaia comics, and people are being banned because they've expensive items in their inventories. <-- (Common Focus of Discontent)
Yes, the moderating system is quite similar to the Robespierre Reign of Terror. Then again, we're all only human.. *ribbit ribbit*

The lone walk of a moderator, to see justice in their own light with the fault on their shoulders always..

The witch hunt shouldn't be focused around the wealthy. Seriously, if it's a crime to have 1 mil + in one's inventory, then MP should be shut down and the gaia stores should sell EIs, RIGs, and the like all the time for gold- at 100k each.

As for the vendors, well, let them eat cake.

*illogical solutions and statements c:*

Edible Pokemon
A friend of mine said he was quitting Gaia and he was giving some stuff away, he gave me his horns of a demon and I got instantly banned 0.o, when I asked wtf had happened, they were like you have a hacked item -.- They should have looked at the messages and stuff, I really didn't do anything wrong.

II Blue Duck II

My friend got banned because they claimed she had a similar name to a moderator T___T

An Erection

Banned because I said I was 12 as a joke. I'm 18.

I sign
Maybe there should be different punishments for different things. Like for trolling, you mightn't be able to post for a certain amount of time. Or they already ban trading passes (but maybe put a certain time limit on it so innocent people aren't stuck waiting around for an answers). What I'm saying is that there should be more alternatives to banning. If they're only for a set time, people are less likely to complain, so there might be more of a chance for the mods to sort out more important cases unfair bans. biggrin

Ignatius Caeser

My friend Italia was not only hacked, but banned for 14 days, so while she's banned, her hacked account is probably loosing everything. She doesn't even know why she was banned.
It pisses me off, back in 2k5, Gaia was fun and more considerate, now they don't give a hoozle on what really happened to the people they're banning.

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